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“Hanna” & the Chemical Brothers: Giveaway

From director Joe Wright (Atonement) and starring Saoirse Ronan (who’s also set to appear in the upcoming Hobbit feature) and Cate Blanchett comes HANNA, a film summarized by IMDB as following “A 16-year-old who was raised by her father to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across Europe, tracked by a ruthless intelligence agent and her operatives.” And to celebrate the kickoff of the film’s release—it’s hitting theaters this weekend—some dope swag is being made available to Culture Bully readers across the world! Here’s what’s up for grabs:

One winner will receive the following prizes:
• Unisex T-shirt
• Grey Hooded Sweatshirt
• Limited Edition HANNA Skullcandy Earbuds
• Micro Fiber Cloth (presumably for all your micro fiber cloth needs)
• Bumper Sticker
• Dropcard (to download the soundtrack which was scored by the Chemical Brothers)

So, what must one do to win these prizes, you might be asking yourself? It’s pretty easy, really: Simply leave a comment on this very post about anything you damn well please. Are you planning on seeing HANNA? Leave a comment about it. Do you think the Chemical Brothers did a good job with the film’s score? Leave a comment about it. Have some lingering thoughts about the turnout of the NCAA basketball tournament? Leave a comment about it. Still celebrating India’s victory at the 2011 Cricket World Cup? Leave a comment about it. Just leave a comment about whatever it is that’s on your mind at this exact moment.

The giveaway is open to EVERYONE IN THE WORLD and will end Sunday night where an entrant will be chosen at random to win the entire package. Thanks for reading the site and good luck!The contest is now closed.

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    I cannot wait to hear the soundtrack! I’m so excited

  • We really should team up and co-promote some events in Nashville.

    Yes, that’s what’s on my mind at this exact moment.


  • Makes me wonder what the movie would look like that would coincide with the Danger Mouse’s new Rome project.

  • My name is Hannah

  • Very chemical by the brothers

    • Congrats Darren–you won!

    Hey sexy beast.

  • This is another movie I’m going to watch mostly because who does the soundtrack.

  • Looks like a pretty cool movie with a damn nice soundtrack, I’ll definitely go see it when it hits the theaters here in Denmark!

  • The trailer looked dead exiting,great cast basically ‘And’ Tom Hollander and a questionable accent from Eric Banna, Otherwise im pretty exited about it..

    OSTs are the new rock and roll,
    Best sound tracks anybody?

  • The chemical brothers did a really good job on the soundtrack and it is really cool to see more electronic music producers getting into film.

  • Looks like a pretty cool flick. Soundtrack sounds awesome. Can’t wait to check it out!

  • I agree, Chris. I loved what Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross did for the Social Network.

    As far as Stu’s question, best soundtrack is still The Big Chill hands down. It’s a shame they weren’t able to get all of the songs that were in the film onto the album.

  • mmmm my chicken soup is extra delicious today. And this skinny vanilla latte really hits the spot! New England is getting warmer everyday now but nothing says SPRING like a sweet flick about a teenage assassin. Looking forward to the movie AND a kick-ass soundtrack!

  • I’ve got the world’s best (worst?) stomach ache going on right now. On a Friday night. Ruining all my plans. My solution? Ginger ale. Ginger tea. Ginger vodka. Chyeah.

  • Sweet, the movie looks killer, and sound track rocks

  • The movie was insane, and the soundtrack killed….prolly going to see it again

  • Watching NASCAR right now but all i can think about is how freaking amazing Hanna was, definitely going to see it multiple times before it leaves theatres.

  • Love the movie! Love the soundtrack! Could really go for Olive Garden at this moment in time, but this sofa is way just too dam comfortable!

  • Eager to experience this film. Cate Blanchette is hot & brilliant. May the Oscars not snub the Chemical Bro’s like they did Daft Punk.