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Culture Bully Presents 2008 Mashed


Culture Bully proudly presents this retrospective mix, combining elements of the year that was, represented by the collected efforts of a hodgepodge of producers from around the world. 2008 Mashed is an album that utilizes the popular, the outrageous, the kitschy and the underappreciated. So as history welcomes the pop music of 2008 and accepts it as its own, we thank you for listening and hope that you enjoy this collection.

Culture Bully Presents 2008 Mashed (full album) [ZIP]


#1) SUYT (ComaR & PhatBastard) [Paris, France]
“Krazy Pjanoo (edit)” [MP3]
(Eric Prydz “Pjanoo [instrumental]” vs. Pitbull feat. Lil Jon “Krazy [a capella]“)
SUYT: MySpace | ComaR: Official | PhatBastard: Official

#2) Divide & Kreate [Stockholm, Sweden]
“The Kissenger” [MP3]
(Katy Perry “I Kissed a Girl” vs. Iggy Pop “The Passenger”)
Divide & Kreate: Official

#3) lobsterdust [New York City, New York, United States of America]
“RiverBad” [MP3]
(Meatloaf “Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad” vs. Morcheeba “Riverbed”)
lobsterdust: Official | Mashup Anthology

#4) DJ Useo [Niles, Michigan, United States of America]
“Viva La Emergency” [MP3]
(Coldplay “Viva La Vida” vs. Wolfgang Gartner “Emergency”)
DJ Useo: Official | Blog

#5) Dj Doc Rok [Washington, D.C., United States of America]
“My Life As A Rockstar” [MP3]
(T.I. “Live Your Life” vs. Does It Offend You, Yeah? “We Are Rockstars”)
Dj Doc Rok: Official | MySpace

#6) DJ Real Juicy [Peoria, Illinois, United States of America]
“Day N Hypnotize” [MP3]
(Plies feat. Akon “Hypnotized” vs. Kid Cudi “Day ‘N’ Nite [The Crookers remix]“)
DJ Real Juicy: Official

#7) DJ Schmolli [Vienna, Austria]
“Scream Aim Dance (Bullet For Lady Gaga)” [MP3]
(Lady Gaga “Just Dance” vs. Bullet For My Valentine “Scream Aim Fire”)
DJ Schmolli: Official

#8) DJ Maxentropy [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America]
“Let It Jam” [MP3]
(Michael Jackson “Jam” vs. Kevin Rudolf feat. Lil Wayne “Let It Rock”)
DJ Maxentropy: Official | MySpace

#9) Irn Mnky [Bradford, United Kingdom]
“Paper Man” [MP3]
(M.I.A. “Paper Planes” vs. The Verve “Lucky Man” vs. The Verve “Lucky Man [acoustic]“)
Irn Mnky: Official | MySpace

#10) dj erb [Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States of America]
“Looking For A New Bleeding Love” [MP3]
(Leona Lewis “Bleeding Love” vs. Pebbles “Mercedes Boy” vs. Jody Watley “Looking For a New Love”)
dj erb: Official

#11) DJ MDSB [Royal Oak, Michigan, United States of America]
“Party Heart” [MP3]
(She and Him “Sentimental Heart” vs. Nelly feat. Fergie “Party People”)
DJ MDSB: Official | MySpace

#12) Copycat [Helsingborg, Sweden]
“Blind Esmeralda (A Copycat Mash)” [MP3]
(Hercules & Love Affair feat. Antony “Blind” vs. Santa Esmeralda “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood”)
Copycat: Official | MySpace

#13) ToToM [Angers, France]
“Boot Innocuous” [MP3]
(LCD Soundsystem “Get Innocuous [Soulwax remix]” vs. Franz Ferdinand “Ulysses” vs. Devo “Satisfaction” vs. Radiohead “Reckoner” vs. Devo “Uncontrollable Urge”)
ToToM: Official | MySpace | Facebook | last.fm

#14) lobsterdust [New York City, New York, United States of America]
“LESLockdown” [MP3]
(Kanye West “Love Lockdown” vs. Santigold “L.E.S. Artistes”)
lobsterdust: Official | Mashup Anthology

#15) DJ Freddy King of Pants [Seattle, Washington, United States of America]
“Jump (For My Lollipop)” [MP3]
(The Pointer Sisters “Jump [For My Love]” vs Lil Wayne “Lollipop”)
DJ Freddy King of Pants: Official

#16) Bobby Martini [Hertfordshire, United Kingdom]
“Apologize To Me” [MP3]
(OneRepublic “Apologize” vs Crowded House “Mean To Me”)
Bobby Martini: Official | MySpace

#17) The Abrahammer [Columbus, Ohio, United States of America]
“A Million Big Nights” [MP3]
(LCD Soundsystem “Big Ideas” vs. DJ Brad “In Da Building” vs. Portishead “The Rip” vs. Lil Wayne “A Milli” vs. Kid Cudi & Crookers “Day ‘N’ Night [Crookers First remix]” vs. Estelle feat. Kanye West “American Boy” vs. Crystal Castles “Untrust Us” vs. DJ Speedy “Porn Star” vs. Cut Copy “Lights and Music [Boys Noize Happy Birthday Remix]” vs. Sigur Ros “Fljótavík” vs. The Game feat. Ne-Yo “Camera Phone” vs. TI$A feat. Daedelus “Vote Obama”)
The Abrahammer: MySpace

#18) G3RSt [Hoorn, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands]
“Dirty Technology” [MP3]
(Milow “Ayo Technology” vs. Michael Jackson “Dirty Diana”)
G3RSt: Official

#19) Phil RetroSpector [Galway, Republic of Ireland]
“Sleepwalking For Hours” [MP3]
(Morcheeba “Sleep On It” vs. Philip Glass “The Hours” vs. Laurie Anderson “Walking & Falling”)
Phil RetroSpector: Official | MySpace


[Artwork design by Phil RetroSpector]

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    Yay King of Pants.

  • fresh…fuck a genre…”Mash-Out”


  • Biggest congrats on the comp.I’ve been away & missed it until now.

  • whohoo, great compilation! thanx for having me!

  • Thanks Chris. I needed some new music. Happy New Year!

  • “vs. Laurie Anderson” C’mon, who would really want to go against Laurie Anderson at anything. Lou Reed would kick your ass Metal Machine style.

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