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Top Mashups of 2007


#15) DJ Nicky T “Woohaa” [MP3]
(AC/DC vs Busta Rhymes)
Official | MySpace


#14) DJ Maxentropy “Glamorous Ex Gf” [MP3]
(Fergie vs. Matt Willis)
Official | MySpace

#13) Pheugoo “I Was Signed for Loving You” [MP3]
(Snoop Dogg feat. C. Wilson & Justin Timberlake vs. Kiss)
Official | Twitter | MySpace


#12) DJ MDSB “All My Friends” [MP3]
(LCD Soundsystem vs. John Cale vs. Franz Ferdinand)
Official | MySpace


#11) DJ Lobsterdust “Baby Arrow” [MP3]
(Marvin Gaye vs. Mary Wells vs. The Carpenters vs. The Album Leaf)
Official | MySpace


#10) ABX “Wouldn’t Grip Far” [MP3]
(The Go! Team vs. The Game)
Official | Twitter | MySpace | Wikipedia


#9) DJ Erb “Ecstacy of Gold” [MP3]
(Ennio Morricone vs. Nas)
Official | MySpace


#8) Dunproofin’ “Fiddy Fiddy Fiddy Fiddy” [MP3]
(Kaiser Chiefs vs. 50 Cent)
Official | MySpace


#7) ABX “Tambourine Reckoning” [MP3]
(Radiohead vs. Eve)
Official | Twitter | MySpace | Wikipedia


#6) Lenlow “Bjorn Slippy” [MP3]
(Underworld vs. Peter Bjorn & John)
Official | MySpace


#5) DJ STV SLV “Lose My Waters of Naza(b)reath” [MP3]
(Justice vs. Destiny’s Child)
Official | Twitter | MySpace | Wikipedia


#4) DJ Morgoth “Starz on the Boogie” [MP3]
(Just Jack vs. Jay-Kid)
Official | MySpace


#3) Arty Fufkin “Liar in a Brianstorm” [MP3]
(Beyonce feat. Shakira vs. Arctic Monkeys)


#2) A plus D “Close to Konichiwa Bitches” [MP3]
(Robyn vs. The Cure)
Official | MySpace

#1) Copycat “Knowing the Rhythm is Right” [MP3]
(Nelly Furtado feat. Timbaland vs. Abba vs. Sagi Rei)
Official | MySpace


Culture Bully’s Top Mashups of 2007 [ZIP]


    bjorn slippy is the shit!!
    my fave this year.
    brings me right back into the 90´s rave pit and and that scandinavian folk feel. love it

  • I don’t know which I like better, the song or the song’s title? Both are brilliant!

  • What about Faith No More vs. R. Kelly? By far my favorite, http://www.myspace.com/claudereigns
    It’s 2nd on his playlist. (as of 12/17)

  • Hey – thanks! Happy, honoured, and quite flattered. Tons of great tracks out there. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not happy you prefered mine… ;-)

    Happy X-mas! /Cc

  • Oh this is hot!
    Thanks for having me in and seeing so many brilliant trackz around here!
    Greetz and all great times soon!

  • It’s B-R-I-A-N-S-T-O-R-M and you call yourself a DeeJay????????It’s alright I called it BrainStorm also for about a month until I looked at the 12″sleeve Peace!!!!!!!!!

  • werd up, it’s an honor to make the CB list, and good to see so many of my mashup homies on here as well.

  • Henry – y’know, I did that when I was talking about the single earlier this year…the face is a little red – thanks for pointing that out.

  • Morgoth rulez the world!

    Bjorn slippy is also serious shizzl…

  • Kool list! Nice to see A+D here too – altho personally, I woulda picked their Gossip vs. Elastica or Kelly vs. Nu Shooz jams…the crowds go apeshit over those!….And the funny story is, “Close To Konichiwa Bitches” came about ‘cuz of a Robyn remix I sent them – then they worked their magic on it! :)

  • Thanks for the words Paul, always great to hear from one of the best bootleggers out there!

  • That dunproofin track is good, but not his best track this year – the best is on the new Strummer remix album (1st link) http://www.mutantpop.net/strummer/

    One of the best remixers/mashup peeps this year, I think.

    No Edit! – Ian Fondue?

    Lobsterdust could do no wrong this year either…and loving Copycat’s work, esp his version of Anarchy in the UK.

  • Wow! Great selection, great names!!

  • Tim – I hadnt even heard of that mix – thanks for the heads up! And while I try to keep tabs on the scene…it’s so hard to know everyone who’s out there, so thank you for referring a few fresh faces…I’ll check em out!

  • After listening the lobsterdust has shot up to my personal top 10. It’s movingly beautiful.

    Like the DJ Erb, Morricone’s a good choice. Copycat I’m not fond of that track, he’s done better but still deserves #1. Arty’s works but I hate the Arctics, Ditto A&Ds, not feeling it but it works.

    The rest? Don’t really work for me, technically (tuning/timing) or source-material (I’m not really fond of modern pop-rap/rnb like Fergie or Eve) and some are a bit ‘haven’t we been here before?’. Maybe I’m just getting picky in my old age :-D

    Still thanks for pointing out the lobsterdust and the Erb, brilliant tracks :-D

  • Where’s Bobby Martini?
    Where’s Colatron?


  • Tim – Thanks for the words. I actually think many of them fall in that “haven’t we been there before,” but topping that list might be the Erb track…like the WooHaa, or 50 Cent mash its just an acapella played over (for the most part) a simple loop. Myself, not entirely a fan of that pop you mentioned outside the sphere of mashups, but for whatever reason – when combined with separate elements I really enjoy some of it.

    Hattie – really enjoy Bobby Martini, didn’t hear anything this year that really stuck with me…and Cola-who?

  • Yes I know what you mean Chris – what I like about the Erb is the choice of tracks, using Morricone in a mashup is actually quite rare, bar a few hiphop blends or The Orb whereas ACDC et al have been done to death…I can list about 10 or more, and I think that WooHa combo has actually been done before, a LONG time ago.

    I think what I like in mashups is where people might have given an obvious combo a new twist (or it’s SO obvious everyone actually avoided it so it’s never been done before, but works well) or is moving away from the comfort zone of modern pop/rnb and into new/old genres…or even new styles of mashup/glitch/breakcore/ambience or cutup.

  • Agreed on the ‘been there done that sentiment’…that’s kinda why I ranked them as such…and I could swear that I had heard Woo Haa before too, but…enjoyed it all the same. The exception is that 50 Cent track…that is plain and simple an indulgence…don’t care for Curtis, nor The Kaiser Chiefs…but that mash gets me every time. Keep the suggestions coming if you hear something you love, always on the lookout for good music.

  • what about “Fabulous Gutted Adventure” from this kid? Pretty tight. Got some Jay Z, My Morning Jacket, Bloc Party, Death Cab, etc. etc.


  • Hey chris, cheers for the inclusion! I have to say I agree with others in stating some of these are perfect picks and some not so much for me anyway. However I believe people should remember that this is a personal top 15 list or whatnot… If someone here believes a track not listed here should have made it- go off and blog your own personal top 15, 20, 100 =) mashups of the year. I’m fond of hearin’ when people dig my tracks and definitely appreciate the inclusion here. Cheers to you sir and here’s to a great year of mashing and those that will come! Happy New Year!

    -DJ Maxentropy

  • Thanks for the words…seems like my ears piss some people off every year – dead on, don’t like the songs, link to some that are better…like you, I’m always on the lookout for great tracks.

  • Kinda Shocked…9 become 1 & Every Car You Chase aint in the 15

  • If you mean the Police/Snow Patrol mashup…unfortunately I think I’ve gone on record saying that mashups can sometimes take two pieces of music that I have little to no interest in and combine them, in the process making something interesting and beautiful in the process. That being said I think I’ve also made it abundantly clear that I have no taste for neither Snow Patrol, nor The Police’s brands of adult contemporary teasing mush. In this scenario, just so happens that I felt combining the two did little to make a piece of music worth listening to.

    That being said, diggers proved that my tastes probably don’t represent those of the majority:

  • After a not-too-productive 2007 for me I’m both surprised and delighted to be included on this list. Have a great 2008.

  • Cola-who? Cola-hey! Hehe…that would be me, your friendly neighbourhood Colatron. Possibly the most disliked guy in mash, although I did make the Anti-hit list twice in my first 11 months of making this stuff so it isn’t all bad. Mash mates with Bobby Martini himself, too (any chance to give him a free plug…he’s ace!)

    It’s amazing what you stumble across when you Google your own name. Hattie, whoever you are, cheers for the vote! I may make you a tune in dedication for your support!

    As for the list, great to see CC won, as he was consistently the top guy of 2007, and it’s well deserved. Anything by Lenlow would automatically get on a list for me, but yeah, out of all these tracks, DJ Erb would have been the one for me. I remember the first time I heard it, it was like “Woah!”.

    Personally though, I would have probably chosen 10000 Spoons “Sweet Killers” for its simple but and addictive charms, or anything Flying White Dots came up with. FWD for President!

  • What a rad post. What a lame comment.

  • I was signed for loving you.

  • Thanks for the nod Chris!

  • This Mash up live on Resonancefm (5th Track) is my favourite. Who else is going to play a Brazilian folk song with a John Cage piece?


  • all mashup are very sweet but 2nd is my favriote track

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