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Iron Maiden “The Final Frontier” Review

iron maiden final frontier

The Final Frontier is Iron Maiden‘s 15th album, and one that initially brought with it rumblings that it would be the legendary band’s swan song. After all, it is called The Final Frontier and founding member and bassist Steve Harris has put 15 albums on the board as the predetermined lifespan of the group. In recent interviews Harris has scoffed at the unofficial marker though, subsequently adding a cheeky exclamation point to an album that has been eagerly awaited since the release of Maiden’s last studio album, 2006′s A Matter of Life and Death. And without much of a shock the opening track looks back, touching on a sound that is sure to please old-school fans, though it’s likely to attract its share of curious looks along the way.

The introduction to the album comes in the form of a two-part track, “Satellite15/The Final Frontier”: the first half of the opener is strange song which sounds uncharacteristically hollow and—truth be told—wouldn’t harm the rest of the album had The Final Frontier bypassed it completely. As soon as “The Final Frontier” takes off, the opening riff connects in classic Maiden fashion, representing as a nod to the past as the band moves ahead into the future. Next comes the record’s lead single, “El Dorado,” which thematically follows a deceptive character’s narrative as the band chugs along behind Bruce Dickinson’s ever-youthful sounding vocals. Setting the tone for the album, the song’s solo does well in acting as a stunning interlude between the track’s chapters of dialog.

“Mother of Mercy” continues with a less frantic pace than the previous tracks, warming up as a lyrical portrait of a battlefield and its casualties is slowly painted. Nicko McBrain steps in with a rumbling beat before the band follows suit and chimes in with an oh-so-familiar rhythm. Later, following the song’s solo, Dickinson further solidifies the focus of the track, “Rivers flow with blood, there’s nowhere left to hide/It’s hard to comprehend there’s anyone left alive/Sick of all the killing and the reek of death/Well, God, tell me what religion is to man?” A relative-ballad in comparison to much of the album, “Coming Home” follows, including one of the record’s most technically impressive solos while lyrically focusing on an ever-present longing for Albion (Great Britain), “Coming home when I see the runway lights/In the misty dawn of the night is fading fast/Coming home, far away as their vapor trails alight/Where I’ve been tonight, you know I will not stay.” “The Alchemist” revs the pace back up as a story is told of John Dee and his trials with the “strange alchemy” of Edward Kelley.

It’s at this point in time where the band begins to take liberties with the attention span of the listener: Each of the following five songs run roughly eight to eleven minutes in length—to date, The Final Frontier is actually the longest studio album in Iron Maiden’s catalog. “Isle of Avalon” features an extended dialog between guitarists which is gorgeously revisited with the tandem guitar pieces in “The Man Who Would Be King.” The gritty guitars of “Starblind” and the slow-boiling intensity of “The Talisman” fall in the middle of the two aforementioned songs, but as much as the band might push things when it comes to the length of the tracks, they never really toy with useless experimentation or include much—if any—aural waste; everything is in order and plays out accordingly. “When The Wild Wind Blows” concludes the album with its characters preparing for some sort of end-times, an Armageddon which is subsequently manipulated by a mass media set on confusing a nation’s citizens with misdirection. “There will be a catastrophe the like we’ve never seen/There will be something that will light the sky/That the world as we know it, it will never be the same/Did you know, did you know? As the band winds down and softly plays Dickinson out, a swirling wind howls in the distance and the album fades to black.

How many bands can you name, just off the top of your head, who have long-since outlived their expiration date? And how many of rock’s greatest names continue to play on, cashing in their legacies for another “farewell” tour, or even worse, ridiculously sub par studio albums that are no sooner released than they are forgotten? Here we are, some 35 years after Iron Maiden began creating a legacy which the band never set out to make for itself, and the group sounds as tight and energetic as it ever has. Not only that, but Iron Maiden is making music that is—shocking for a band of its age—honestly relevant in the grand scheme its genre; if you were to take away Maiden at this point in time, the band would leave a hole in today’s metal scene, not just the metal scene in general. The Final Frontier is a substantial statement backing up that sentiment, though in all honesty, by this point in time they never really needed one.


    I am 33 y.o. and iron maiden made me a metal fan back then in 1988 with the 7th son..album. I’ve endured “the x-factor” and the terrible “virtual xi” albums…i could never have imagined how this reunion would shape up to be…

    The Final Frontier is the best album of the reunion days and as “BRAVE NEW WORLD” has a positive aura around it. It’s a beautiful and refreshing piece of music, filled with emotions and images of beautiful landscapes that only a free spirited musician of ’70′s prog rock could create…It’s really amazing and i am really happy that i am actually living the renaissance of IRON MAIDEN as i always blamed my parents for not creating me 10 years earlier…:)

    • what do you mean you have ‘endured’ those two albums? those are some of the best albums put up by maiden in my opinion

      • It all depends on when you started to listen to Maiden, I guess…

        I’m 31 and I’ve been a Maiden fan since I was really little; I must have seen the “Run To The Hills” video on TV when I was nine or ten and it hooked me up instantly. I got a copy of “Fear Of The Dark” when it was a brand new album and all of their back catalog around the same time, and I’ve also been a full member of Maiden Fan Club from 1993 or so. I can clearly remember the disappointment among the fans when Bruce left the band, and an even greater disappointment among some of them when they first heard his replacement…

        Personally, I liked some songs on “The X Factor” back in the day, but I hated “Virtual XI”, and about that time I lost interest in Maiden a lot. I’ve quit the fan club in 1999 and I think that the last Maiden Fanzine they sent me was the one with the Clansman Eddie on cover. Honestly, if they released another album with Blaze, I wouldn’t have bought it.

        After Bruce and Adrian rejoined the band, I expected a lot from the new album, but “Brave New World” didn’t really fulfill my expectations. It had a handful of good songs, but to me it sounded like a bunch of leftovers from the Blaze era and Bruce’s solo albums, and at that point I lost my interest in the band completely. I might have heard “Dance Of Death” three or four times when it came it out and I never really bothered buying “A Matter Of Life And Death”.

        “The Final Frontier” came out and I never even heard a song from it, until I got it as a present a few months ago. Once I endured the horrible intro (which kept on reassuring me that Maiden is a long spent force), I was pleasantly surprised with the rest of it, and really loved the album on the first listening. Particularly “Mother Of Mercy”, “Isle Of Avalon” and “Starblind” blew me away, being completely different from what the band had been doing some 15-20 years ago, but still very Maiden at the core. The last few songs had to grew on me a bit, but I can honestly say that “When The Wild Wind Blows” is up with the best epics from Steve Harris, even though it’s painfully obvious parts of it date back to “The X Factor” sessions.

        Subsequently, I got myself a copy of “A Matter Of Life And Death” and learned to love it too. Once again, I can say that I’m a Maiden fan full on and be proud of it when I say it. They have been through a bad period, but now they’ve gone through a revival of sorts, and at a stage when most rock and roll bands live on former glory they are as relevant as ever.

        So, the verdict reads: “The Final Frontier” is possibly one of the best Iron Maiden albums ever, definitely THE best album since the 1980s.

        Today it’s a different Maiden, worlds apart from “Powerslave” or “Somewhere In Time”, older, wiser but perhaps taking more risks than ever and it sure pays off. And I would be seriously disappointed if they stop it here.

    First of all let me start by saying that I’ve been a Maiden fan for almost 25 years now and I must say that I’m disappointed with this album. Firts off, the production is terrible; clearly Bruce can’t reach the high notes anymore and therefore sometimes the singing sounds “forced” Also I think the instruments sound to “thick” and over produced on this latest offering, not as bad as on “Fear of The Dark” but it comes quite close. Besides Dance of Death, the new maiden albums since the return of Bruce and Adrian seemed to be less interesting to me with forced long songs and tempo changes without creating something new like in the eighties. “Wildest Dreams”, “Different World” and “The Wickerman” are very similar songs with different lyrics to me. While listening to “the Man Who Would be King” I almost here Blaze Bayley singing. This song is almost like it came right out of “The X-Factor” sessions. I thought we left this phase and moved on guys! Also most of the intro’s of the new album have the same sound and feel like the two Bayley era albums which is a pity. I’m Convinced Maiden can do much better since I saw the “Somewhere back in Time” Tour which proved Bruce can still pull it off live. I think Harris needs to leave his ego behind and give the other band members a bigger part in creating the songs. The last 3 Bruce Dickinson studio albums “Accident of Birth”, “Chemical Wedding” and “Tyranny of Souls” sounded fresher than “The Final Frontier”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a bad album but it’s just more and more of the same. That’s not a bad thing but I’m hearing to many elements of the wrong Maiden era that everyone hated.

  • @ willekie, it’s funny that you mention the blaze era, I heard that too, and what the era always needed was Bruce delivering those tunes to us. I also think and feel a lot of it is reminiscent of the last 3 bruce solo albums. I can hear bruce’s mentality from tyranny of souls especially. It may end up being my favorite of the reunion.

    I loved A Matter of Life and Death, but none of the songs really jumped out (not like paschendale on dance of death) but they were all great songs, and the album is one of my favorites. This one knocks A Matter of Life and Death out of the water. It has solid songs, no DIFFERENT WORLD, and every song feels like it standouts. When the Wild Wind Blows, is the perfect closer, it comes on like a breath of fresh air, and when it ends I’m ready to hear the album again… and get to it one more time. I’m losing sleep to this album.

    Also I wasn’t blown away by El Dorado or Final Frontier, when released, but hearin them on the album, they sound so much better, el dorado is just as great as it was seeing it live, and final frontier is far more interesting and powerful without the video’s sound effects cutting in.

  • I really like the new album. It took me a few times of listening to it to really understand it. But each time I listen to it I like it more and more.

    There are some really amazing songs on this album. The production is not the greatest. Sounds like the same basic production since Brave New World.

    I wish they would go back in and do an old reel to reel recording like the glory days. If they had a good production it would make these 2000′s Maiden albums even better.

    None the less another great album by Iron Maiden. It is really amazing how they are still going strong after all of these years.

  • The Final Frontier album is so good.I like so much, Coming Home,The Man Who Would Be King,Satelite 15…The Final Frontier,The Talisman,El Dorado and all the rest…

    UP THE IRONS !!!

  • This album gets better each time I play it. It’s like learning to drink wine when your a teen. First it’s strange, then you start getting it, in the end you love it.

    I’m a Maiden fan for more than 20 years and I’m loving every moment. I didn’t like the shift in No Prayer for the Dying and the next 3 albums were IMO getting weaker and weaker (exception made to a couple of songs like Fear of The Dark).

    In BNW, the band continues the path of Somewhere in Time and Seventh Son. For me, this album is just one more step of the evolution path Maiden had.

    For those who are complaining that this is not Maiden, remember Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son. At that time some criticized for bringing synths to Maiden sound. Now that albums are classic. IMO Final Frontier is an album that will grow stronger every day.

    Sergeant Pepers was completely different from other Beatles LPs and was a breakthrough in music. Believe me, Final Frontier is new chapter in the Maiden era.

    UP THE IRONS!!!!

  • Willekie: Harris is definitely giving the other band members a chance to compose songs. Sure, his name is once again in all of the song credits, but he mostly just writes the lyrics and gives minor assistance in composing. What caught my eye is that Adrian Smith has composed 6 out of 10 songs on the album. While I like some of Smith’s songs, he’s really trying too hard here. He has always wanted to create progressive tracks but, honestly, I think he’s never succeeded. The songs either become overly repetitive(for example Wasted Years, although it’s not even a long track) or sound like three different songs forced to be one. I have nothing against progressive songs if they’re made correctly. Smith seems to sacrifice melodies to create the ‘progressive’ songs we hear on Final Frontier. He even re-uses parts of earlier songs in his compositions on the album. You’ll hear short parts of Paschendale and No More Lies when you listen to Isle of Avalon.

  • Hi I’m actually starting to believe that the new album is BETTER than Seventh Son! Initially (freebie El Dorado, video clip Final Frontier) I was worried, as it sounded too proggy and very unMaiden like. After hearing it in album form it makes more sense and works, excellently. Then again I suspect Seventh Son was greeted with unsure reviews when it first came out?

    I agree it takes a few listens to before it all comes together (except When The Wild Wind Blows which is rapidly soaring to be my all time favourite Maiden track, surpassing Hallowed Be Thy Name!). After second hearing Isle Of Avalon also started leaping off the CD. By the third all except the first two tracks lep out to me.

    This new one is proggier, and each of the longer tracks tells a story in its own right. As for Bruce’s voice I saw them at Knebworth, there’s nothing wrong with it. Again the El D freebie and video clip did suggest something wasn’t right, but on the album his voice sounds great, especially on the epic tracks.

  • Bruce surely has not lost his touch…the band in their entirety has not their touch.

    Any idea who was playing with Bruce on his aforementioned solo albums… then why would it be so strange that when they both rejoin Maiden you hear similar sounds.

    Try puttin a lille less effort and a little more thought into what you post.

    Judging by the comments; I wonder if any of the posters actually saw any recent Final Frontier shows ( which kicked some real ass!! )…

    Up The Irons!

  • Wow, glad to hear you think Iron Maiden still has it. Planning on reviewing this tomorrow.

  • All I can say is ROCK!

    I disagree with the Satellite 15 comment of the reviewer, I think it’s a tone setter, giving you a glimpse of the coming apocalypse. The tracks themselves are classic Maiden, sticking to the formula that has worked for them so well. Dickinson still has that unequivocal voice of the consummate metal vocalist, he just seems to get better as the albums go by.

    I’ve been trying to identify my favourite track and it is difficult. Isle of Avalon is up there for it’s melodically haunting intro. The Alchemist is your standard Irons, a metal romp on a par with “Loneliness of a Long Distance Runner”. Coming Home deserves a thumbs up for it’s classic depth and drama. Mother of Mercy is a ballad reminiscent of Paschendale and Hallowed Be Thy Name, and will no doubt be on the set lists for years to come.

    I honestly can’t pick one track I like best, because I can listen to any of them and rock out.

    My advice (if any was needed) crank up the volume and to hell with the neighbours! There’s only one UM. That’s FUCK’UM!

  • only one good song ….”isle of avalon”…all the rest of the songs are the same old shit again and again …and im huge fan of the the band since 1981..and the production is cheep (mr.caveman/kevin is not the right producer for this band)

  • I was 9 years old when I dragged my mother to the record store to buy me “The Number Of The Beast” maxi single. Since that date a maiden journey began to me. Every album I have bought, every musical shift Maiden made I just adored. Every new album a new chapter on my musical horizon. I hated when Bruce left. I thought good times never were meant to come back. But as Bruce and Adrian came back and I saw the Ed Hunter tour, I knew some good things were still to come.
    Brave New World was the first answer to that. With Dance Of Death I’ve felt Maiden was expanding musical horizons. AMOLAD was a bit dissapointing ’cause of the poor production and some of the tracks that were prematurely given to the album. They should have taken more time to mature these songs.
    But now The Final Frontier is here. It’s the most progressive album to date (and I hope it won’t be the last). Every song on this album makes sense. What was a first attempt on AMOLAD, now stands in its full glory!
    The album isn’t an easy one to comprehend, but take a few runs and you’ll discover more and more in the compositions.
    In these days that every can put a comment on the internet I read many opinions on this maiden album. Some are good, some less, some are bad. But in the end all I can see are people that care for Maiden, people that are fan of maiden.
    For one thing I’m very gratefull: I’m living in these years Maiden came to life and makes history, The Final Frontier is just another milepole! No doubts about that!
    Up The Irons!

  • I am really impressed by this album was worried when intially heard El Dorado that whole album would sound the same and we’d get a below par album like A Matter Of Life & Death but so glad that I had limited edition on pre order.
    Favourite tracks have to be Starblind and Wild Wind Blows. I love what the band have done with this album pushing their sound on the later tracks of the album to new areas. No doubt that Isle of Avalon, Starblind and Wild Wind Blows will be present on tours to come they emmit that melodic atmosphere which only maiden can produce whilst pushing on a new prog and in some places thrash sound.
    How 50 year olds can still play and perform at this tempo is beyond me, but hell I love it keep up the good work Maiden look forward to seeing them again at donnington.

  • if this album were heard in the open air, birds would fall stunned from the sky…

  • God…I was listening to this album in my car on the way home from best buy. I was waiting and waiting listening to satellite 15 and my anticipation was growing, quickly. As soon as The Final Frontier track broke in, I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing like a maniac. It was such an amazing sound my ears exploded. Great Album

  • Amazing Album!!! The lyrics are poetic, melodic, and simply brilliant. Bruce still have a great voice, and the riffs and solo’s are simply top notch all around. This album is simply awesome. The only problem people might have with it is that the songs might not be completely catchy, but music isn’t all about that. If the songs were somehow really catchy and still maintained its amazing complexity, this might of been a perfect album, but my score for now will have to be a 9/10. Give this album more than just one hearing for it does get better and better after every one.

  • I am a Maiden fan for more than 20 years and I really grew up a music fan, a metal fan and above all a Maiden fan with the first era albums. For me “7th son” is the last really great Maiden album, majestic music that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the first legendary albums of the band. None of the albums after that can do this in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, I like the final frontier as I liked A Matter of Death. However, there are things that get to my nerves, like the duration of the songs, the many meaningless changes of pace ect. There are great parts in most of the songs, but to my ears no song stands up as a complete masterpiece, like the hymns of the first era (Hallowed Be Thy Name, Rime of the Ancient Mariner, 7th son ect), or the 3-4 min killers (Aces High, run to the hills ect). As a result the songs seem to make no sence and the albums as a whole too. The first era albums consisted of songs, each of which could stand up and become a hit, but also they had this sence of coherence, that the latest albums lack in my opinion. Ask yourselves this, how many times do you listen to one of the recent Maiden albums, before ending up turning on the volume to one of their first albums?

  • hey in my pinion this is a great album. however you have to hear it multiple times to get the idea behind each song, it seems to me that all-time maiden fans will love this album, lets fae it it has great solos and bruce really made it in each song…. Up the Irons

  • Do anyone else’s ears hurt when Bruce sings an “S” when listening to this album? Maybe my BMW radio isn’t made for Maiden. Bruce is going to wear himself out trying to sing these songs live, the vocals are bigger then he is. Not a great album. I thought Maiden were back with Brave, Dance, and Matter, but this is a huge step backwards. I actually considered emailing the band and asking for my money back. Been listening since 1986 (Time). No, I’m not an old fart who doesn’t like progressive bands, I actually love the last three albums. I even like the music on the Blaze albums. I can hardly listen to Frontier. It reminds me of Metallica’s St Anger and Rush’s Vapor Trails. The production is just too bad and hurts my ears. Is there anyone else out there who wonders why with all the modern technology Rush’s Moving Pictures is still the best sounding album (production quality) ever? It’s 30 years old????

  • I saw maiden live on july 3, 2010 during the north american tour and thought they all still had it going really well. This album is not exactly what I expected, but its not bad either. The lyrics are well written, but it just doesn’t sound right….some songs remind of the blaze era. (not saying blaze was completely awful, the clansman is one of my all time favorites) None the less, i’ll always be a maiden fan, my favorite from this album is When the Wild Wind Blows.

    Up the irons from Canada.

  • First of all, A Matter of Life and Death absolutely blew me away, and the willingness to experiment and literally try anything seems to continue, at least to an extent, on the new album. I really like the way that Dave, Adrian and Janick are expanding their playing – six hands and one mind.

  • After Bruce’s amazing ‘Chemical Wedding’ I have to admit I was actually saddened when he re-joined Maiden (and a dissapointing Maiden reunion gig in Earls Court in London did nothing to make me think otherwise). But how very wrong I was (and I flog myself nightly for doubting the Mighty Maiden!)

    ‘Dance Of Death’ was an amazing comeback … then came ‘A Matter Of …’ and I knew the magic was better than ever – and today still remains one of my favourite Maiden albums of all time.

    ‘The Final Frontier’ proves that Maiden can do no wrong (in my eyes/ears at least!). It is a great album that has consistant class and ten songs that will do the Maiden legacy no harm at all.

    And anyone who says that Bruce’s vocals are not as strong obviously hasn’t listened to the album. The man can do no wrong. He reaches all the notes he strives for and delivers a performance and range that is every bit a match for even his Samson days when he was a kid!

    And anyone who says it is “just more of the same” should be damn glad that it is exactly that. I’ve seen too many other bands nose-dive whilst trying to re-invent themselves or change direction – and probably a lot more bands release below-par albums that make you wish they’d not bothered.

    I hope they continue on to make music for us for many, many years to come.

    It’s been said before ‘Up The Irons’ !!

  • Ive been a Maiden fan for 20 + years, and I have to say The Final Frontier is a great Maiden album, It will take a few listens, then it will really grow on you.


  • I saw them recently and was blown away at how, 25 years after first seeing them, they could be so strong: Bruce can shake the rafters still, and they have 3 guitarists, which is exactly what this metal fan would have hoped for on the World Slavery tour.

    Did I mention 3 guitars?

    Listening to Frontier now. There are some slow moments (mostly when Bruce is gently emoting) but they lead to fire and the rock here is solid. My appreciation of metal has grown over the years and so has the group- they aren’t interested in remaking # of the Beast or any other albums.

    All of these songs will sound great in concert, and I will be a paying ticket holder. July 17th was a great, fun show… they have a fan base that is younger than I’d have guessed… there were families there, teens (like I was when I first became a fan) and old folks like me.

    UP the IRONS!

  • First let me say that the Final Frontier is a “different” album. Not bad, just different. I see alot of people comparing some songs to the Blaze era. I saw Maiden with my 10 year old daughter on July 03, 2010 in Chicago, and they were amazing. I have every single Maiden song ever recorded and have listened to every on in order in preperation for this album coming out. As Hallowed Be Thy Name from Flight 666 closed out, and Satellitte 15…The Final Frontier began, I noticed a shift in direction. Similar to listening to all of Metallica’s St. Anger, then transitioning into Death Magnetic, and listening to the closing notes of YYZ from Snakes And Arrows live, then transitioning into Caravan, this album is a statement from Maiden. That statement is, to quote Rush “everybody’s got to deviate from the norm.” At the same time, it also says, “We’ve put out an extensive catalog, it may not be the best album we’ve ever done, but it will kick your ass and take you on a journey musically and lyrically that you may not have experienced before.” Where as Death Magnetic is, to me, an apology for St. Anger, The Final Frontier is a statement and show of staying power. Every song on the album has it’s high points and it’s low points. To me, the Isle Of Avalon is overextended, but yet I find myself listening to it again and again to see what I’ve missed. That applies to the entire album really. Listen to When The Wild Wind Blows. Then listen to it again, and I believe that this song could be a standout swan song. El Dorado kicks you ass beginning to end. Starblind is complex and yet fullfilling. The complexity is what makes this album so good. My wife hates Maiden, but even she said this is different. I hear differnt, and I think refreshing. Every Maiden album is great, but few stand the test of time. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, A Matter Of Life And Death, Brave New World, and The Number Of The Beast are the best Maiden albums ever. But just because The Final Frontier and all the other albums aren’t the best, doesn’t mean that they are not great, if not near epic. Maiden has staying power. Maiden has the chops, the solos, and the following to continue for another decade at least. Rock on Maiden, and UP THE IRONS!!!!!

  • I am confused how, so many folks are posting angry that the album is just “more of the same” and so many others are posting angry that the album “is too different”.

    Which is it?

    At any rate, I think it’s a fine album with some great songs and some not-so-great. Well worth it to me.

  • My hope for the next tour is that they come out & play this new album front to back like they did with the last one. This album would kick so much live my balls would be tingling for weeks after!! Been a fan since 1982 & have never looked back! Hammers Rule

  • its Ironic I been a Maiden Fan since 1984 And i quite enjoyed the X factor and VXI had some great moments and a bad moment angel and the gambler:) but what makes me laugh is this album that came out yeah its good but the X factor is better im not even kidding i mean I like the album but Brave New World was Better and even A matter of life and Death but its a great album never the less with some Classic songs on it.But Ill Tell you what I Prefer Blaze Bayleys Solo Albums as Well as Bruce Dickinson Solo album over it.

  • This album blows, Bruce sounds like a struggling banshee. Wheres the galloping tunes of the past. I am really upset cause i know I have to wait another freaking 3 to 4yrs for another album. Please be the b side song and bring out the a tunes.

  • I’m a True die hard Maiden fan till I die,and this album kicks ass!!This album sounds like the somewhere in time album which is my favorite album.They can’t please every fan,but they sure do deliver,and they still blow me away.Starblind,Awesome song..UP THE IRONS!!!!!

  • Honestly, the best Maiden album in a long time (at this point I believe it’s better than AMOLAD, and I loved that one) The guitar work is pure genius (both the composing and executing) and the members are tight. I’ve heard comments that Bruce has lost his edge… bs, his performance in Mother of Mercy, Coming Home, Starblind, WTWWB, Talisman (etc) was very commendable. I’ve seen some negative comments like bad production, repetitive songs, and I totally disagree. Listen to this album over a good sound system (or some nice headphones) and lose yourself in the music. As with all Maiden albums, you won’t fully appreciate this one until you’ve played it 40 times or so. It’s far too complex (and long) to absorb it all in just a few plays… so have patience. Starblind and WTWWB are works of genius, though many others aren’t far behind. And for what it’s worth, I’ve been into Maiden since around the Seventh Son era (would have been earlier if I were born earlier) and have a full appreciation for their classic stuff. I still feel strongly that their best new stuff is better than anything they’ve done, ever.

  • ok, how can someone say they prefer Bruce’s solo album over this??? That album is ok, but doesn’t it have like one guitar player? It’s shallow and repetitive compared to this much longer work of musical genius.

  • Wow, this album just sucks. Worse of the “Bruce era.” I can’t believe people are saying they really like it. Besides El Dorado there aren’t any songs that live up to the name Maiden.

    Listen to 04 Coming Home. Cool intro riff, but then around 0:27 there should have been a Harris bass intro and the song should’ve gone double time.

    10 When The Wild Wind Blows is the same – starts out interesting, but then falls flat.

    This sounds like an album that was put together over a couple of weeks with the guys never playing/collaborating at the same time. It also doesn’t sound mixed right, maybe with 3 guitars they faded the bass more then before.

  • Jeff, what drugs are you on?

  • For all of you stuck in the 80′s get out . Maiden is a band of decades not a Metal band of the 80′s . This album kicks ass hard. Every track . Yeah maybe it could sound a lil better with Martin Burch but Martin Burch is a legendary producer and retired so deal with it . So sick of hearing complaints it dosentsound like seventh son or somewhere in time . The great thing about Maiden is there albums are all different . And sorry Maiden songs that suck in the bruce era . Holy Smoke and Bring your daughter to the slaughter thats it and they are stil ok tracks

  • Willekie is right on. The songs aren’t songs at all. All it is, is the band playing some predicatbile musical pattern with Bruce singing over the top of it, with no integration. There are a few good songs, they are: Satellite 15… The final Frontier, El Dorado, The Alchemist, and Mother of Mercy. the rest is just formulaic. Bruce is the only one that is doing anything creative, everyone else is playing the same thing for the whole song, forcing Bruce to make it interesting

  • At first I raised my eyebrows…but after listening to the album for about 8-10 times in past couple of days I can say…Maiden have taken a slightly different route, but still managed to forge an unmistakenable Maiden album. Well done, lads! Right now I’m listening to The Talisman…master-piece!

  • I find this album disappointing, and I’m sorry to admit it. I find the first track endlessly (and needlessly) long. El Dorado is decent, Mother of Mercy sounds like a B-side from Matter of Life and Death. Seriously, yet another song about how war sucks and disillusionment, spare me! Coming Home is a great track and relates to Bruce’s recent interest in piloting/aviation- a gem of a song! Isle of Avalon is really the only Maiden song I can think of where Bruce’s voice is drowned out by the rest of the band. Alchemist is very good (hmmm, anybody else think of The Magician ie. Accident of Birth?). It has a back-story and shows the intellect of the band. Starblind is a mess- what the hell is that song about, anyway? The Talisman and the Man who would be King are both long (again) and a little too generic. Not memorable and neither stands out. Finally, Where the Wild Wind Blows is a good song. It has a message (listen)! At the risk of being too critical, I call it “Steve Harris, Social Commentary Part 3″ – ever since Dance of Death (Face in the Sand, the Legacy), Harris has used the at least one track of each album as a platform or some sort to tell us why society is decaying. Mr Harris, you are sounding liking an old grump! Mr Dickinson, I look forward your next solo album- please do not delay!!!

  • The only albums better than this are Powerslave and Number Of The Beast. WTWWB is an epic song on par with Rime of the Ancient Mariner and No More Lies.
    Almost better than a cheese and marmite sandwich.

  • I waited for this album with mixed feelings. To be honest grabbed me from first listen. Awesome album. Exceeded all my expectations. Simply Iron Maiden. With me that makes you feel great 25 years. It is good that they continue to do so.

  • iron maiden simply lost connection with earth…this is a bad album.
    the production is cheep’kevin(caveman) is not the right producer for this band.
    the long songs are not epic at all, there are just a long jam with an iron maiden touch.
    its hard for me to say it becouse im a huge fan of this great band since 1981,but the truth is that there is no progress with the music after so many years … its the same old shit again and again.

  • Been a Maiden fan for 20 years. This album is growing on me. Taking a while i’ll admit as i’m having problems approaching the album with an open mind after hearing ‘El Dorado’ (not a classic by any stretch of the imagination). On the whole, great album but not up there with 7th son, Somewhere In Time and (I know I’ll get panned for this), The X Factor. Funny the Blaze era gets a few mentions on earlier posts. I find it no coincidence that Blaze got the blame for X-factor and Virtual XI (although the latter was shit), as metal was down in the mid ’90′s and the guy deserves Maiden fans respect for having the balls to try and replace Bruce – he was in a lose/lose situation. X Factor is excellent, as is his solo albums. Anyway, getting back to Final Frontier. Best song? Starblind. Satellite 15 reminds me of ‘The Ides Of March’, being an instrumental to open an album – both are very strong and would be weaker without. On the whole, I’d say not fair to pan an album just because the direction is different. There are far worse Maiden albums out there, i.e Virtal XI, Fear Of The Dark, Killers & Dance Of Death.

  • man , i almost fell asleep listening to this crap.

    i love maiden but where the hell are the fast ,creative and heavy tunes?

    this is hardly (even) hard rock.

    water-down maiden is what you got here.

    good thing i downloaded the whole thing for free.

  • Been a fan from 81 and loved the galloping maiden songs from notb, pom and powerslave. But as i’ve aged i feel i’ve grown with maiden and love the newer maiden cd’s. I think 7th son was the first shift. after bruce and adrian came back i was kind of disappointed but now i listen to dance and bnw more than any other cd’s. they aren’t raw aggression like the 80′s but mellower masterpieces. i’ve mellowed in my old age and changed and maiden has too. do the naysayers want nob 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc? i hear old maiden in parts, solo bruce and blaze in this new cd. over all i’m very happy and i think in 5-10 years it will rank up there, 7th son wasn’t liked when it debuted but is a classic now and so will the final frontier imo. when the wild wind blows a classic, knew it was a harris from the first note.

  • I’m a Maiden fan since 1982 and my first encounter was the The Number of the Beast. I will agree that they don’t have the “aggressive” 80′s sound anymore. But really… do u need a Powerslave part II?
    Reunion was a blessing for Maiden. Not only because Blaze couldn’t handle it but because with the addition of Bruce & Adrian they have more composition opportunities.
    The Final Frontier is a great album. It’s not The Number of the Beast or 7th Son… and it shouldn’t be. The year is 2010… not 1985. There are a few bands like AC/DC or Motorhead (bands i really love and have full discografy) that have a sound. Monolithic but unique. And we love them for that. Maiden isn’t a part of this category. They are always developing to another level. As the 1st album isn’t the same as piece of mind and piece of mind isn’t the same as 7th son but all of them are classics. If Maiden were stuck in the 80′s sound they would have end up like Deep Purple and Uriah Heep. You love them but you expect nothing from them anymore.

  • when i seen them in winnipeg in the somewhere bak in time tour i was amazed, bruce sounded awesome, the band sounded awesome, and the crowd loved them, i have barely lsitened to any albums since dance of death and was more ol school, but yes the band needs to release some singles and get a new producer, someone fresh because they need to go bak to the way they use to play with the galloping and melodic wailing guitars. sounds to much the same, i love dave adrian and steve but i dunno, im not feeling the maiden that i fell for when i bought piece of mind. i been waiting for them ever since.

  • Maiden fan credentials:
    I’ve been a Maiden fan since 83 when I first heard the Number of the Beast. I have seen them only 4 times live, and three of those have been since the reunion.
    Yes, I own every album, even the Blayze Bailey episodes…not my favorites, but I did like most of the X Factor. My Previous favorite album was everything up to Seventh Son. I loved them all equally. I have the Trooper scene tattooed on my left arm and shoulder. I’m a Maiden fan.

    Bottom line, this is now my favorite album. While Brave New World, AMOLAD, and Dance of Death took a little time to grow on me, this one grabbed me from the first listen. It gets better with ever replay too.

    It is very different from the classic Maiden, but it retains similar nuances and musical references so it’s immediately recognizable as Maiden. Adrian Smith’s contribution are in your face obvious, and are a welcome return to my ears.
    Bruce’s voice, to me, is getting better so long as he’s not trying to hit his highest.
    Jannick’s contributions here are great, as well as Dave’s. Nicko’s drumming is top notch as always. Steve, well, he’s Steve blank’ing Harris, what more do you want?
    Great album, great job from all of Maiden. Thanks to them for giving us this outstanding effort. My new favorite album.

  • I’m celebrating my 20th year of Maiden fandom in silence this year and the reason for this is their latest album. I’ll just say it out loud : Maiden has long lost their touch and are likely not to rediscover it ever again. Songs go slugging along without end and Bruce sounds more like a lamenting old crone than an Air Raid Siren. Where i used to sit back and listen to a Maiden song gathering power and explode into action, now it only builds up tension to quickly loose the energy again, like pumping air into a flat tire without closing the hole. Their tempo changes used to bring songs alive, now they’re just to frequent and break them. They used to start writing songs on a nice riff (watch the classic albums episode on NOTB!!), now they seem to start it on an attempt to write a novel. Maiden: PLEASE GO BACK TO “START”

  • And I know them from the VERY first album. Not to mention I have them all (including Blaze era).

    Yeah. My hopes are as someone above commented. You have to LEARN this album. It’s different, as the only song that reminds the “old era” is the LAST one. With clear melody and division of sections.

    The others are better or worse but they are still Maidens’.
    The speed is no longer important, now they are trying something different and I hope it will be like with the wine.

    Indeed you can hear more AS compositions here, thay is why it’s different than BNW. (BTW: the best one after reunion).

    Anyways, it’s GOOD that a listener must use his senses to GET the best out of the music.
    Do you think that “Dark Side of The Moon” was an easy listener?

  • Bruce tries too hard on some of the songs.
    The Talisman and and Mother of Mercy could have been kickass songs, but he just screams his lungs out in a really annoying tone. That, along with the muddy production is the main reason I didn’t like A Matter of Life and Death. Though it is a slight improvement.

    I do like El Dorado, The Man Who Would Be King, and Where the Wild Wind Blows .

  • Wow, Now I’m confused! I haven’t listened to one note of this album yet, and after the mixed reviews, I am no closer to resolution. I have listened to Maiden since 1982, and have always thought they’re one of the best bands ever assembled. I received an email from my brother, also a long-time fan, who simply told me to “run away from this POS…Fast!”. I like Prog rock (Dream Theater, Yes, Marillion) and am going to give this a chance. I’ll post again after a few listens. Thanks to all for the info!

  • God bless daddy, momy and iron maiden

  • Wow! Like most of you say. Takes a listen or two and bammmm! Iron Maiden for me 30 years of pure,melodic poetry from start too finish! Always. Since Bruce and Adrian came back on Brave New World Every album has been a f–kin gem! No Band! No Metal Band No One can hold a torch too Iron Maiden. They are 2nd too none. With virtually 0 radio play. And 0 tv time. Its gonna be a very very very sad day when The Gods of music call it a day!! Up the Irons!!!

  • I have been listning to Iron Maiden since Piece Of Mind. These comments above facinate me, I The Final Frontier is a stong impressive album. As a musician and as an Iron Maiden fan I am certainly not dissapointed. I think When “The Wild Wind Blows, Coming Home and Isle Of Avilon” are for me the best songs off the album even though I thought all songs are strong except mabey Satellite 15. I think what makes Iron Maiden great is they do what they want. Lets face it all bands have there own sound and I don’t hear just the X Factor sound, I hear a combination of many album styles and sounds as well as new ones. I think fans would also complain if Iron Maiden suddenly totally changed their sound. In any band’s albums with the same musicians oviously we will hear a common sound. Infact I read in a Metal Hammer Magazine that Iron Maiden wont let record company agents from EMI in the studio until everything is finished. When asked how Iron Maiden has always managed to sell out concerts around the world with virtually no air or t.v publicity, when so called MTV stars can’t sell out a toilet Bruce Dickinson stated, “We’re not trying to sell f@#king pimple cream and it shows there are still lots of people out there that give a s@#t about music”. I’m wrapped that I’m going to Soundwave 2011 metal festival in Australia on 5th of March. Anyway enjoy the boys music while they are around, god bless and UP THE IRONS!

  • Very interesting to read the comments above – most which I agree with. This album is an album for true Iron Maiden fans – not the casual fan and it takes a few listens to figure this one out. I already have these new tracks dropped into a Maiden mix and tonight when Children of the Damned was cranked, I was really missing that type of song as well as Bruce’s voice. However, the Final Frontier is a strong Maiden album and Adrian’s influence over it is long overdue. Watching him play non-lead (esp. on solos) at several Scandavavian shows soon after his re-acquaintaince with the band drove me crazy…Somewhere in Time, Powerslave, Seventh Son & Piece of Mind are legendary and this will probably slot in at number five. However, I do miss the production era of Martin Birch and there is something lacking in the depth of the production. What is strange is that I did not notice it on the Somewhere back in Time video concert……

  • (my english is pretty crappy, sory coz of that, but u’ll understand my point, (hope so :) ) )

    Anywayz, Im almost 40, and love maiden to the sky. I was, and still do, flyin to Nagual and back, on wings of “Somewhere.., Seventh.., Power, No prayer.. , Rime, Clairvoyant, Hollowed be, …………….. i can go on on, literally endlessly.

    @Bloody J -”Mr Harris, you are sounding liking an old grump!” -J, he is not sounding like, he is an old grump! Im so sorry coz of this, but unfortunately, sands of time doesn’t forgive no one, and we are all Powerslaves..

    Its a hard mother .uckin fact of life, they’ve just get old, and thats it. I mean, I would really like to turn back time, and make them young again, but..
    This is most boring, Maiden album, ever. I cant believe, that they even release this, all their music skills, and (wonna be) heavy narrative/didactive parts, cant help when something is idea-less, uncreative, flat, in a word -boooring!

    If muse is gone, and your time has run out, there is nothin to be said, nothin to be done, you have to “die”.
    So, please, dont make zombies of your selfs, die with honor.

  • Have some respect boys, Iron Maiden could have called it quits years ago, but they didnt. If you have to wonder why well dont, they love doing this and I love them for that. We have a new Iron Maiden album people, rejoice. Let the journey continue….

  • This album is a must have for any Iron Maiden fan . From the 4 and a half intro of Nickos powering drums to the 71st minute there is not one flawless note . Satelie tte 15-The Final Frontier is a powerful simple track that breaks you right into the high speed El Dorado which is an absolute great classic plain ole Heavy Metal track that will kick your ass hard . Mother of Mercy starts off with a beautiful melodic melody and a very soft melodic tone of Bruce Dickinson’s voice ,once he hits that last note then Bam pure Iron Maiden track . Coming Home is a super Power Ballad with beautiful lyrics and one of the best guitar solos on the album . The Alchemist is a 4 and a half fast old school Maiden 2010 aces high . Great tempo and gets you pumped for the second half of this great album . Island of Aurlond is an alright track but very good for any other band . The weakest song in my opinion . Starblind has very powerful vocals and excellent melody great track . The Talisman has to be the High Point and best song on this album . Probably one of there best songs ever made . The track strats of acoustic and its pretty much about being lost at see. after 2 minutes of a ballad it kicks in like a heart attack . Bruces range is unbelievable and will give you chills doown your body .Its orgasmic how good it is . In the 6th minute of this track Steve harris explodes over the guitar solo . The solo is very prgressive and kinda has a tone of the great band Rush . Just a phenonmal track . The man who would be king is another bruce epic with great power. It is another phenomenal track . A little bit on the slower side but more than a ballad. When the Wils Wind Blows is a perfect ending track . Goes back and fourth with great harmonics and a pure mauiden style . I rate this album a 9 out of 10 and feel it is a must have for any Maiden fan . It is there best album since Somewhere in Time . It is a great comeback from A Matter Of Life And Death which I felt was a very drained blaze era political album . I feel this album is an apolgy to the true fans and was worth the four year wait for this album . It went beyondf my expectations and alot of fans . It went number 1 in 21 differnt countries and number 4 in The United States . The Mission edition is Great . It has a half hour interview by Sam Dunn and the entire band . They talk alot about the bahamas where Powerslave was recorded as this album was . . Its a great buy . Thanks for reading . Please comment on my review .. Chris Fattoruso

  • I’ve been a maiden fan nearly for 10 years, since I was just a 12 year old lad. I have every album, and it is just amazing how much I loved this album. They had some rough times (x factor and virtual xi, which actually have one or two good pieces.) From the reunion, the thing that changed about maiden is their total disregard for others’ opinion. Every album feels real, as if they’re just making it for themselves.
    This new album is unbeatable, the best metal album in a long time. Starblind takes me back to Infinite dreams; Coming home takes me back to Wasted years; the Talisman has one of the most amazing lyrics since Mariner.

    Thanks maiden, you give us something to hang on to!
    UP THE IRONS \m/

  • I’m 37…so you know the rest…..

    This is the 1st time I haven’t bought a new Iron Maiden album the day it came out. So you can guess what I thought of the last one.
    Final Frontier is better than AMOLAD…but that ain’t saying much. The intro caught me off guard and actually built up my hopes…..then…the title track wastes no time in reminding me how old these guys are and how disconnected they’ve become Still sounds like a group of middle-aged musicians out to prove how mature & sophisticated they’ve become. As if anybody was doubting this?

    A couple of songs are good if only because they reminded me of better songs from the past. The song-writing is uninspired, the lyrics are trivial and often don’t match the music beneath them. The overly complex arrangements abruptly shift mood and direction for no apparent reason. It has it’s moments but just leaves the listeneer wanting to dust off a “real’ Iron Maiden album instead.

    Steve Harris had said that this would be “The Final” Iron Maiden record. I’m sad to say….I hope it is. :(

  • hey cockbo_3 You keep listening to what ever homo inspired metal your into. More than likely the sweet sounds of your boyfriends stainless steel vibrator. Maiden is God!!! The new cd is primo. Intricate and brainy with a heavy dose of modern Maiden flare. Listen to it again idot and get that lamb of god or skipknot shit out of your tweeked head lol…

  • Yay! Well done Dino, the album rocks. Rockbo_3 needs to join the Dance Of Death soon, and just hope Eddie doesn’t let the *censored* escape this time!

  • I reviewed the album for our e-zine’s sept issue (which goes up in 2-3 days). I agree that this is not a metal masterpiece, but it cannot be mistaken for the ‘progressive’ touch to it. The Maiden classic feel is drilled in and it would be sad to say this is the last album (lets hope not)…but if it is…they have done a good job of coming out with their last album. They could not have bowed out with their heads high. The record is good, and should be appreciated for what it is…rather than being compared to other tracks from the Classic era. The band has moved on, progressed…and if you notice carefully sound has changed. I love the record for what it. Being a Maiden fan, also as someone who loves music. And Bruce’s vocals…he still has it in him, if he chooses not to go as high as Aces High, his wish. Who are we to say he can’t do it? Maybe he didn’t want to do it?
    Whatever be the case. Final Frontier is good in its own way.

    I rest my case. in true maiden style. UP THE IRONS! Can’t wait to see them in India after Australia.

  • Just bought the cd, first impression: very new album, with new influences and progressive touch. Sounds like the band doesn’t want to re-produce a lot of old sounds from the early glory days, but has created a new and progressive, modern metal album. It also rocks very hard! I can also hear a lot of Dickinson’s influence, that can be heard on his latest solo albums (tyranny of souls).

    With this album Maiden proves that they are real musicians who can creat a new progressive music. I can imagine the purists will have some troubles with it, but I don’t like to have 20albums with all the same songs on it….

    So: great, progressive and very metal!

  • My first Maiden show was the Powerslave tour back in 85. I have seen them since then more than any other band I have seen live and I have to say they STILL deliver a brutally entertaining live show. On the last tour, they played the new El Dorado and it was epic – much better than the recorded version, which had just been posted to the band’s site that month as a preview.

    This new CD is great. Yes we have heard some of it before but they for sure push the envelope, especially on the second half of the disc. I am a big fan of Matter of Life and Death, and I see this as a logical continuation. Hopefully their career is far from over – these new songs will be awesome live. I posted my own review of The Final Frontier at http://bit.ly/a4iIxQ. Enjoy!

  • While I haven’t been a fan of Maiden for all that long (pretty much since 2003, when I got my first computer, and with it access to online radio sites and the wealth of new musical styles that it blissfully delivered to my ears), I have been a classic rock fan for my entire life (“classic” referring to the rock of the ’70′s and ’80′s), and I know good music when I hear it. The first time I heard a Maiden song, I was sitting at my desk writing a paper for school, when “Can I Play with Madness?” came on. I was hooked from that moment on (even dragged a couple of friends along for the ride).

    While I didn’t like Dance of Death all that much (after the fourth track, things just kind of started going downhill for me), A Matter of Life and Death is possibly my favorite Maiden album of all time (well, was, anyway, ever since Final Frontier came out), and became my “driving CD” for the past 2 years. Now The Final Frontier has taken its place, and meets the expectations set by its predecessor with a vengeance. I didn’t know what to think that day on the way back to the office from Best Buy (found myself skipping tracks a lot, until I landed on “When the Wild Wind Blows”, with its amusing (to me, at least) lyrics), but now that I had a song to “initiate” my listening experience, the CD had its hooks in me from the moment the CD reset back to the first track. While there are still a few songs I’m not feeling, those are becoming fewer and fewer as I listen to it more and more.

    I say that good music (and musicians) is like fine wine – it just gets better with age.

  • It’s just okay. I was expecting so much more than this. The production sounds terrible, sounds like they recorded this thing in a closet. I will continue listening in hopes that it’ll grow on me, but at first blush this should have been better. I did see them live in july and the song “el dorado” sounded much better live.

  • Brave New World – Excellent
    Dance of Death – Great, almost Excellent
    A Matter of Life and Death – Great
    The Final Frontier – big disappointment, the only great song is “When The Wild Wind Blows” and that song is really great!

    When I first listened to “The Final Frontier” and the first song I belived this was a joke. My favorite band, how could they release this kind of shit..
    After 30 years they lost it. how could this be released as an album..

  • I don’t understand why people are disappointed with this album.

    It is excellent! It has everything that their fans loved about them in the past. It has the galloping 80′s sound to it in some songs, the long progressiveness from the “AMOLD” with it being not even the least repetitive. It has Bruce’s booming vocals at times (keep in mind, Bruce is 50 now, he’s not going to be what he used to be) especially in The Talisman…

    Overall, my favorite tracks from the album are “Final Frontier,” “The Alchemist,” “The Talisman,” and “When the Wild Wind Blows.”

    The album as a whole is amazing though, they did less experimenting than they did in AMOLD but brought together the things that everyone loved.

  • It’s OK. Not bad. Better than AMOLAD which I found boring, but Dance of Death and Brave New World were the two albums to take note of since 2000. And for me, Bruce’s solo albums still beat this.

    Isle of Avalon is quality as is El Dorado, but I’ll be listening to Paschendaele and No More Lies tonight. You will be too in a few weeks time…

  • I honestly do not know anyone who loves Iron Maiden more than I. However, their latest, “The Final Frontier” is to say the least disappointing to me.
    Further to this, I do believe that post “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” Iron Maiden’s music has progressively got further away from who they are.

    Religion and war in apparent similar context also seem to be a theme with Iron Maiden that is repeated too much in similar ways in recent albums.

    Take me back to the days of “Powerslave”, “Piece of mind” and “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son” anyday…


  • I’ve been a metal fan for more years than i care to remember, in my younger days i’d estimate i went to on average 150 gigs a year some very big names some very small. i’m 44 and have to say the Final Frontier is one of the few albums of the last few years that’s made the hairs on my neck stand up……we all know the feeling.

    Shan’t waffle, if you haven’t got this yet….. shame on you.

  • Fan since 81. Hands down top 4 (in the mix with Killers, Powerslave and Seventh Son). It may actually be there best ever. The lead playing, in particular, is breathtaking throughout the album.

  • Been a fan since NotB came out. This new album is awesome. Not as good as Brave New World, but still better than anything else I’ve heard this year. Good to see a classic metal band evolve rather than recycle their classic sound. The four albums since Bruce came back far exceed anything from the ’80s.

  • 4 me the first to songs, the final frontier and el dorado are the strongest tracks on the album, while the rest are more weaker sounding. but there are some decent riffs especcially in “were the wild wind blows”. im impressed.

  • Well I am going to disregard the bad reviews, and buy the album! Having been a fan since buying the 666 tour album, I am looking forward with eagerness to hearing it. Up the Irons….!

  • Too many 2-3 minute intro’s, they need to get to the point. After the first listen, haven’t heard anything that would make me embrace the album. Not only that, Eddie looks dumb on the front cover.

  • Im reading all these posts and Im feeling like an old bloke here. Anyway, I have been following maiden since there first album. Havnt missed an album since then. Looking back, maiden has presented me with different eras of music, and each era has memories for me. A time, a place, a song or an album that i was listening to at the time. Although i have had a few disapointments along the way (i was cut up when bruce left), Maiden have never let me down, and the latest album shows maiden are still produceing cracking music. They arnt the maiden of the past, but they are still maiden and compared to some of the shit on the radio at work, maiden are bloody brilliant. PS, not one song on Final Frontier that i dont like, every track is good.

  • Where are some of you coming from? Plesase go to another site…say “Winger?”The first five songs are solid, heavy, and ultimately better than anything out there on the metal market. From then on…it just gets incredible. There is no band in history that creates these types of songs. If you can’t see the beauty, artistry and intellect of sojngs likes “Starblind” or “Isle of Avalon” then I simply can not offer you a relevant response. For the rest of us: this album is stunning, challenging and ultimately, rewarding. I love that Adrian, specificaly, came back in 1999 and the songwriting, musicianship and craftsmanship have never been equalled. How refreshing that a band with 15 records under the belt and 30 + years continues to surprise, enlighten and entertain. There is no equal: here or anywhere. Thanks ‘arry, H, Davey, Bruce, Jannick and the incomparable Nicko: the rest of us are better for what you’ve done.

  • bought it a couple of days ago :)

    so happy!!

    i really liked this album!!!
    i think the alchemist is an overlooked song, it’s a groovy tune!!

    im a pretty hardcore maiden fan, but i do have my likes and not-so-much-likes.
    ill always love the 80′s albums, but this one really made me proud to be a fan!!!

  • This Album is OK. What I find funny is that people don’t forgive bad songs in other maiden albums and this album is full of them

    AMOLAD is clearly better. I think no song beats BTATS (what a powerful song) in this album and the best songs in this album aren’t better than Longest Day, Different World or FTGGOG.

  • This album is great. Musically its a MASTERPIECE
    Most of you listen to this album while driving talking or doing jobs(MISTAKE)
    and then you think you have an objective opinion(NO u dumbfuck)
    Listen it and focus on each song,it will blow ur mind away
    Favorite song–>The man who would be king| part 3:57 to 4:57 just travels you in an other dimension

  • I’ve been a maiden fan since 87 and had high hopes for this album after seeing them on tour in July 2010. But I have to agree with most of the negative postings about this album. I know that long songs are kind of their trademark but they force the issue here and the vocals sound way too strained way too often. And the production sounds like they recorded it in a bunker. I haven’t been a big fan of most of their albums since Brave New World and this one really disappoints. I’m not expecting an album full of classic songs but a couple of good ones would be nice. There isn’t one good chorus or guitar solo IMO on the whole disc. I was suprised that so many of the songs had writers other than Harris but managed to all have the same generic quality throughout from song to song. Not impressed and I’m afraid the glory days are so far gone that maiden can’t even put together a decent album, much less a masterpiece.

  • Iron Maiden is by FAR my favorite band, although I havn’t been a fan for all that long (about 12 years), but there are a couple of interesting things i have noticed about this album that are differnt to the others…
    Although the album is fantasitc, one of my favorites by far, i cant help but notice the change of genre that the band seem to be taking upon (Metal to progressive rock). It seems that in the song “Satellite 15… The Final Frontier”, they have taken two songs and put together in an attempt to lengthen the time, hence create a “progressive rock” feel. Although this sounds good and helps too set the mood for the rest of the album, the 2 halves just dont seem to fit together, and sound as though they were left as two seperate songs. Also, The continuous tempo changes among all the songs (except The Alchemist), they all start off relatively slow and quiet and then take off after the intro. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated =)

  • The Final Frontier is a late-career master work of songs, and the Final Frontier video is just silly.

    Seriously. Just go put the album on. Drive a distance and listen to it, walk and listen for hours with earphones. You WILL get it! A band ages gracefully with a casual musical brilliance that eludes many groups over time.

    A lot more variety and color than the war-driven A Matter Of Life And Death. I had no idea they could still do something this fresh and new-sounding. It really is their next “Seventh Son”-style quantum leap, but just a different one – for the here and now.

  • THE only tunes off this new LP that I like alot are 1,2,&6. #’s 9 & 10 are half decent & the rest doesn’t do anything for me at all.

  • One more thing ……. their last 3 LP’s have a slight muffled sound, almost as if they recorded their songs from the inside of a trash can with the lid halfway off. The sound quality simply needs to get better. UP THE IRONS!!!!!!!

  • Honestly, I love the production of the new record, its miles ahead of Brave New World, Dance of Death, and A Matter of Life and Death. To be completely honest, the Final Frontier itself is a far greater record than the other Post-Reunion albums(and Blaze/Non-Adrian Smith albums).

    I find the actual playing in this record is way tighter than all albums from, No Prayer For The dying, all the way to A Matter of Life and Death. I guess Compas Point really is a great studio. It allready gave us, Peice of Mind, Powerslave, and Somewhere in Time.

    Love the new album, songs are great (especially the epics), great playing, great vocals, and I love this really new progressive style that Maiden is going after.

  • I think this album like many have said need to listen to a few times to get the juice of it and then one will appreciate the music alot alot.. It gets tastier and better as you listen Iam a new fan… Just took the song “The trooper” and i knew Iron Maiden was different.. And also We welcome you to Singapore!!! Soon in Feb the 15 2011!! Looking forward!!!! UP THE IRONS!!!! =0)





  • First saw Maiden on the Metal for Muthas tour in Newcastle in 198? Have kept an eye on them ever since, now approaching my 50th birthday and this album is the best I have heard since Seventh Son/Somewhere. Love Bruce – the bloke is a national treasure and his sense of humour – as well as the band – not taking themselves too seriously but still showing consummate professionalism when needed, is the reason for their longevity. Had this band been American?….could you imagine? ..anyway, there is a distinct feel of prog running through this – and no bad thing. The Irons, Britain’s answer to Dream Theater?…mebbe not – I’ll leave Threshold to do that and they don’t bore me like DT do these days! This is a superb album. Harris – DO NOT call it a day!!

  • Scream for me Long Beach !!!!!!!!

  • None the less, I am a huge iron maiden fan and a few songs on this album are more like the classic iron maiden from the good ole days. I personally like The Talisman and Final Frontier. I hope that when they release their next song and album that they are more like this cos i cant get enough of them

  • after read all the comment…I am think i am Still IRON MAIDEN fans


    Up The IRON…((jakarta Indonesia The Final Frontier ))17 February 2011

  • Have just read all of the comments, and you can either love it or love it even more.
    Just got home from Maiden playing at Soundwave Brisbane, and to be honest, they played more of songs from Final Frontier than just about anything else. The last Maiden Album I bought was 7th Son all those long years ago. I have all of their albums on vinyl (up to and including 7th) and a prized picture record of “Can I play With Madness” that has only seen the light of a record player 3 times. I also have the 10 CD set that was released with Nicko doing a narrative at the end of each cd. (Is it just me – or does Nicko sound exactly like Spike Milligan ;-)

    So – after setting that scene – yes am a Maiden fan from Paul Dianno’s era.

    My initial reaction to hearing Final Frontier? I was absolutely stunned. My first thought was “why did I stop buying their albums?” and as soon as I got home from the concert (1 hour ago) – ITuned it and downloaded it.

    To allay anyones fears of whether or not Bruce can sing it live? As I said – just came back from 2 hours of Maiden – and the answer is 100% yes. The only bad singing was done by myself.

    Well done Bomber and the boys – you have proven that you still not only have it – but are still taking things to the next level.


  • This album was too long. The intro and eldorado should be eliminated and some of the longer songs trimmed. This album is the weakest of the four post Bayley albums which were all good, especially Dance Of Death, but not great.I was hoping for more from this album.Half the material on the Blaze albums were good while the bad was bad. Fear of the Dark is a decent album whle No Prayer was probably their worst. The first four maiden albums along with seventh son are their masterworks while somewhere in time was also very good. Powerslave was an overall disappointment.

  • Powerslave a disappointment??? Christ.

    . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . ,.-‘”. . . . . . . . . .“~.,
    . . . . . . . .. . . . . .,.-”. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .“-.,
    . . . . .. . . . . . ..,/. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ”:,
    . . . . . . . .. .,?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\,
    . . . . . . . . . /. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,}
    . . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`^`.}
    . . . . . . . ./. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:”. . . ./
    . . . . . . .?. . . __. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . :`. . . ./
    . . . . . . . /__.(. . .“~-,_. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,:`. . . .. ./
    . . . . . . /(_. . ”~,_. . . ..“~,_. . . . . . . . . .,:`. . . . _/
    . . . .. .{.._$;_. . .”=,_. . . .“-,_. . . ,.-~-,}, .~”; /. .. .}
    . . .. . .((. . .*~_. . . .”=-._. . .“;,,./`. . /” . . . ./. .. ../
    . . . .. . .\`~,. . ..“~.,. . . . . . . . . ..`. . .}. . . . . . ../
    . . . . . .(. ..`=-,,. . . .`. . . . . . . . . . . ..(. . . ;_,,-”
    . . . . . ../.`~,. . ..`-.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..\. . /\
    . . . . . . \`~.*-,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ..|,./…..\,__
    ,,_. . . . . }.>-._\. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .|. . . . . . ..`=~-,
    . .. `=~-,_\_. . . `\,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\
    . . . . . . . . . .`=~-,,.\,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .\
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . `:,, . . . . . . . . . . . . . `\. . . . . . ..__
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .`=-,. . . . . . . . . .,%`>–==“
    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _\. . . . . ._,-%. . . ..`

    Final Frontier is monumental.

  • I must sing the same song: Powerslave a disappointment! WTF! TFF is great and Powerslave too…

  • Ive been a fan since 1984 and have seen Maiden go through a number of highs and lows. The Final Frontier is a LOW.

    Admittedly, Satellite is a corker and El Dorado moves along at a clip! I was thinking on first listen that this was going to be a touchstone album. Sadly it just degenerates into indulgent, overlong, uninspired crap. What’s with Bruce singing indifferently over the melody..it’s just boring…it’s so obvious when he takes a breath and then..yep..he’s back into it. LAME.

    I saw em at Soundwave Sydney…and it was pretty obvious that they were going through the motions. The Somewhere on Tour a few years back was inspired and exciting…what happened?

    I thought this album would grow on me…and it has…like a pus nodule that i want to lance and be rid of!

  • @david laes Powerslave was easily one of their best albums….only an absolute retarded nutcase would call it a disappointment!

    For me their three best albums were The Number of the Beast, Piece of Mind, and Powerslave. Somewhere in Time Seventh Son didn’t do ANYTHING for me, nor did Prayer or fear of the dark (I dont even consider blaze’s records to be Maiden so voiding them out now). I haven’t listened to new Maiden aside from Final Frontier, and I can honestly say that I had mixed thoughts about it at first. I didn’t like El Dorado at first because I thought Bruce had lost his voice, but now that I listen to the whole album, its actually really good, but it could be better production wise. The Alcemist could’ve been classic, up there with Aces High and The Trooper if it sounded more whole, but it was still good.

  • I became a Maiden fan when I bought Piece of Mind when it came out in the early 1980s. It was vinyl. I had that album on my turntable for about a year. My friends thought I was nuts. They were listening to “new wave”. I told them that Maiden songs were very complex pieces of rock. They thought I was crazy.

    I’m pleased to see how many people have commented that they believe Maiden songs are complex. Makes me feel less alone.

    Just got The Final Frontier this week. Didn’t like the long songs at first, but they are growing on me. I like older Maiden albums that had mostly short songs and then ended with one epic, like the Piece of Mind and Powerslave albums.

    I like each Maiden album in their own right. For example, I don’t try to compare their first two albums with something like, BNW, DOD, AMOLAD and TFF. To me, they are very different, but all good. It depends on what my mood is. If I want short, hard, edgy songs, I’ll listen to the short songs from the earlier albums. If, however, I want to be taken on a journey I’ll listen to the newer albums in their entirety, or at least the longer songs. All good, just different. (I will admit, though, that I can’t bring myself to listen to X-Factor and Virtual XI – my own shortcoming, but I can’t get over anyone singing a Maiden song other than Di’Anno or Dickensen).

    I am glad they are still making music that I can enjoy. I am liking TFF more and more as I listen to it, especially the longer songs. And I look forward to anything else that they might make.

  • A lot of bullshit goin’ on here. This album is probably their best effort, musically it’s on high standards.

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