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New Hip Hop Music Videos: Kid Cudi, Kidz in the Hall & DJ Shadow

Think: Amsterdam in all of its stereotypical goodness

A backstage fiesta, grainy tour footage, the Cannabis Cup, Travis Barker, a massive vaporizer, the “Red Light District”; who knew that Shia LaBeouf knew how to create the ultimate video for “Marijuana”?

Think: “Bikini fishing”…

Dropping “Break It Down” a little over a week ago, Kidz in the Hall have followed the release up quickly with a slick music video for the track. Froot Loops, skinny babes in swimsuits, bikini fishing, an unsuccessful stage dive; who knew the Chicago based-duo could account for the perfect Friday night?

Think: A collage of found footage

“I Gotta Rokk” is a deliberately rigid track set against a wide range of clips ranging from Back to the Future to obscure found footage; nearly five years after his forgettable album The Outsider, who knew DJ Shadow still had chops?

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