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Aesop Rock “Coffee” Video

Whether or not you’re a fan of Aesop’s latest, None Shall Pass, you have to give the guy some respect for what he’s done this year. Releasing something unprecedented in the hip hop game, a forty five minute mix themed towards…runners…, releasing one of the genre’s most anticipated releases the year, None Shall Pass, and delivering a full fledged tour with the likes of The Octopus Project and Rob Sonic in tow isn’t something that the normal MC just shakes out of his sleeve. Add to his credits the brilliant animated video for the title track and this, director Ace Norton’s offbeat, tongue in cheek stab at B-horror. I’d say the man has had a pretty fantastic year.


    great track, my favorite from the album easily. i love the bridge/outro thing: it made me want to check out some mountain goats stuff.

  • I’m still partial to ‘None Shall Pass’ & ‘Keep Off The Lawn’ but this is definitely a close third!

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