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Top Mashups of 2010

This is Culture Bully’s sixth annual list of the year’s top mashups, and this time around I thought it’d be nice to switch things up a bit. Instead of simply compiling a list of my own personal picks, I invited a slew of mashup producers to vote for their favorites from 2010. Quickly, here’s how voting worked: I asked everyone to send in a list of their favorite two or three mashups from the past year (I deleted picks which selected mashups that were released in past years). If they sent in more than three I still listed them below on their individual ballots, but only three picks counted toward the final totals. Whether the track received a first or third place vote, it only counted for one point toward the final total. I also tallied total votes for individual producers; again, only counting individuals’ first three votes. Lastly, no one was allowed to vote for themselves.

Over 50 bastard pop producers sent in their picks, and by a wide margin the highest rated mashup of the year was Fissunix’ “Whole Sex Lotta Machine,” which combines Zeppelin and a little J.B. with Run-DMC & Aerosmith’s classic rap/rock collaboration. Below you’ll find download links for each individual track that made the final list as well as zip files containing every single track (141!) which received a vote. Please search around among the links: I promise you’ll find something fantastic that you’ve never heard before!


The Top Mashup/Bootleg/Bastard Pop Producers of 2010


#1) Fissunix
#2) DJ Schmolli
#3) DJs From Mars
#4) LeeDM101
#4) Mighty Mike
#6) The Kleptones
#6) MadMixMustang
#6) Mashup-Germany
#9) DJ Gaston
#10) Dunproofin’
#10) Phil RetroSpector
#10) The Reborn Identity


The Top Mashups of 2010

Download [16 tracks, 136MB]


#1) Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
Led Zeppelin “Whole Lotta Love” vs. James Brown “Sex Machine” vs. Run-DMC & Aerosmith “Walk This Way”

#2) DJ Schmolli “Cooler Rock ‘n’ Roll”
Crookers feat. Yelle “Cooler Couler (Junkie XL Remix)” vs. Joan Jett & the Blackhearts “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”

#2) DJ Schmolli “Rude Boy Resort”
Papa Roach “Last Resort” vs. Rihanna “Rude Boy”

#2) DJs From Mars “Enter Telephone”
Lady Gaga feat. Beyone “Telephone” vs. Metallica “Enter Sandman”

#2) Mighty Mike “Cocoon People”
Village People “Y.M.C.A.” VS. Cocoon “Chupee”

#6) BRAT Mashup “One of These Nights”
Lamb “Gorecki” vs. the Eagles “One of These Nights”

#6) DJ Earworm “Like OMG, Baby”
Alexandra Burke “All Night Long” vs. Cheryl Cole “Fight For This Love” vs. Chipmunk feat. Esmee Denters “Until You Were Gone” vs. Dizzee Rascal “Bonkers” vs. Ellie Goulding “Starry Eyed” vs. Jason Derulo “In My Head” vs. JLS “One Shot” vs Justin Bieber “Baby” vs. Ke$ha “Tik Tok” vs. Pixie Lott “Mama Do” vs. Rihanna “Rude Boy” vs. Scouting For Girls “This Ain’t a Love Song” vs. Tinie Tempah “Pass Out” vs. Usher feat. Will.I.Am “OMG” vs. The Wanted “All Time Low”

#6) DJ Gaston “Cooler Bites the Dust”
Queen “Another One Bites the Dust” vs. Crookers feat. Yelle “Cooler Couler (Junkie XL Remix)”

#6) DJ Schmolli “Big Bootie Bitches in Miami”
Bombs Away “Big Booty Bitches” vs. LMFAO “I’m in Miami Bitch!” vs. Busta Rhymes “I Love My Bitch” vs. Sir Mix-a-Lot “Baby Got Back”

#6) DJs From Mars “Alors on Danse”
Stromae vs. “Dance All Stars” (Kraftwerk “The Robots” vs. Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock “It Takes Two” vs. Patrick Hernandez “Born To Be Alive” vs. Lipps Inc. “Funky Town” vs. Technotronic “Pump Up the Jam” vs. Frankie Nuckles “Your Love” vs. Run-DMC “It’s Like That (Jason Nevins Remix)” vs. Robin S “Show Me Love” vs. Storm “Storm” vs. Snap! “Rhythm is a Dancer” vs. C&C Music Factory “Everybody Dance Now” vs. Daft Punk “Around the World” vs. the Chemical Brothers “Hey Boy, Hey Girl” vs. Felix Da Housecat “Silver Screen (Shower Scene)” vs. Underworld “Born Slippy” vs. Benny Benassi “Satisfaction” vs. the Bloody Beetroots feat. Steve Aoki “Warp”)

#6) Dunproofin’ “All the Lovers Fade to Grey”
Visage “Fade to Grey (Michael Grey Remix)” vs. Kylie Minogue “All the Lovers”

#6) The Kleptones “Voodoo Sabotage”
The Prodigy “Voodoo People” vs. Beastie Boys “Sabotage”

#6) LeeDM101 “Blue Boys Cure Everything”
Headman “Blue Boys” vs. the Cure “Lullaby (Remix)” vs. Phoenix “Everything is Everything (a capella)”

#6) Ludachrist “Pon De Foley”
Major Lazer “Pon de Floor” vs. Axel F. “Bevery Hills Cop (theme)”

#6) Mashup-Germany “Everybody Speaks No Americano”
Yolanda be Cool & DCUP “We No Speak Americano” vs. Backstreet Boys “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” vs. Phantom of the Opera vs. Bob Sinclair “Rock This Party” vs. Benny Benassi “Satisfaction”

#6) Phil RetroSpector “Chasing the Broken Hearted”
Jimmy Ruffin “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted” vs. Snow Patrol “Chasing Cars”


The Best Mashups of 2010

Download (Part 1) [46 Tracks, 371 MB] (Mirrors)
Download (Part 2) [47 Tracks, 391 MB] (Mirrors)
Download (Part 3) [48 Tracks, 344 MB] (Mirrors)

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The Reborn Identity “I’ve Never Missed You”
G3RSt “Dub of Fire”
LeeDM101 “Blue Boys Cure Everything”

Apollo Zero Website | Facebook | MySpace


BootOX “Remember the Curious Gossip”
Wax Audio “Stayin’ Alive In the Wall”
Mighty Mike “Cocoon People”
dj BC “No Sleep Til Liza”

ATOM Website | Facebook | Soundcloud | MySpace


DJs from Mars “California Girls Jump” (Katy Perry vs. Van Halen)

Ben Double M Website | MySpace


The Kleptones
The Hood Internet

Cheap DJ YouTube


DJ Gaston “Cooler Bites the Dust”
Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
Mighty Mike “Cocoon People”
DJ Gaston “With L.E.S. Kids”
DJ Gaston “Shut up Man”
DJ Gaston “Always Superstition”
Fissunix “MCs Just Want to Celebrate”
Fissunix “Starlight Traffic”
Mighty Mike “Waiting In Heaven”
Party Ben “This Tightrope’s Made for Walkin’”
Amoraboy “Amymagine”

ComaR Website | Facebook | MySpace


#1) BRAT “One Of These Nights”
Eagles meet Lamb in the absolutely best and most outstanding mash-up of the year.
#2) Go Home Productions “Smells Like Rockin’ Robin”
Insane. Classic, for sure.
#3) Divide & Kreate “The Final Love”
Possibly the cheesiest mashup ever, by my very good friend D&K from Sweden.
#4) Mighty Mike “Waiting in Heaven”
Very unexpected and very cool combo with Bob Marley and The Cure(!).
#5) Apollo Zero “Shame Machine”
My good friend Apollo simply kills it with this tremendous mash-up of Depeche oldie “Shame” and Grand Popo Football Club’s “Smashing Machine.”
#6) Phil RetroSpector “Monkey Gone to Opera”
The Young Punx vs The Pixies vs Goldfrapp in a trademark melancholy trip by my mate Phil.

Copycat Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | MySpace | Last.fm


Lobsterdust “Knock Out Eileen”
Sugamotor “Bitter Boy”
BRAT “One of These Nights”

Divide & Kreate Website | Facebook | MySpace


Phil RetroSpector “Chasing the Broken Hearted”

DJ Brother Darkness Twitter | Official.fm


LeeDM101 “Radioactive Tubular Girls”
CjR Mix “Dangerous Sex In A Bottle”
Phil Retrospector “Dub Be Goodbye Me”
DJ Morgoth “Carry On My Wayward Island”
DJ Bahler “El Lobo y la Luna”

DJ Bynar Website | Soundcloud | MySpace | Podcast | Last.fm


dj BC

DJ Flack Website | MySpace


Fissunix “Whole Lotta Sex Machine”
Yold “Flex Up!”
The Bootleague “Our Teachers”

DJ Gaston Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud | Official.fm


Wale “Good Girls (Andrew Clark + Quix Remix)”
Swedish House Mafia vs. DJ Khaled “All We Do is One (Jason Smith Blend)”
A-Trak “O Let’s Overdo It”

DJ Geometrix Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Party Ben “This Tightrope’s Made for Walkin’”
Mojochronic “(Rudolf) You Don’t Have To Turn On The Red Light”

DJ McFly Website | Facebook | MySpace


DJ Schmolli “Cooler Rock ‘n’ Roll”
Marc Johnce “Flex Gym Duck”
Eve Massacre “All the Lovers Are Drunk”

DJ Mif Website | MySpace


DJ Schmolli “Rude Boy Resort”
Mashup-Germany “Everybody Speaks No Americano”
DJs From Mars “Alors On Danse”

DJ Morgoth Website | Mash Up Your Bootz | Berlin Bootie


The Kleptones Uptime
DJs From Mars “Enter Telephone”
Titus Jones “I Wanna Bulletproof Dancer”

DJ Paul V. Website | TwitterFacebook


Kid Cudi & Chip Tha Ripper “All Talk”

DJ Riko Website | MySpace


#1) Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
#2) DJs From Mars “Alors On Danse”
#3) DJ Clive$ter “I Was Made For Loving Virgins”
#4) Mashup-Germany “Can You Hear The Sirens Coming”
#5) Phil RetroSpector “Chasing The Broken Hearted”

DJ Schmolli Website | Facebook | MySpace


#1) DJs from Mars “Enter Telephone”
#2) Divide & Kreate “Kissie Minogue”
#3) The Kleptones “Gimme Gimme”

DJ ShyBoy Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Girl Talk All Day
DJ McFly The Melting Pot (Part 1)

DJ Stroke Facebook | MySpace


#1) Dan Mei & Marc Johnce “Smooth Romance”
#2) DJ Morgoth “Stylo It’s No Good”
#3) Fatboy Slim “Weapon Of Choice (Rhythm Scholar Groove-A-Thon Remix)”
#4) Taio Cruz “Dynamite (In My Head) (S.I.R. Remix)”
#5) The Kleptones “Surf Mountain”

DJ Useo Website | Soundcloud


Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
DJ Gaston “Always Superstition”
Lobsterdust “Celeplanes”

DJ Y Alias JY Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
DJ Moule “Good Love, Good Rock”
Mighty Mike “Cocoon People”
Fissunix “Doin’ the Jumpo”
Party Ben “The Tightrope’s Made For Walkin’”
Madmixmustang “Very Golden Brownious”

DJ Zebra Website | Facebook | MySpace


#1) The Kleptones “Voodoo Sabotage”
#2) Mashup-Germany “Stay Another Day N Nite”
#3) g4gorilla & CjR Mix “Given Up Single Ladies”

DJs From Mars Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Mighty Mike “Black or Free”
LeeDM101 “(Find Myself) A Heap Of Love”
DJ Gaston “Gunns Are Burning”
Sugamotor “Bitter Boy”
DJ Y Alias JY & Amoraboy “Beg It Again (DJ Y alias JY’s Check It Out Re-Funk Rework)”
Propellerheards vs. SUYT Mashupsandbootlegsandbastardpop
ToToM “New Moon Steppin’ Up”
M’siou Rigolitch “Boban Markologic”
ElectroSound “What You Know In My Place”
Elocnep “Duck Sauce ADD an SUV”
Wax Audio “The Final Teen Spirit Mashup”
FAROFF “Ray No Speak Americano”
DJ Moule “Good Love, Good Rock”
DJ Schmolli “Cooler Rock ‘n’ Roll”
DJ Bynar “Reigning Knights of No Man’s Land”
Jarod Ripley “Just The Way U Are”

Fissunix Website | Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud


The Reborn Identity “American Days Are Over”
Wonderful! Very well executed and tugs at the heart strings. Breathes new life into both tracks, despite having heard them both hundreds of times. Fantastic.
The Kleptones Downtime The whole album. It’s great, it’s too hard to pick a favourite, I love “Untired and Correspondence” in particular, but the journey they make up is terrific. Pretty much everything on it is unique and extremely soulful as well as being very well produced. Music to stare out of windows on trains to.
Fleetwood Mac “Everywhere (Psychemagik re-edit)” Another track I have to mention despite not being a mashup as such is Psychemagik’s re-edit of Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere. Quite how they’re managed to take just one track and make it more emotional, dreamy and sublime yet at the same time turning it into a dancefloor groover is beyond me entirely. Awesome.

Flying White Dots Website | Twitter | MySpace


DJ Schmolli “Big Bootie Bitches in Miami”
DJ Morgoth “Lifeline Princess”
DJs From Mars “Carl Orff vs. Linkin Park”

FrogTheDawg Website


#1) The Shits “Blur 52′s”*
#2) Giles Who Boy “Broken Mirror”*
#3) G3RSt “Venus Whip”

Frunt Room Website


#1) MadMixMustang “Holiday Of Choice”
#2) DJ Schmolli “Rude Boy Resort”
#3) Eric Arthur “Glory Fox”
#4) Lobsterdust “Knock Out Eileen”
#5) Retarded Cunt “Hamburgers”
#6) Rillen Rudi “Ni Ten Ichi Rude Boy”

G3RSt Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


#1) Ludachrist “Pon De Foley”
#2) Chambaland “Invisible Gurls”

The Hood Internet Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace | Wikipedia


LeeDM101 “Bob’s Twilight Phone”
Angels & Filth “Boulevard”

The Kleptones Website | Twitter | MySpace | Wikipedia


Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
Dunproofin’ “All The Lovers Fade To Grey”
MashMike “Move it, Barbra”

KrazyBen Website | Facebook | MySpace


#1) Ian Fondue “Kiss You”
#2) MadMixMustang “We No Can Dance”
#3) Dj Tripp “How Low in the House”
#4) Obvious Productions “Standing in the Way of Your Friends”
#5) Go Home Productions “Smells Like Rockin’ Robin”

Lenlow Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


#1) Party Ben “Beat Sauce”
#2) DJ Schmollo “Cooler Rock N Roll”
#3) Fissunix “Whole Lotta Sex Machine”

Lobsterdust Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Ludachrist “Pon De Foley”
LeeDM101 “Blue Boys Cure Everything”
The Glitch Mob “Bad Wings In For The Kill”

Loo & Placido Facebook | MySpace


DJs From Mars “Enter Telephone”
DJ Schmolli “Rude Boy Resort”
Mighty Mike “Imagine A Jump”
Lobsterdust “Knock Out Eileen”

Marc Johnce Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


#1) Pheugoo “Hometown Bitch”
#2) MadMixMustang “Don’t Stop Bromancing”
#3) Xam “Stylo Can’t Dance”

Mash2Mix Website | Facebook | MySpace


#1) DJs From Mars “Radio Tok Tok”
#2) Xam “God is a Memorie”
#3) DJ Y Alias JY “Thunderstruck Right Now”

Maxx Destrukt Website | Facebook


Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
Had me flippin’ and bouncin’ like a wigged out trampoline.
Apollo Zero “Workin’ Hot Techno Pop”
Had me acting insane like a Travis Bickle’d DeNiro.
DJ McFly “If You Jinglin’”

Mojochronic MySpace | Soundcloud


Voicedude Mashin’ Jackson
DJ Not-I Off The Beaten Meter
Hawkins’ “XXX”

Mr. Fab Website


#1) Symphony Of Science “Wave Of Reason”
#2) Pogo “Wishery”
#3) DJ Earworm “Like, OMG Baby”

Norwegian Recycling Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Instamatic “Nasty Chewing Girls (12″ Bubblicious Genius mix)”
ToToM “Best of Your Own Church
DJ Le Clown “Evil Whisky Bar”

oki Official.fm


The Reborn Identity “Sweet Mountain High”
DJ Bynar “Mullholland Empire (Dark Mix)”

Phil RetroSpector Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Dunproofin’ “You’re Not Roxanne”
ToTom “3’s Right Now & 7’s Tonight”

Pytski Website


#1) DJ Schmolli “Undone Lullaby”
#2) LeeDM101 “Roxanne’s Tainted Fly”
#3) MadMixMustang “You Rock My Rock”

Qubic Website | Twitter | Facebook


Fissunix “Whole Lotta Sex Machine”
Phil RetroSpector “Chasing the Broken-Hearted”

The Reborn Identity Website | Facebook | MySpace


FAROFF “No Womanizer Knows”
DJ Schmolli “Big Booty Bitches In Miami”
dj BC “Could You Be Love Gamed”
PartyBen “California Clever”
Phil Retrospector “Chasing The Broken Hearted”
Sam Flanagan “Brimful of Bonkers”
Sugamotor “Orchid Colours”

Solcofn Website | Blog


#1) The Hood Internet “Ignition (Keep It Remixing Louder)”
#2) DJ Stroke “House of Homey (Money To Blow Remix)”
#3) The White Panda “How We Remember”

Supermash Bandcamp | Soundcloud


Dunproofin “All the Lovers Fade to Grey”
MadMixMustang “I Got More Than A Feeling”

Thriftshop XL Website | MySpace


#1) The Kleptones “Jump You Fucker”
#2) Mashup-Germany “Sexy Bitch In Memphis”

Titus Jones Website | Twitter | MySpace


dj BC “Say Say Say La La La”
I’m very difficult with hip-hop mashups nowadays and this one just nails it.
Mighty Mike “Nothin Ironic”
A great take on Alanis’ song.
DJ Schmolli “Cooler Rock ‘n’ Roll” / DJ Gaston “Cooler Bites the Dust”
And finally two mashup with the same instrumental. I can’t tell which one is better, they’re banging, excellent ideas and feature classic vocals both.

ToToM Website | Twitter | Facebook | MySpace


Fissunix “Whole Sex Lotta Machine”
oki “Is She Really Going Acapella?”
Marc Jonce “Not My Smoke Tonight”
Fissunix “Doin’ The Jumpo”
oki “Bizarre Bottom Girls”
DJ Jeff Jones “Party In The Empire State”
DJ Schmolli “Rude Boy Resort”
MadMixMustang “Downtown Girl”
Amoraboy “Feel the Joker”
Norwegian Recycling “Miracles”

Voicedude Website


Mashup-Germany “Everybody Speaks No Americano”
Very enjoyable (and danceable mashup) keeps me bouncing across the room every time I put this on.
DJ Earworm “Like, OMG Baby”
Multimashup like only dj earworm could provide us.

Xam Website | Facebook | MySpace


    Very good top 10, congrats for each. And thank you, Fissunix, for giving me ranked in your top 10 of the year

  • Well done all. Enter Telephone by DJs From Mars is my personal favourite being such a big Metallica fan. Gratz to everybody who placed in the top 10.

  • wow! great list! that looks like a hell of a work to compile!

    happy holidays,

  • What I think hu ? I can now die in peace mates !!!! Thanks to everyone and thumbs up to all those great mashups producers out there ! Too much awesome tracks, i could have listed a thousand tracks more. Keep’ on the good mash ! Merry Xmash !

  • what about Girl Talk?

    • Was wondering about Girl Talk myself–I’m guessing he’s a bit “too popular” to make the list? Because any one of his selections from “All Day” could easily top this list, in my opinion.

      • Girl Talk has a different style of mashups – these are more “songs” while GT’s stuff is more of a continuous flow… I’ve listened to All Day, and it’s apparent that a LOT of time and energy and creativity went into crafting that, although I personally prefer these types of mashups better. There’s just as much creativity from the artists on this page – if not more – just a different style.

    Clearly, with only one vote, I need to find a way to get my stuff actually heard…

    And Mr. Fabbie…..you’re fruitcake is in the mail!

  • Awesome compilation… Awesome mashes… so happy to be included! Happy Holidays!

  • Wow, awesome list, flattered as fu*k to be included!!!!!!!!!

  • Check out this Lil’ Jon /Owl City Mash-up.


  • I think my ears are the real winners here… Thanks to all artists, both original and masher alike, you’ve made my year a fulfilling thing to listen to, share, and blast to the masses.

  • What a year ! I’m so proud to be in the Top 10 and thanks for having me in your lists, guys !

  • your my best producers ,thanks…

  • i got a song that i think your mising…..to make mushup…..my sweet loard from george harrison….if you have a little time make it….eny way your the best……thanks

  • Thanks for putting this out! Really enjoyed listening through. If anyone wants to check out more awesome mashups, try http://www.youtube.com/user/jeremyperky?feature=mhum#g/c/E67936C3BD673B22

  • Awesome list there, CB! Glad I could help out! :)

  • Marvelous reading here.Will return & ‘read’ some more!
    Much praise for this article! Thanks.

  • Have y’all never heard of BitTorrent? These file hosting sites suck donkey balls!

  • i wish some of these were professionally mastered, cant use half these bc levels are way off.:(

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