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Jay-Z on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

[via Mr. World Premiere]

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Also: Jay-Z “The Blueprint 3″ Review


    Great track. Anyone know who the female vocalist is? She is properly fit and has a fantastic voice!

  • female vocalist is bridget kelly, originally recorded with alishia keyes. kelly is on tour with JAY.Z and is better!!!

  • check out “stuck” by bridget kelly , she will be big!!!!

  • Thank you David. I arrived at this site because I was ‘googling’ trying to find out who she was. What a voice, I’m blown away!

  • Who was the amazing girl singing with Jay-Z on Jonathan Ross the other night ? What a voice – what a figure !

  • She is incredible!!!!!

    I have never heard such a voice!!!!

    Bridget Kelly you are the star!

    I will buy all off your records.

    All the best and I hope I will meet you;-)


  • Whats the track?

  • the track is called Empire State of Mind, its on the blueprint 3 album, with aleisha keys singing the vocal part. best track on the album.

  • Not a big rap fan, but this is simply awesome.

  • it is natasha bedingfield! well it is such a look a like of her anyway! lol

  • she was fantastic i have shown that clip to friends and they all agree she stole the show, jay who?
    and what a figure curves in all the right places
    hope to hear more of this woman

  • OMG Briget Kelly is amazinggg, she’s amazing her voice on this just blew me away she outshines Jay-Z
    Iv’e bought Jay-Z album and briget kelly sounded loads better
    on johnathan ross

  • Bridget Kelly youu aree a legenddd,
    Yourr voiceee iss amazinggg,
    You totallyyyy outshinee Jay-Z byyy milageee :) x
    I’ve bought his album as well Aliciaaa is good but youuu can tell thee differencee and i don’tt think it’s fairr that youuuu din’t get anyy credit whatsoever for thee songg that’s well tighttt i meannn you’d at least sayyy summat too her or somethingg
    anywayyy good songg love it <3 :) x

  • Who is the star in this song hmmm?

    Bridget I love your voice !!!!!!

    The record without Bridget is worthless ;-(

    Sorry Jay-Z

    You intruduced a real star!!!

  • She was the only reason I was googling this too, she is talented with a capital T. After so much bland, unoriginal rubbish from 99% of new artists finding someone great is a rare treat!

  • WOW!!!!!!! Her voice is AMAZING!
    I have had to download the version with Alicia Keys though…. anyone know where you can get the version with Bridget Kelly???
    I heard it on Jonathan Ross and said she was the best thing about the song.
    Cheers for the name of her other song, that one is really good too…. am now following her on Twitter!!!!

  • wowsas!!!!!
    that was amazing……. bridget kelly where have you been hiding?
    amazing….jay z vocally is not bad on the track but total lack of respect when finished the song he should of at least mentioned who this girl is and thanked her for a great performance….he doesnt even acknowledge bridget……………is there something going on there?

  • watched the show, then again on i-player and again and again, just to watch this star in the making. little bit gutted she’s not on the album. here i am a month later still wanting to watch her performance. fit and jay-z knows it. good stuff bridget kelly.

  • jay-z is a 1st degree genetic waste but she is ultra hoot!

  • …unfortunatelly not her voice :( Alicia K. from the matrix ;)

  • me gusto mucho la cancion y la fuerza con la que se canta el coro

  • hey
    i also got to this site looking for who she was, incredible voice

  • Bridget Kelly vaya que si es una hotmama que linda!!!

  • can’t say anything more than wots been said, just love it get the album out girl.

  • nice to know im not on my own, shes f*****g amazing

  • She is a real talent, I will also say that all you saying bad things about Jay-Z, he brought her out, wrote the song, and Rick Rubin called him one of the most talented musician, he has ever worked with.

    In short I am not the biggest rap fan but anyone who knows anything about music knows that Jay Z is a great talent, and he has launched a bunch of careers including Bridget Kelly. None of you would know her if he didn’t bring her on J Ross’s show….Off to Coachella to see Jay-Z and hundreds of other great bands!

  • How do I get this onto my Ipod. it’s one of the best female vocalists I have ever heard, if it makes me sit up a listen at nearly sixty then it’s even better than excellent.

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