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New Music: Kidz in the Hall, Daft Punk Mashups & Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Think: Kurt Cobain trapped inside a video game

About a month ago the Nashville production duo BoyGenius crafted a hard slicing remix of Daft Punk’s “End of the Line.” In response to the track, Fissunix released a new Beatles-mashing re-dub of the remix a few days later; you still with me? Now the French bastard pop producer (who was also voted by his peers as the #1 mashup producer of 2010) has compiled a selection of personal Daft Punk releases into one convenient package thoughtfully titled The Mashed Punk EP. While the Beatles mash is highly recommended, this take on Nirvana’s “Heart Shaped Box,” reshaped under Daft Punk’s “TRON End Title,” is one that stands out as something thoroughly unique. Toss any apprehension aside regarding a Nirvana mashup and simply let it play out — the two source tracks are an entirely bizarre pair, yet when blended so seamlessly they sound as though they were never meant to be heard apart.

MP3 Fissunix “Heart Shaped Tron” [Download Mirror]


Think: Windows open, volume up.

Kidz in the Hall’s “Break it Down” is about as complex as the song’s title suggests: a simple windows down/sun is shining beat mixed with flavorful lyrics such as, “Do you want fries with that?/Mr. can I take an order supersize these raps/Special sauce, lettuce, cheese with them lines attached/I, in fact, can give these niggas heart attacks.” The track stands as the first single from the Chicago duo’s forthcoming Occasion EP which is due out this summer. (Dap to Pigeons and Planes for the tip.)

MP3 Kidz in the Hall “Break it Down” [Download Mirror]


Think: Light layers of instrumental breeze

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.’s new album, It’s a Corporate World, is set off by “Morning Thought” which leads the way by drawing an intersection between a variety of different sounds; compounding electronic effects, vocals, drums, chimes, and I’m pretty sure a kitchen sink is in there somewhere. For more from the new album, which is out June 7, the band has made a selection of additional tracks available for streaming via Soundcloud.

MP3 Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. “Morning Thought” [Download Mirror]

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