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Hank Williams III “Gutter Town” Video

Here’s a cool fan-made video for “Gutter Town” from Hank 3′s new double-album, Ghost to a Ghost/Gutter Town. I really like the release. Some people don’t. With that in mind I’m going to copy and paste some comments that I previously made in defense of it. Here goes:

Probably one of the only albums I can run all day without getting tired of, and to my ears, a lot of that has to do with its weird diversity. In addition to the runnin’ & druggin’ outlaw country there are wild tracks like Trooper’s Hollar which mixes wild samples of his dog’s bark (first time I heard it I was thinknig “WTF!” but since then, it’s really grown on me) before slowly submerging into this weird bastard-Creole mix that drifts in and out of ambient-teasing noise. Love the Tom Waits growler and the undeniably goofy throw-me-for a loop closer with Les Claypool kills me every time. The release is weird and won’t satisfy many (obviously) but I feel that it is actually kind of an ambitious project.

If you’re looking for a bit more from Hank III today, check out this video recap of his 2010 show up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada at The Whiskey or this review of last year’s Rebel Within album. It was one of my favorites of 2010.

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