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Culture Bully got started in April of 2005 as a whole lot of nothing in a dorm room from a small town in Iowa. Later based in Minneapolis, the site took on an expanded contributor base in 2008, with the group emphasizing a focus on the Twin Cities’ music scene. Then some people started to like the site. Along the way it was featured by the likes of the Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Boston Globe, Boing Boing and Comedy Central. In 2010 the blog was unceremoniously plucked from Minnesota (the bulk of the site’s contributors then taking up shop with Reviler) before being dragged up to Canada and down south through Nashville. In a “back to basics” move however, Culture Bully has since gone back to being a whole lot of nothing. While a return to Iowa seems unlikely, consider the circle complete.


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A Sustainable Future, Neil Young’s “Ordinary People” and the Beauty of Coincidence (11/13/2007)
Interview with Gerry Hannah, Mike Graham & Brian Goble of the Subhumans (CA) (10/04/2006)