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Local noise rockers Gay Beast are back on the scene with their latest album Second Wave. The disc continues building on the abrasive and claustrophobic art rock that has gained them a strong reputation over the years. The first song released off the album, “EEEXXXPPPAAANNNDDDIIINNNGGG,” is a great entry point for the album. The song, like most of the 30 minute album, relies on the band layering schizophrenic drums, electronic bleeps and hisses, pulsing rhythms and distant vocals. The singing, which is more pronounced on the song than other parts of the disc, adds another stratum to the nearly overwhelming soundscape the band weaves together. Second Wave is a challenging, but ultimately supremely rewarding, venture into the cacophonous sounds this adventurous local band is taking. While this disc won’t be for everyone (you can safely venture that a band named Gay Beast isn’t shooting for top 40), it is one of the more engaging and unique local discs I have heard this year. The band will be celebrating the release of Second Wave Saturday night at the 7th Street Entry.


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    I never really took the time to understand the beauty behind the noise rock… even with a band like the Dillinger Escape Plan, which has come close to the mainstream the past few years (with the exception of the EP they did with Mike Patton–that thing was rad). Not trying to qualify it as good or bad, just not something that sounds (remotely) good to my ears. Other could say the same for a lot of the muck I listen to though…

  • Glad to see they’re getting the recognition they deserve with putting out a record on Skin Graft. Very excited to hear the whole thing.

  • Dillinger Escape Plan is not “noise rock”.

  • Sounds like 1978 No Wave to me: Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Arto Lindsay, Contortions, etc, with some Devo and Residents thrown in. Noise annoys.

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