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Kiss “Sonic Boom” Review

kiss sonic boom

It’s been over a decade since Kiss last released a record. Did you know that? Probably not unless there is a laminated Kiss Army card in your wallet next to that expired condom. After years of piss poor records and uninspired tours Kiss have gone from one of the biggest bands in the world to a carnival act of State Fair proportions. The thought of 11 new songs about girls and partying from a band whose most famous member has joined Ozzy Osbourne in reality television oblivion is a dizzying prospect.

But somehow these old men delivered, big; it must be that pact with Satan they made back in the 1970s. Satan’s servants have not sounded so good since Destroyer and rock and roll disbelievers will have to run and repent if they do not believe.

With Sonic Boom, Kiss has done what most classic rock bands can just never get right: they made an album that not only sounds like their old records but, at times, outshines your fondest memories of these make up wearing seniors. Even the artwork is classic Kiss, all four painted mugs are inside a stereo speaker made of loud, swirling colors. Is that the roar of a Camaro engine coming from the front yard?

The record starts with a kick of teenage adrenaline. “Modern Day Delilah” is a fun excuse for Paul Stanley to seduce your mom with his trademark smooth vocals. This is the definition of a good time; a loud and unapologetic song perfect for a Saturday night in a small town. “Never Enough” is the type of song Kiss should have recorded in 1991; full of the hyper, feel good sensibility of the pre-Nirvana Sunset Strip—It would have easily torn up the charts on Headbanger’s Ball. Sonic Boom has just begun and it is already a time traveling party where the kegs never get killed.

Thankfully someone smart has the ear of Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons. This little bird convinced them to record on analog instead of the easy appeal of a digital studio. What this means is that everything on this record sounds vintage; it’s crisp, full, and reminds you of the needle hitting Rock and Roll Over for the first time. “Hot and Cold” drives everything further into a feeding frenzy of cliché rock and roll. Sweet, sweet clichés! Gene Simmons roars “If it’s too loud, you’re too old” as if he just turned twenty-one. Happy birthday, Gene.

kiss band shot
[uncredited photo via Kiss Online]

“I’m an Animal” is a crushing blast of thunder rock, exactly what made Simmons famous at the start of the band’s career. His bass lines rumble and shake enough to make the record skip. It’s bombastic and will be completely over the top live, a place that all of these songs are going to shine brightest.

Kiss are what they are and Sonic Boom is what the title implies: an explosion of rock and roll. That’s why legions of weirdos and people from upstate New York have held their collective breath in anticipation of these songs for over ten years. They knew what everyone else had forgotten, that Kiss wrote the book on feel good rock music. If you are still not sold on this belief system check out “Say Yeah”—you’ll be converted around the first “Oh Yeah.”

[Review by guest contributor Matthew Chernus.]

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    Been a life-long hater of Kiss… but I have to admit, I thought that (for what these guys do)… this was a pretty solid album. Beats the piss out of anything Van Halen’s put out since forever.

  • Cooool!

  • Heard the album and I am really impressed..what I like about it most – it is fun and to me that’s what KISS is about..

  • Grew up with the old records, I really suggest you listen to those a bit better. Sonic Boom is defenitely not that great. But they can run for the ugliest-album-cover-of-the-year-award.

  • This cd sonic boom is AWESOME!! i had the privlege of hearing the whole cd, & all i can say is WOW!! Gene is back with his rumbling bass, & awesome song animal!! i cannot wait for it to hit the stores!!

  • anyone that says this cd isnt great , obviously has not heard the cd in its entirety.! the samples on the internet don’t do it complete justice!! its awesome!!

  • Very ordinary in my opinion.

    Many of the tracks have too much sameness about them. I don’t mind the odd cliche here and there, but every minute is ridiculous. Too many songs about nothing on this album; the teenage rock anthem has had its day. Far too many ‘Yeahs’ and ‘Oh Yeahs’ on this one.

    Paul is trying hard to sing well and does a good job overall, but at times is trying a little too hard.

    ‘Stand’ is quite sickening really.

    ‘Hot and Cold’ is ‘Love ‘Em and Leave ‘Em’ part II, and really a waste of time.

    Eric’s singing is fine, but his song, like Tommy’s, is old hat. Quite catchy in parts, but predictable. Some decent tracks can be found, but they are only decent and certainly not exceptional.

    As for the overall sound; it might just as well been recorded on digital. A little too happy, poppy and clean for my liking. Paul has again tried hard to manufacture a sound he thought would be grasped by the majority. And it may well be. But count me out for now.

    Of course, the true test of a really good record is the test of time. But even in the short term, Sonic Boom has failed big time.

    Sonic Boom: got absolutely nothing on Revenge.

  • enjoy them while they are still here, folks- cause I doubt there will be time for another Kiss album after this..

  • “You Wanted The Best, You Got The Best…”!!

    KISS is back!


  • Miracles never cease. No, this album is not Revenge, Creatures of the Night, Destroyer or Love Gun. I liken it to Lick It Up. While not a classic it is good rock, and certainly better than Pyscho Circus. It’s a very, very solid effort, and I am very, very surprised. I mean, Tommy Thayer? Really? He of the Black n’ Blue. He’s not half bad. Going into this I thought I preferred, well, every other guitarist KISS has ever had: Frehley, Vincent, St. John (whose tenure was far too short), Kulick, but from what I’ve heard he does better on this album than Ace does on Anomaly. He’s not a legend, above average, could be swept from the stage by either Kulick or St. John, but what he does here is more than passable. I could do without his singing. Eric Singer…dare I say it but the dude is probably the best drummer KISS has had. It’s a shame he’s only been on two records: this one and Revenge (his work on that is terrific). Paul is Paul. Good singing, good song writing. Gene probably hasn’t been this good on bass since the late 70′s.

  • Been a Kiss fan since i was 10 and forty years later the band i idolised are BACK!!!! Great straight ahead rock album, something thats been missing from the airwaves for sometime.
    Well done…..9/10.

  • Great album….Sonic Boom is a breath of fresh air from a band who have sat down and wrote some standard straight ahead rock and roll.
    Well done boys!!!!!


    The facts are that if 4 guys can go into a studio play some guitars and drums and come up with a bunch of songs that entertain lots of people, then its already a winner.

    As a bonus they still get up on stage in platform shoes crazy costumes, do it very well, kick some arse and have a damn good time doing it, then wow! Remember some of these guys are hitting 60! Some young bands cant do that and never will be able to…let alone for 35 years plus!

    The album is fun, some definite classic Kiss here but also somehow new, but that’s exactly what they wanted otherwise they would have done some thing completely different, and the guitar solos would not be based on every lick Ace used to play!
    (Its a great tribute to him actually, remember imitation is the greatest form of flattery!) Obviously the songs were crafted to sound like the 70′s and 80′s Kiss and they do.

    Its good to see Paul and Gene really working together on most of the songs, especially vocally, probably just like they used to, its obvious that this was a collaboration, and not just a “my song your song” put together.

    Lets face it Eric Singer has been one of Kiss’s long time drummers so he is no “newbie” and he plays fine and if Tom does not get it by now then give it away. He does “get it” he is an intelligent guy and actually there are some great solos on the album. Tom and Eric both get songs to sing as well…great!

    Say Yeah, Stand, Modern day Delilah, Russian Roulette….and more all will sound great live. Lets face it for anyone who has seen Kiss live many times it will be a fresh set with some new songs. Don’t get me wrong, but I mean how many times can you listen to Calling Dr Love?

    Psycho Circus was not really a Kiss album but it had some good ideas, probably if they got Bob Ezrin to do it, it would have been different. Sonic Boom is a Kiss album, if you are not sure look at the cover.

    No its not Emerson Lake and Palmer, Yes , Ravi Shankar or Monty Pythons Flying Circus… its Kiss.
    They are not back …they never went away and really if you cant take it for what it is I suggest get the latest “boy band” album and listen to copious amounts of “Auto Tune” vocals because you don’t get Kiss and probably never will.

    Turn it up loud and enjoy it.

  • I got my hands on Sonic Boom over the weekend – have listened to it several times, hoping for some redemption…. If Paul and Gene set out to write 11 anthems then ‘bravo…. you did it’ – anyone who has heard Kiss, Hotter than Hell, Dressed to Kill, Alive, Destroyer, Rock ‘n’ Roll Over and Love Gun KNOW that ‘Sonic Boom’ is NOWHERE NEAR the best album Kiss has released – even music from the original non-Ace and Peter years, Creatures…, Lick it Up, Asylum, etc offer MUCH, MUCH more than this mess…. I’d put ‘Sonic Boom” right up there with ‘Crazy Nights’…. in fact, the entire album sounds like it was released at the same time as ‘Crazy Nights’

    To break it down:
    1. Modern Day Delilah – this is one of few rare shining moments on the CD – sounds excellent live as well
    2. Russian Roulette – really Gene???? This is YOUR opening song???? Boring, but the bass line ROCKS
    3. Never Enough – kinda cool…. kinda anti-climactic
    4. Yes I know (Nobody’s Perfect) – a little better, but not up to Mr. Simmons’ par
    5. Stand – prepare to get diabetes listening to this one
    6. Hot and Cold – so bad… lyrical garbage
    7. All for the Glory – Eric Singer is awesome… Paul wrote this song which explains the “sing-song” feel – Eric is better than this song, but he does A LOT to save it
    8. Danger Us – Paul nailed this one – good music, good lyrics…. wish he could have done this more
    9. I’m an Animal -Thank God there’s a GOOD song from Gene on this CD – classic Gene: mean, thunderous
    10. When Lightning Strikes – crap wrapped in garbage – Tommy sucks
    11. Say Yeah – hey look, another anthem…. and not a very good one

    If you want some GOOD music, pick up Ace Frehley’s “Anomaly” – that CD is outstanding!

  • *scoffs*
    I don’t care if they sing Material Girl and Hit Me Baby on More Time.. They will still be better than nearly Every band our there.

  • Sorry everyone, but as a lifelong Kiss fan I have to say I found this album to be quite disappointing. I’ve already grown tired of hearing about how this album fits right in with “RnR Over”, “Destroyer” and etc. No way, no how. It actually has far more in common with the glut of mediocre-to-awful albums Kiss pumped out during their non-makeup period. Bland, poppy anthem-y songs that all sound the same with cheesy, embarrassing lyrics, just like “Crazy Nights” or “Hot In The Shade”-era Kiss.

    Hey, I love the band and I’m looking forward to seeing them again, but if this is the best they can do, it’s time for them to forget about making new records and stick to what they do best: live shows. The new Ace disc smacks “Sonic Boom” way out of the park.

  • I’ve been a Kiss fan since their first record and I have to say Sonic Boom rocks. I’ve waited all summer for someone to release something that would make me use my car stereo for something other than traffic reports. I’m not going to try and compare it to my past Kiss favorites, I’m just glad I finally have something worth damaging my hearing over. I think Tommy does a great job on “When Lightning Strikes” (he sings better than Ace) it’s becoming one of my favorite tracks. As for the comparison between Ace’s and Kiss’s new albums, I’m huge fans of both but I listened once to Kiss and then to Ace, I was a little bored with Ace and went back to Sonic Boom and haven’t stop listening yet.

  • well…
    just -HEAR- one of the year’s albums (along with megadeth’s one) and shut the #$%$%# up with the analysis of track-by-track or album-to-album or per-vocal or per-guitar comparisons!
    Or you wish to never hear from kiss again?
    I dont care if this record cant touch Rock’n'Roll Over or Destroyer, but easily crashes the @#$@#$@# out of 99% of nowadays “bands”, but of course these “bands” are not for analysis (because they’re not BIG as kiss perhaps). Wake!
    just tired

  • Awesome album, theres been some really great albums out by classic bands in the last year or so (motley crue, def leppard, whitesnake etc…) but this 1 just creams them all proving that kiss really the big boys.
    LONG LIVE KISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eric Singer is the drummer on 3 KISS studio cds (“Revenge”, “Carnival Of Souls”, “Sonic Boom”).

    He also performed on 2 live cds (“Alive III”, “Unplugged”).

    He also drummed on the 15 re-records that will be packaged
    with “Sonic Boom” and he drummed on KISS’ cover of Ramones’
    “Do You Remember (Rock And Roll Radio)”.

    RE: Anomaly

    That cd is craptastic.

    Ace couldn’t write a song to save his life and his voice is beyond

    “Sonic Boom” rocks!

  • Sonic Boom is a pile of shit. Not even giving away an extra cd and dvd can save it.

  • Quite surprised at the positive reviews of this album. This does not sound like 70′s KISS at all. It sounds like mid 80′s. It doesn’t have any grit under its nails and is all lame sing-song anthems.

    Modern Day Delilah is easily the best song, and it’s and average song at best. This doesn’t sound analog at all either, way tooo clean.

    I think KISS are benefiting from the fact that everyone assumed this would be utter garbage, and since it’s only half crappy, people think it’s much better than it really is.

  • This is just not worth the long, long wait – It’s just not that good – its not that special :( Its ok and I’ll play it after I’ve listened to Psycho circus, destroyer, Love Gun, Live 2. Its good to have another Kiss release but its just not that good. Go check out Ace’s new release now that is one hell of a release, much better than Sonic Boom.

  • This whole damn CD is terrible. I tried, I really did, after the big disappointment that Modern Day Delilah was, I figured there had to be ONE song on the disc that didn’t suck. But, no, it’s all terrible. What the hell happened to Black Diamond? Strutter? Hell, Beth is a better song than this crap, and I HATE Beth. I’d rather listen to Tears are Falling or Crazy Nights, and those songs are total crap too!

  • these people must not be listening to the same cd i am. this cd destroys anything they did in the 80s. psycho circus was a joke. carnival of souls was okay, but this actually sounds like kiss…like it should!

  • Was a fan immediately upon “hearing” (not seeing) them in 1974.

    However, I am no longer six or seven or twelve…

    I’ve heard this album and can’t say I really want to revisit what it was about KISS (then in their 20′s) today, at the age of 44, and them for the most part, past mid-life.

    Nice try guys, but judging from recent ALIVE 35/Sonic Boom shows…it’s time to fade away.

  • Don’t understand why some say it sound TOO MUCH like the 70′s stuff!!!! Should they sound like the ARTIC MONKEYS or LADY GA GA??
    Do you want another CARNIVAL OF SOULS???? Come one people 36 years in the business and still the hottest band in the globe!
    And why isn’t this album cover cool and is ROCK & ROLL OVER??


    This is a KILLER album from the beginning to the end.

  • This is the first time I have ever written on one of these websites. I have been a Kiss fan since 1976. I have seen them in concert in every lineup… I have every album. I don’t live and breath Kiss, but am always curious when something new comes out…. I have not heard every track from beginning to end…. But what I have heard… It’s definitely better than Psycho Circus….

    On the topic of Ace Frehley…. Those of you saying how great Anomaly is…. You must be tone deaf…. Ace was a very good guitarist in his day and he wrote some good songs while in Kiss, but he CAN’T sing…. Thise of you who continue to cry because Ace and Peter are gone… GET OVER IT!!! As Paul says in a recent interview, just because you are part of the band doesn’t mean you get a song on the album, it has to be good…..

    Do you like all the digital BS on Anomaly??? It’s just a cover up for poor vocals…. and you want to talk about dumb lyrics? lol

    Kiss would never have been without Ace or Peter, but let’s be objective about what they really contributed…. I am witholding judgement on Sonic Boom, but to say Anomaly in the same breath )you can throw all of Ace’s material into the pre-teen writing category as far as lyrics and vocals go) is the biggest joke of all…..

  • I have been a Kiss fan since I was young also.
    Has anybody ever said this new album would break records NO.
    I will be buying the album here in Australia or getting it shipped so I can show and tell “young people” how real music actually happens. In a studio with willing participants who wanna have fun! (and at their age mind you!)
    It aint about the perfect sound, it aint about the perfect lyric, it aint about making shit loads of money and getting out!
    Remember buying an album or cd and listening for a while before giving opinion?
    I have been listening to this album for weeks (sneaky) and it keeps getting better each time I turn it on (and up!). If Kiss want to release any songs I’ll be buying.
    Just don’t release the same stuff all the time (rehashes of hits live or otherwise…your true fans have them many times over). Give us these great new songs. This is what WE want from OUR favourite band.
    I dont care who was good, bad or indifferent this is about NOW.
    Just dont forget us down here in Adelaide Australia next tour boys!

  • I agree with John. Ace WAS a great lead guitar player in the day and quite frankly he carried Kiss musically back in the 70′s but that day is long long gone. The few ok songs he wrote for Kiss were heavily helped out by Paul anyways and his voice is TERRIBLE! If you’ve ever seen his solo act live you better hope you are more drunk than he is because that’s the only way you’ll be able to make it through the whole show.

    Sonic Boom is a pretty damn good colletion of rock songs in my estimation. The only unlistenable track is Stand and that mess sounds like something that didn’t make the cut on Psyco Circus it’s that bad.

    As for it not sounding 70′s I sure think it does. Especially Gene’s songs. Hot and Cold basically is Love Em Leave Em, and Yes I Know Nobody’s Perfect it a direct take off on Plaster Caster.

    All Pauls song are well put together and performed perfectly. They’re catchy as always. I just always like his stuff though.

    I do think outside of I’m an Animal it’s a little “happier” than I might have expected but that doesn’t mean its not really enjoyable to listen to. Let’s face it they have nothing to not be happy about so it’s going to come out in their music. They’re 60 and loaded rich doing what they love to do!! Let em be happy and write positive tunes. Just relax and enjoy them because I can probably guarantee that when you’re 60 years old the world isn’t going to writing on a website about anything you’re doing…and nobody will be running into Walmart to purchase what you just created.

    Just something to think about.

  • Well what can i say
    i heard this album a while ago and needed to get my head around it. I don’t think its destroyer, love gun and rock and roll over in one, its more, heavier. Problem is, althought i do like it, gene falls into the old, ‘out of the frying pan’ bla bla bla, ‘put your eggs in one basked’ bla bla bla. inspiration from folks one-liners. Im waiting for ‘if music be the food of love, then play on’ if ya gonna nick a quote nick from the best. ( Shakespear if u dont know – 12th night )
    I can understand why kiss have done this, its too let the fans know … this is kiss. The old kiss which we grew up with, myself aged 10 in 1975 in the uk, no longer exists and never will. Ace and peter will never be back and there replaced with bill and ben, sorry eric and tommy.
    I do like the album and i bought the delux version but you would have thought that they wouldn’t have skimmped on the dvd, six songs ,,, six songs… what a rip off and as for kiss classics, dont they mean the japan release that i bought and then they repackaged it.
    I know there the masters of revamp…
    I hope the album does well… but where’s there stuff for the fans that wasnt on kissology, release that, stop hoarding guys.

  • First of all and most of all this is by far the best review I have written about Sonic Boom. so, let us praise this fine writer.

    I don´t want to rehash what´s been said before but rather emphasize one thing: Being a Kiss fan since 1977 there´s always been one question. does it make you want to grab daddy´s tennis racket and put your finger up in the air? does it make you scream in your car while the driver next to you is staring at you?

    and most of all: do you see fire and lightning, a huge stage and some big boots when you shut your eyes?

    so – since “I love it loud” I havent had an experience like this with any Kiss song made afterwards. But here it is again. There are some songs on this album which have the potential of making me look for the tennis racket again.

  • SHAME! Forgive this dumb German his bad English.

    What I meant was: “First of all and most of all this is by far the best review I have READ about Sonic Boom. so, let us praise this fine writer.”

  • It’s a shame, really, that there are so few professional artistic reviews out there. How can any Joe Schmoe just dismiss a record or band without having tried to be a better artist than they are?

    This album is probably the best new record I’ve heard all year (I being a musician, myself and understanding just what really goes into such works). You know why KISS kept recording? Because the fans wanted them to, not to please anybody else. Real fans, who don’t waste their time bashing bands they could never compete with themselves.

  • Somic Boom….First off the cover is lame! THe music falls short of anything of good Kiss Music. I’ve been a Kiss fan for 35 years but all I have to say is Gene and Paul GIVE IT UP ALL READY! The music is awful!Kiss lost it when Ace left! But I do admit it’s better than Psycho Circus. If they wanted the 70′s sound they should have hired Eddie Kramer to produce!!!!
    If you wanna hear an awesome CD then listen to the Master Alice Cooper’s “Along came a Spider”! That cd is amazing! Just listen to “Vengence is Mine!” Blow this CD away! And on another, note Alice puts on a much better show than KISS.

  • ok SB is crap..I don’t have it Love KISS 74-78 friend is a all era KISS fan,….It sucks

  • I have been a fan since the 70s and i can say is this!

    I bought the album and it goes to my collection but it is the worst Kiss Album ever recorded!

    What realy got me mad ,was the way Paul made this waste of time of a album sound like it would be the best they have done since the 70s!He cannot paint and i think that has done his brains in over the last few years.

    Thank god i have the old albums to remind me of what great Kiss music was like!!

    A Kiss fan who speaks the truth

  • Hey Austin,

    Why would you say you’ve been a Kiss fan for 35 years and then say you want them to give it up???

    That makes no sense at all?

    It’s like saying you’re a hockey fan but you saw a really great game back in 1975 so you want them to stop playing the sport now!!

    Clearly you’re not really much of a Kiss fan at all. More of an Alice Cooper fan I’d have to say…good luck with that.

  • “Too many songs about nothing on this album; the teenage rock anthem has had its day. Far too many ‘Yeahs’ and ‘Oh Yeahs’ on this one.”

    And how many KISS songs have you heard?


  • I love the new CD. As in days of old, each spin of the record keeps getting better and better. There’s such a genuine fun and enthusiasm as I listen to this. These guys are so much tighter and they seem to be having more fun than ever! I must admit I’m really glad Tommy has stepped in for Ace. He really clicks with the others in the band musically. They guys are the masters of entertainment! Tommy, Eric, Gene and Paul, thanks for the new music and for all the good times! Keep it coming.

  • I think this is a really solid Kiss album. Like every kiss album ,in my opinion, the true test will how this sounds live!!! I’ve always thought every kiss song sounds tame on the albums compared to the live versions so I’m looking forward to seeing them belt these out live this November. I thinks there’s a few songs on this one that will stand the test of time and make it into the collections, but the others are still respectable and better than most of the filler on other peoples albums. I can’t lie and say i don’t miss peter and ace. I always look forward to an Ace track, but musically Thayer and Singer still rock. It’s mostly the idea of the whole gang together i miss, but hey things change. Overall i think this is a damn solid album, and solid or even average Kiss is still better than 90 percent of whats going on right now. this is the best CD I’ve bought in awhile. Don’t listen to the haters and go snag this if you dig kiss.
    With 2 Cd’s and a DVD for 13 buck (cdn) this is a bargain and something in this package will bring you some joy.

  • Sonic Boom is absolutely classic

  • Sonic Boom is by far one of the greatest KISS albums ever. I hope the youth of our generation give it a chance and see what real rock and roll is all about. No matter what critics say, none of the members disappoint. I’ve been waiting for this album for a while now and i was completely satisfied. Stand and Say Yeah deliver such rawness and intensity, its unbelievable. The Gene classics I’m an animal and Hot and Cold are incredible. Paul Stanley’s voice sounds amazing as usual. New members Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer are a great addition to the hottest band in the world!

  • Sonic Boom is exactly what i was expecting it to be. I had very high hopes and was not disappointed in the slightest. Although I am a life long Ace Frehley fan and supporter I thought Tommy Thayer did an awesome job. Eric Singer really showed up for this album and i was very impressed with his vocals. All for the Glory is quickly becoming a new KISS favorite for me. As for gene and Paul; Business as usual. Rock on guys!

  • SAY YEAH MAKES ENTIRE ALBUM WORTH IT. Paul Stanley, best vocals in rock STILL. outside of Nickleback and Def L. tell me another rock band that is playing rock now? Most of what you hear is pure crap!

    I love Gene’s comments about the rock & roll hall of shame! what a joke. I hope KISS never gets in. The’re in a league all their own. This is destined to be another gold album no problem. Thank you KISS rock on…..

  • I have been a KISS fan since 1978, this album is not bad. But it’s not even close to there older albums, destroyer, love gun, kiss.

    The songs have the same old cliche.
    Im not a Tommy Thayer fan at all. He is not a good guitarist at all and is just a cheap clone of Ace. What makes me mad is Tommy Thayer is trying to copy the Ace image on the song When Lightning Strikes.

    Eric is a awesome drummer,. but a different style then Peter Criss.
    But Eric Singer sounds good.

    I will give this album 8 out of 10, cause they still rock and put on a good show.But as a Kiss fan, What ever anyone says of this album, I would buy it anyway

    But I agree with Little Caesar, Listen to Ace Frehley’s new Album Anomaly. It is awesome.

  • If you want classic KISS sound leave Sonic Boom at the store and pick up Anomaly. I took Sonic Boom out of my stero half way through” Stand ” . Then I put in Anomaly and totally impressed, Ace is back and better than ever. Anomaly is loaded with hard punching guitar riffs and great melodies. This album reminds of his 1978 solo only with a harder sound. Sorry Gene, Paul, Eric & pizza delivery guy, Ace stole your thunder this time.

  • I have been a KISS fan since there conception in the 70′s. I could not wait for Sonic Boom to released since I own every single KISS item that I could get my hands upon. I must be the only person who things Sonic Boom is by far the worse thing that the band has ever made.

  • After listening to this cd 3 times already it has gotten progressively worse. Unimaginative, repetitive, formulated and of course “branded”.

    It sounds more like a Def Leppard album, no disrespect to them however as they are an entirely different genre. I’ve been a fan of the original KISS lineup since their first album and can’t believe that I spent money on this. Elder and Dynasty and dare I say Hot in the Shade sound better than this monopolized collection of music geared at fans (that will purchase anything with a KISS logo on it).

    Shameful and distasteful. When KISS comes to Winnipeg next month I will not be there. I refuse to support a cover band that sells out arenas with guys pretending to be a ‘character’.

    If you want true musical genius with actual harmony, melody and rhythm in 4/4 time then go and purchase the new Ace Frehley Anomaly cd.

    Sonic Boom: ** stars
    Anomaly **** stars

  • I have listened to this CD since I got it yesterday, it’s not 70′s Kiss but it still is a solid album and the songs are catchy as hell.

    So far my favorites are- When Lightning Strikes, All For The Glory, I’m An Animal, and Hot and Cold.

    Tommy is a great guitar player and super cool guy, I have a lot of respect for him coming in and taking over while staying true to the original character and guitar style of the band. He may be an Ace clone to some, but he plays the songs better than anyone else even Ace.

    I also have the Ace Anomaly album, I would be embarrassed if I was Ace, that album aside from the Sweet cover sucks, I waited 20 years for that and was hugely disappointed. Ace got me into playing guitar in the 70′s and is one of my main influences but he lost “it” years ago, never could sing and the only great songs he’s done have been covers.

  • Wow. I listened to all of the songs off Sonic Boom and frankly, it’s pathetic. I guess when there is no more fire in your belly and you have millions of dollars off your franchise, this is the result.

    Musically, this is empty music that would only hold the attention span of a 12 year old, and not ever for more than a week. Gene and Paul have done a great job milking the cash cow that is Kiss – It took so long to release new material cause they don’t have anything worthwhile to say….and developmentally, KISS is stuck in mid twenties….no growth or maturity exhibited at all.

  • Like so many other ‘classic rock’ bands have done, KISS has made the same mistake. Promising a 70′s hard rock classic sound, but delivering something that sounds like it was released in about 1988. I love KISS and was looking forward to this, especially after the promises from Paul Stanley about what they were doing.

    First of all, I am a huge KISS fan, really.

    But I really dont think SB is any better than Pysco Circus, or any of the mid 80-s forgettable albums, and not 1 track that I actually like. I assume that the band figured that only a bunch of 80′s style cheesy sing along arena rock anthems would sell. And I guess they could be right, if the songs were any good, but this does not compare AT ALL with the early albums.

    Itll be soon forgotten, and they will still be playing the classics in concert.

    I dont know if this would have turned out better with ACE involved, but I think the band was much better way back when, when Paul and Gene didnt have complete control. They need somebody around them to question some of what they do. Im sorry to say that this cd is maybe one of the worst KISS releases ever, period.

    Very disappointing.

  • Sonic Boom is horrible, TO ME. I’m a die hard Kiss fan of 30 years. Wal mart opened at 7am. I was there at 6:30am. I paid my money and listened to it 4 times that day. Then the next day I played it 3 more times from beggining to end. And after the 3rd time I threw it out my car window. I didn’t even bother to watch the dvd. I don’t care if they wear makeup or not, I don’t care who’s in the band whether it be original or new members. All I wanted was the new kiss cd to blow me away. It blows all right. I’m curious? how old ar you kiss fans that say Sonic Boom is a great cd. How far do you go back. Are you fans from the 70′s or just fans who jumped on the band wagon after the reunion tour! seriously, This weak, no back bone cd is what you’ve been waiting for for 12 years. Im not trying to be insulting, i’m just wondering what cd are you listening to. This is the best kiss can do, are you for real. Give me another “Revenge, Creatures of the night, Lick it up” Something with some balls. And before you say I’m not a real kiss fan, I have one of the biggest kiss collections in the world and have been to 47 concerts since the 70′s. Again what cd are you people listening to. It’s a horrible cd. baby_car1@yahoo.com

  • I admit I’m only 26 and I became a huge KISS fan in 1996, so I wasn’t around for the glory days. I attended two live shows in 2000 on the Farewell Tour, and KISS has been my favorite band ever since. Dressed to Kill, KISS, and Dynasty are my favorite albums as a whole, but I do like 3 or 4 songs from almost every other album they have put out with the exception of Animalize through Hot in the Shade.

    I’m not totally happy with Sonic Boom, but I didn’t really have high expectations, so I guess two or three good songs doesn’t surprise me. Modern Day Delilah is an ok song, catchy riff and chorus, I still find myself humming it hours after listening to the song and it didn’t even strike me as that good when I heard it on the KISS site. I was worried about this being the song they decided to release as kind of the “single” from the album, and my concerns were justified when I heard the rest of the album.

    To me Danger Us was the only other good song with a driving melodic guitar riff and the best vocals on the album from Paul, and I feel it stands up well to the Klassic KISS catalog. But most of the other songs feel like filler and are uninspired to say the least. The lyrics on several songs sound like the same stuff they did in the eighties such as “out of the frying pan and into the fire” and “I’m Gonna Strike while the Irons Hot Tonight” Are you fucking serious? I’m not saying they were poets in the 70′s, but maybe because it was original then it didn’t sound contrived, maybe all the clichés were a parody of themselves? But, I doubt it. Gene’s reality show doesn’t help, seeing what an old goofball he is now it’s hard imagining him singing about “You wanna take me baby all up inside”, kinda makes me squeamish.

    I’m not going to sit here and compare this CD to the 70′s or 80′s, because it’s 2009, every album they’ve put out had its own sound. I was however very pleased with the Re-recorded Hits CD. I had wanted something like that for the past decade because of the poor sound quality of their first few albums. I just wish they would have recorded them with ACE and Peter back in ’96 or ’00 that would have made my day. The hits CD really captured the sound of a modern day live KISS show, lots of loud drums and crunch added to Calling Dr. Love and I Was Made for Lovin’ you that were missing on the old recordings. So maybe I didn’t waste my $12 bucks after all. I might add this was the first actual CD I purchased at the store since the Black Sabbath box set in 2004 due to downloading, what an age we live in.

    I will say I’ve felt happier while listening to this album than I have in a long time, which is the most important part, right? The nostalgic feelings kicked in big time, even though this is only the second KISS studio album I’ve bought at the time of its release.
    Another thing I noticed was most of the songs lasted about 4mins which for most of them was about 1min too long. They just kept repeating the same three lines over and over and over for the last minute and I found myself reaching to change the song, bad sign.

  • I have to say this is a pretty solid effort…not the greatest ever, but not bad. I’m surprised by both the raving reviews and the people who say they hate it.

    As far a raving reviews, this is not an album I’ll listen to in it’s entirety again…too many bad apples. I can listen to Destroyer and Revenge without hitting the skip button, but I’ll be skipping through Russian Roulette, Hot and Cold, and a few others for years to come.

    As for the negative reviews, I can’t believe your KISS fans, this is a pretty typical KISS release, nothing great, but it blows away Psycho Circus and some of the other more forgettable albums. “I’m an Animal” is worth the price of the album by itself. There are 3 or 4 songs on here that are easily better than anything KISS has done for A LONG TIME.

    Saying this would fit in with the stuff KISS did in the ’70s is a bit misleading, although the guitar work certainly that style. There are a few songs that have a ’70s feel, and a few that sound more like Crazy Nights.

    I’m not saying this is the next Revenge, but that album really doesn’t sound anything like a KISS album anyways (probably because its a Vinnie Vincent album that KISS performs on). However, this does sound like KISS again, and it’s the first album that has sounded like KISS for A LONG TIME. Like every album there are throw away tracks, but there always have been…certainly nothing on here is worse than some of the filler crap in the early 70s albums.

  • Been a Kiss fan since ’74 and this is the best record they have put out since Dressed To Kill. It seems that we had to wait 30+ years to have Kiss return to doing what they do best instead of trying to be relevant, a direction that started with Destroyer. Good on ‘em. This is the first new Kiss album I’ve listened to front to back more than once in decades. 5 Stars!

  • Yes, I am an old school Kiss Army member since 1976. I have stuck with them through thick and thin. No question my favorite line up is Ace, Paul, Gene and Peter and the original era rules. However, I did like much of their 80′s/90′s stuff as well.

    Having said that, Sonic Boom is a stellar effort and and return to form for my favorite band. Yes, I wish is was Ace and Peter instead of Tommy and Eric, but you know what? Tommy and Eric do just fine. Tommy cops Ace’s style quite well and so the result is it sounds like Kiss! Paul’s songs are solid as always, but the best surprise is that Genes songs are very good as well. His songs particularly sound very “70′s”. “Stand” is sort of cheesy, but I still like hearing Paul and Gene on the same song and the harmonies are spot on. Every thing else is pure, simple, straight forward rock and roll. And isn’t that the essence of Kiss? Five stars.

  • BTW, I also love Anomaly! I am thrilled to death to have both Sonic Boom and Anomaly be so good. I made a playlist made of my fav tracks off Anomaly and Sonic Boom and think of it as the ULTIMATE new Kiss release!

  • Am sitting here listening to the cd… I had a promo copy of it 3 weeks ago, and what I thought then still stands.

    It’s average.

    Gene didn’t even want to do a new KISS cd. His songs are rehashes of demos he wrote back in the 80′s! (Russian Roulette and Nobody’s Perfect)

    Ironically enough, the one song I enjoy the most is When Lightning Strikes, by Thayer. Letting him write is injecting new blood into the music. But, he and Singer are both hired guns, to do Gene and Paul’s bidding. If they would let Thayer and Singer contribute more, the music would grab you better.

    As for the KISS Klassics cd… My god what a joke! Paul is showing he doesn’t have the voice he used to. He just cannot hit and/or substain those high notes like he used to. The only thing saving the classics is once again, Thayer and Singer injecting new blood into the music.

    Gene and Paul should count their blessings that they have young blood in the group.

    But they should of given them new images. The Catman will always be Peter, and The Spaceman will always be Ace.

    And btw, a tip of the hat and a HUGE KUDOS to Ace, whose new CD, Anomaly, is on the charts!

  • This album ROCKS!!!

    The more I listen, the more I love it.

    To all the Ace fans bashing Kiss and Tommy, I am happy to see that the Spaceman was actually able to come out of his drug induced fog long enough to make an album… or did he?

    Maybe stand-ins were required in the studio on the days when Ace was too high to function as was usually the case when he was still in The Hottest Band In The world!!!!

  • This cd is total trash end of story…. walmart special is right its junk

  • Why is everyone so concerned about comparing this album to what’s been recorded in the past?

    I am a Yankee fan, but I don’t go around saying “Gee I wish we had Babe Ruth back”

    Yes, maybe some people don’t like all of the songs but it’s still Kiss.

    BTW Here a re some songs from the 70′s albums that everyone wants to compare Sonic Boom to.
    Hooligan, Love em, leave em, Baby driver, almost human, Tomorrow & tonight, Then she kissed me, Got love 4 sale, Makin love…etc

    In my opinion these songs are worse than anything on Sonic Boom

  • Picked the CD up the other night, listened to it in full last night while hanging with friends. We agreed its the closest effort to their 70′s material but is only average at best, which is exactly what I expected.

    As others have pointed out, Gene Simmons’ stance for most of the last decade was that Kiss had nothing more to prove when asked about a new album. And when the new album was announced earlier this year Gene made it clear it was only going to be a “meat and potatoes” effort. So as for the creative drive, this is cleary Paul Stanley’s baby. And although I support Tommy and Eric, their songs on the album were very obviously in the styles of Ace and Peter.

    The musical effort for this album, a vintage attempt, should have took place back in 1998 rather than the effort of Psycho Circus when the original lineup was still united, although its now widely known that Ace and Peter hardly contributed during recordings. All egos put aside and equal effort from all, it would have been the best shot at making a true vintage sounding album. What made the 70′s era Kiss so great was the combination of each members style, atleast when they were all on the same page.

    Sonic Boom is not a bad album, clearly the best effort in years. But as for telling someone to pick it up for the sake that vintage sounding Kiss is back, I would only recommend to turn on an actual 70′s album.

  • 1. KISS has never been the real KISS since Ace and Peter left and never will be. 70′s
    2. Unmasked KISS was a different Band. Not even close to the original but some catchy songs came out of them. 80′s and 90′s
    3. Half Kiss – Today’s Kiss is a fraud, It’s still fun to see the great shows and hear the old songs but in my heart there is something missing. 00′s
    4. Quarter Kiss – I was at the show 2 years ago, where Paul was rushed to the hospital and Gene, Tommy and Eric did the show without him. That was different!
    5. Sonic Boom has a few good songs I like. Never Enough, Nobody’s Perfect, and When Lightening Strikes. Tommy’s “When Lightening Strikes” sure sounds like an Ace song, rip off!
    6. Ace’s Album, Anomaly, is like I told-ya! kick’s Sonic Boom’s ASS!!!. Outer Space so totally rocks dude! I got to hear Outer Space, Sister and Space Bear in a concert at the Viper Room the weekend before his album was released. Pain in the Neck, Foxy and Free, Too Many Faces, A Little Below The Angels, and cover of Fox on the Run are all classic Ace!!!

  • I am a huge KISS fan – have met Gene Simmons – really nice guy. When I was 7 years old Love Gun came out and my older brother had it. I used to “sneak” listen to that album when he was not around -placing the record needle over “Almost Human” and “Plaster Caster”
    until the grooves wore out. What a great album that, and others in that era, were. The magic within the KISS music in those days is still apparent today. Which brings me to my point; Paul and Gene have insulted their fans with the release of Sonic Boom, as this album just plain stinks. For those two to characterize this weak showing as another Rock & Roll Over is crazy. These two are “crazy, crazy, crazy, craaaaaazzzzzeeee guys.”

    Save your money – put Double Platinum in the CD tray to fill your classic KISS void. Sorry Gene and Paul, really, but this album sucks.

  • I’m already an owner of Anamoly, & like the previous fans that have written, it is a must have!!!.. Classic Ace sound, but heavier, & its the best he’s ever sounded!! I have to admit, I had to take a quick listen to Sonic Boom and see what Gene & Paul are up to. Modern Day Delilah is a solid song that rocks!!!..as for the rest of it, I can do without purchasing this one. I can’t beleive I’d ever say that about a KISS album, since I own all of them. The whole Tommy Thayer & Eric Singer impersonating the original members just annoys me at so many levels. The original KISS!!! my all time favorite band!!!! Peace….

  • It seems that about a third of us kind of like Sonic Boom calling it ‘average’ or ‘about what was expected’, when the rest hate it.

    Im a Def Leppard fan also, and the same kind of thing happened when they released Sparkle Lounge last year. Some like it, most hated it.

    I dont understand how a band can spend years between ablums, then release something that is this bad. I would have expected 2 or 3 good songs, the rest filler, I would have been ok with that, really. But Im not sure that I will ever listen to Sonic Boom (or Sparkle Lounge) again, they are just not very good and neither have 1 memorable song that compares in any way to the classics (Im sorry to say).

  • I’ve been a Kiss fan since 1976. Boom is a decent album, however it can’t touch Creatures of the night with a ten foot pole! Not even close to being better than Rock and Roll over or Love Gun. It’s hell getting old boys…. By the way, Eric Carr (RIP) is the BEST drummer the group has ever had period….

  • Being a longtime KISS fan at first I was disappointed with this album listening to the samples. When I went back and listened to the album I found a few were pretty good such as Never Enough, Stand, Im an Animal. By far the best song is Modern Day Dililah, it is the only song that seems really heavy and captures the real KISS. Instrumentally album overall is great, but I do question some of the vocals throughtout the album. It was definetly weird listening to Tommy singing When Lightning Strikes. Tommy sounded like Winger lol. The other songs may sound much better live but we shall see. I see people ripping on Psycho Circus and I believe a it was an underrated album. I see Sonic Boom as a good album but definetly not up to par (even close) with other classic KISS albums. How can it come close to Destroyer, Rock N Roll Over, and Love Gun. Creatures of the Night and Revenge much harder as well. Without Modern Day Dililah this album would be a failure as a whole. You have to applaud the effort KISS has done for its fans over the years. You never know with Tommy and Eric they could produce another album in a few years. If it were up to me I think they have plenty of new and old songs to work with now. ROCK ON KISS! Hall of fame 2010!

  • “Creatures” is my all time favorite Kiss album.Peter was gone by then and Ace even though on the cover,didn’t play on it at all.”Sonic Boom” sounds more compatible with “Animalize” than any of the 70′s “Love Gun”,”Destroyer” albums.Gene’s songs give a little hint of “Rock and Roll Over” and “Dressed to Kill”,but every thing else sounds like 80′s Kiss.”Creatures” revived Kiss.Then “Animalize” revived them again.Then “Revenge” and now “Sonic Boom”!I Hope to see Kiss Put out at least 5 more studio albums(under the current line up) in the next 3 years followed by a “Kiss Alive V” featuring all the new material.Paul”s voice rocks,and Tommy and Eric add a lot of spark.”Sonic Boom” is new,refreshed and damn good!Now what about Ace’s “Anomaly” album? Fantastic and heavy! just what I like.Great album start to finish.I think he wouldn’t be able to put together such a fine recording if still with Kiss.It’s helped him and Kiss.And BTW,Bruce Kulick is due out soon with a solo album himself.Gene and Eric both play tracks on the album.Check it out!

  • It is great to have the boys back
    The album is as good as Revenge
    Not quite as good as Black Ice from ac/dc but better than most crap put out by new rockers today

  • I’ve lived with Sonic Boom a couple of days like, and after all the initial hoo-hah, I really like it.

    I think some of the songs would sit comfortably on Love Gun, notably Gene’s songs, and the overall sound is a mash-up of the heavier end of the 70′s stuff and the early 80′s Creatures/Lick it up period to my ears. It is far more cohesive than Psycho Circus, which, while not a terrible album, sounded like a forced desire to remake Destroyer than make a slammin album. I think KISS have chosen wisely in pilfering another, heavier and maybe more contemporarily relevant part of their past with Sonic Boom.

    I think KISS have consciously done what a few bands of a certain ‘vintage’ have also done in recent years and that is to play to their strengths and distall a certain essence of what makes ‘em work. If Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, even Uriah bloody Heep can pull it off, KISS must have been taking notice. I expect the sales figures for AC/DC’s ‘Black Ice’ album were probably quite ‘inspiring’ too.

    As a KISS fan of course I’d love to see the original line-up back together, but I accept that is extremely unlikely and I have to say I am both impressed and pleased with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer’s slotting into the Klassic Kiss sounds. And, be fair, Eric Singer does have a subtstantial part of KISStory under his belt. I would much rather have a 100% commitment in terms of performance than a half-assed effort from former members either unwilling or incapable of delivering the goods purely for the sake of nostalgia.

    I’m glad KISS have made this album. I’m glad they are rocking out again in a big way and I bet the new songs will be awesome live too.


    Russ, Manchester, England.

  • What everyone should remember that in early 70′s KISS were four hungry musicians who would sell their souls to make it big. They were guys with huge personalities, with the face paint that was unique to each member. They were larger than life, heroic to kids and nobody even knew what they looked like for 10 years. It was a gimmick will never be matched again. In ways I am glad that Paul & Gene are keeping the band going but the flare is just gone and it’s clear that there is no true effort put into this song writing, this album was released because they had used up every other excuse to tour. Just 2 years ago you can see Paul saying that it is pointless to write new stuff because the fans just want to hear the classics and he was right. But he just turned out contradicting himself again. If they really wanted to give us fans what we wanted how about an album with all four original members where they all actually play every track and not Tommy Thayer wearing Ace’s makeup mimicking his guitar sound.
    Forget about Sonic Boom, put on Creatures ,crank it and let Eric Carr’s playing pound through your chest for awhile. Long live KISS, rest in peace Eric.

  • If ” Sonic Boom ” is meat and potatoes then I’ am ordering out for pizza. Has anyone seen Tommy Thayer around ?

  • Go Ace!!

  • I bought Sonic Boom – hoping I would hear some really great KISS music. I’m a fan of Tommy Thayer – especially his Black ‘n’ Blue days – and I was hoping to hear some great leads – but sadly – and I’m not sure if Paul & Gene had anything to do with this – but none of the leads are original. They’re all rip-off licks of Ace – from his 74 to 77 era. When Ace put out his ’78 solo album – he really had broadened as a musician. Ace’s new album – Anomaly – has some corny lyrics – I’ll give it that – but his playing is superb. He’s had a chance to broaden his horizons. I was hoping with letting Tommy & Eric Singer contribute to the album – that it would have a great sound – and be something new for KISS – like Revenge was. But, just re-hashing old Ace solos didn’t do it for me. And I guess that comes from being a lead guitarist myself – and a huge Ace fan. But, I know what Tommy Thayer can really do – and I was hoping to hear some of that originality on this album – but no luck. It’s an ok album but that’s it. Close – but no cigar.

  • Author: shame on you! Your grasp of the written word is very poor…wow!
    As for KISS: this new CD and tour is fantastic! I can’t wait to see them in Virginia this Friday. The “re-recorded” greatest hits is weird and creepy….except for “Forever” which is phenominal….it seems that this re-recording of “Kisstory” means Ace and Peter are “dead to Kiss” – I’m ok with that!

  • i was soo excited to have a full listen to this kiss record. i don’t know how its attributed back to the seventies as it feels over driven over saturated etc. This is a boring 80′s album! ..to go with the ‘new’look 80s fashion trends that’ve been reappearing lately. i wanted kiss alive!, perhaps they go back a bit further and start over on the next one. stripped down minimal blistering hard rock. every song on sonic boom uses the same template… like a slade record would do…very loud, loud samey guitar riffs. pretty dull.

  • Being a KISS for for nearly thirty five years, i have to say this album hits just about the middle of good and bad. We all know what to expect from KISS when they release new material. Half of the songs are decent (usually Pauls) and the rest are junk (usually Genes). I just want an album that kiss me in the rear when I hear it. About 5 times I hit “next” on the cd player, but I’m giving it a second chance and here’s what I come away with.

    1. Modern Day Delilah – Solid song – should make the charts and rotation at some stations
    2. Russian Roulette – Makes me want to shoot myself, except the bass line is cool
    3. Never Enough – Is this friggin’ Poison or what?…sucks!
    4. Yes I know (nobodys perfect)- This trash is not perfect
    5. Stand – Has a catchy chorus, found myself singing this aloud
    6. Hot and Cold – Just could not listen to this
    7. All for the glory – I wish Eric sang as good as he drummed
    8. Danger us – Very good song
    9. Good song with a hint of Zeppelin
    10. When lightning strikes – Uh, “next”
    11. Say Yeah – Another catchy tune

    I have to say I think Paul and Gene limited Tommy and Eric as far as flash and balls as far as talent because they are better than this record, listen to Erics drumming on carnival, friggin awesome, and Tommy’s solos are way to conservative. Also the remade classics that came with the set I bought are absolutly atrocious…..butchered by the very own band that created them. But KISS is my favorite and I have to accept them and will. The album will grow on me and hang around and I’ll probably feel different about it a year from now.

  • I have been a fan for 30 years,and since the 80′s I am still disappointed.It is time for them to hang it up.Horrible artwork for the cover.VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  • As a lifelong Kiss fan, I was quite disappointed with “Sonic Boom”. They did a damn good job of making the album LOOK retro, and the audio/guitar/overall band sound was great for this effort, but the only song that holds up in my opinion is “Modern Day Delilah”. From track 2 on, this album is as weak as the Psycho Circus album.

    Pretty sad, because I strongly feel that this will be their LAST studio album.

  • Take your past Kiss albums and remove all those genius, amazing songs that you really, really loved and leave just those other songs that you thought were ok, decent rockers but nothing special.

    That’s what Sonic Boom sounds like to me. Someone forgot to put those magic songs on the album and left us with the decent but nothing special songs.

    This is coming from a guy who has LOVED every single Kiss album (I know what you’re thinking – yes even that one) until now.
    I like Sonic Boom but it’s nothing special.

    Even Ace’s new album, which has its ups and downs, still has a few great standout tracks.

  • I think Sonic Boom is great. It’s definitely one of KISS’s best albums. Sure, nothing can compare to their 1970′s glory day albums, but Sonic Boom is still pretty damn good, and I enjoy every single song on it, which is a rare thing indeed. I haven’t gotten Ace Frehley’s new album yet, but I definitely plan to soon, because Ace is the best, and I know his new album is going to rock, but KISS really surprised me with this new album, and I hope that they enjoy great success with it, and who knows, maybe this will lead to even more great new material in the future?

  • I..am..I can barely bring myself to say it.. DISAPPOINTED. I was expecting to hear more blazing stuff in the vein of “Who Wants To Be Lonely” or “I’ve Had Enough(Into The Fire) or “Danger”…. New powerful songs from a classic act who have All of the absolute capability !! This album is so far beneath the bands experience and ability. I love the sound and the nostalgic approach behind it but the composition is horrible, The song writing infantile, and the mighty fire that was once KISS has sadly reduced to a glowing ember. This album should have been the triumphant return. Now, Now was the time to drop the hammer down and lead the Kiss Army into battle !! This should have been the album to beat. They Failed. My heart hangs heavy in my chest.My anticipation shriveled like a dry leaf. PLEASE..PLEASE.. KISS, DON”T LET IT END THIS WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALL HAIL PAUL STANLEY !!

  • I read alot of these comments its obvious who has a problem with Tommy and Eric in the band versus Ace and Peter. Tommy does a fantastic job lets see how many people out there can pull off what he has done stepping into the shoes of Ace Frehley the make up dealing with the fans probably not many. Those of you that think Ace’s album is better have no clue what they are talking about. I have the Ace album it has its moments but the lyrics and structure of the songs are subpar. I get it though diehard Ace fans like that element about him and his music. Sonic Boom is a great album maybe it doesn’t sound like the very early albums but it sounds pretty damn good. I think thats the problem everyone seems to think they are going to put this album on and its going to be note for note just like Rock n Roll over. When I listen to Sonic Boom I hear some from the 70′s 80′s and 90′s they sound great and are fun and thats what KISS is all about. Hot and Cold and Danger Us and Say yeah are my favorites right now I love it the album sounds great especially loud. You can never make everyone happy but I guess Gene would say at least they are talking about it.

  • Why does everyone cry about Ace and Peter not being in the band? What about Vinnie Vincent – he saved the band twice – once with Creatures and Lick it up and then again with Revenge. I want to see one more good KISS album before the boys fade away – and it better be with Vinnie Vincent.

  • I’ve been a fan for years, too. I’ve been wanting a Revenge, part 2 for years instead of recapturing an older sound; that album was a progression that should have continued. Carnival was close but they never had the time to “polish” that album. Psycho Circus wasn’t their greatest effort but I never found it to be nearly as bad as it’s getting panned here. SB has a few high points–Delilah, All for the Glory, Danger Us, and Lightning are ok to good songs. Gene’s bass throughout (not just Roulette) is a step up on his part. But a lot of this does sound like Animalize/Crazy Nights/Hot in the Shade instead of the mid-70′s work. On a 10 scale, I’d say 6.5 to 7–no higher. Let’s hope there’s one more album in Gene & Paul and that they can have an amalgam of classic 70′s sound with the early 80′s rockers (Elder–yes, I said Elder….I always liked it, Creatures, and Lick it Up) and a big dose of Revenge before finally hanging it up.

  • Carlos Lee- I am nearly 40 been a fan for at least 30 years, the songs are good and the playing is solid. I wasn’t expecting Destroyer, RARO, or Love Gun part 2.
    It has some great moments on it, and damned sure beats most of the mid years crap (Asylum, Crazy Nights, Hot In The Shade).

    This is will be a great selling record for them, Tommy and Eric live bring a spark back to the back that has been missing since around 1978.

    Ace and Peter were good in their day but definitely didn’t have the skills or chops to come back and be successful as members of Kiss.

    The current live show has the same energy and feel of say the Cobo Hall 76 show.

  • Oh my god, how can a long time Kiss fan like this album, let alone a long time Kiss hater.

    The best track is When Lightning Strikes, and that is only because Paul and Genes , Pensioner/cliched vocals are not to the fore.

    Man I loved this band since a young age, I think The Elder is a great album, but my fave is Destoyer.

    However as an effort to recapture their heyday, Sonic Boom is decades off the mark, you know why…???

    ..because as incredibly good as Eric and Tommy are, they are under the control of the StarDemon, hence have no creative input and therefore no natural chemistry which the original Kiss lineup did have.

    Now I will fully support anyone who says Revenge was an incredible Kiss album, I will also agree that Psycho Circus was not a Kiss ALbum, however, barring 3 tracks it was 100% better than this uninspired, bland and by the numbers piece of crap.

    All respect Gene and Paul, but without Ace and Pete,(yes i know Dressed To Kill was the last album you all played on together) it never has been and never will be KISS again, maybe just the version of Wicked Lester you really wanted it to be.

    Shocked & Disappointed


  • Okay. I have been a devoted kiss fan for about 25 years. I totally love their stuff. Simply put sonic boom sucks crap. From the cheesy album cover to the garbage they call new songs. I get the feeling they slapped it together in 5 minutes. All kiss members should be ashamed of this album and the resulting disrespect they have shown their fans. Good thing it was only 14 bucks. If it was 20 I would feel even more ripped off. Come to think of it I believe kiss knows it sucks so they threw in a free cd and dvd so the fans would get something for their money. Shame on you kiss.

  • ok so i finally picked up the new sonic boom!!!!!!!!!!!!really????????????????ok here goes been a fan not really die hard but a fan nonetheless since 88.eye bought all the albums learned the songs drew pictures bought their mcfarlane toy figurines n saw the reunion tour n farewell tour and i bought their videos.so a fan but not die hard.i am however a fan of rock n metal music n general since 85.i write songs n play guitar n was n a band briefly as well.so heres the deal i consider myself a good critic of kiss n music n general.and my point is SONIC BOOM! REALLY?……In my opinion 5 of the 11 songs are LISTENABLE.thats rite i said LISTENABLE.WITH Modern Day Delilah being the best of the 5.The rerecorings were better than the new cd.and i had motion sickness watching the dvd.what was up with the swirling camera angles and the fast pace of it all.so there ya go theres what i think.5 songs were good 6 songs sucked period!the whole thing was worth 5 bucks not 12 n my opinion.i want my 7 bucks back please.im sure the new lynch mob winger europe danger danger bullet boys lita ford and wasp will be better than this catastrophe.paul n gene ur not the only band out n the world n ur not the best.heres my suggestion retire rite now dont even tour cancel it.refund every1s money whos bought tickets n this crappy album.keep doing ur reality show gene.and paul u deserve a break just relax at home.tommy n eric find some bands that will respect u coz u 2 r gene n pauls puppets.ok thats all 4 now. Black Ice

  • my favorite kiss albums:
    dressed 2 kill
    r n r over
    the elder
    creatures of the night
    lick it up
    psycho circus

  • Ace’s album puts Sonic Boom to shame!

  • I enjoy most of the tracks on Sonic Boom and I find myself singing:
    “All for the Glory”
    “Danger Us”
    and even
    “Modern Day Delilah”

    I love catchy anthems and I like the camaraderie of “Stand”. I think we need MORE songs that inspire friendship and ‘I Got Your Back’ mentality.

    I’m happy with it and understand their goals.

    I agree that Tommy & Eric should have been let loose and given more input and freedom.

    I want to hear at least FOUR of these songs played live this tour!

  • I don’t buy it.
    They should take off the makeup and get a life.
    They need to write about something real.
    I personally think they are out to make a few extra bucks before retirement.
    The magic is gone but the fantasy will live forever.
    Sonic Boom is not KISS.

  • Sonic Boom is pure shit.
    They know it.
    They don’t care.
    They are so bored…


    This album is about as good as it will get for KISS 2009. So Cherish it before these guys are dead, and gone!

    That said SONIC BOOM isn’t a 70′s KISS record. But it is good! A few of the Songs “Yes I Know”, “Hot & Cold”, “Danger Us”, and “Modern Day Delilah” are very 70′s KISS like tunes. “Animal” is more like something off Creatures of the Night, and “Never Enough” similar to something off Animalize. Then there’s some new KISS too. “All for the Glory” is a flat out catchy rocker featuring Eric Singer on lead vocals. “When Lightning Strikes” has a very Warrant-like vibe to it. “Stand”, and “Say Yeah” are anthems. “Say Yeah” has some Tears are Falling moments. Anyway I like it, and I’ve been a KISS fan since ’93.

    Enjoy it, while we still have a KISS.

    Oh and to the Ace fans out there. Anomaly is not a better album than Sonic Boom, Sorry! Not even close. I like the new Ace and all, but let’s get real!

    KISS – SONIC BOOM 8/10

  • I read through the different comments here, and am shocked by how many people are dissing this album. Sonic Boom is pure KISS, with some songs sounding very much like 70′s KISS, and others sounding 80s. KISS has almost always been dismissed by reviewers as nothing but a gimmick band who do not write sophisticated R&R songs. Ya know what? I prefer my KISS straight up, pure fun for rocking and rolling all nite to.

    I note that a lot of the people reviewing it poorly in the comments are Pater/Ace luddites who just can’t admit those days are gone, most likely to never return. Peter may care, but Ace doesn’t. And remember both sold their rights to the Catman and Spaceman makeup, so how much could either of them really care? Tommy & Eric DO care, and it shows on this album and onstage.

    Sonic Boom has straight up hard rock like Modern Day Delilah, I’m an Animal, Russian Roulette, and Hot Or Cold, and pure poppish stuff like Stand, Yes, I Know, Say Yeah, and All For The Glory. And it is all good. Sonic Boom showcases each member, and each member delivers.

    I saw KISS live last night, and it was straight up the best show I have seen. While I love the original line-up, Tommy & Eric deliver a passion missing on the Farewell Tour. Tommy will never be as original as Ace, but he CAN play the hell out of a guitar AND sings better than Ace. Eric is a definite improvement over Peter and both a drummer and singer. Tommy & Eric have made a commitment to KISS, and it shows. And let me just say, Eric also loves his fans, and has a fantastic work ethic. If he wasn’t such a stellar person and drummer, would KISS & Alice Cooper be willing to share him?

    I will also say that Ace’s Anonamly is also an excellent album. Only a couple of songs on it are weak, and his guitar playing still blows you away.

    Sonic Boom is what KISS does best. It makes your tap your toe and sing out loud and proud. Enjoy it. Best album in more than 20 years.

  • Garbage! Modern Day Delilah only song worth listening to. Prefer all the 80′s albums to this hacked up furball! With Tommy told to copy all his solos, it shows that Ace was the only guitar player that should have been in Kiss! They should sling some money to Vinnie Vincent for hauling their ass out of the fire back in 82′!!!!

  • To paraphrase, “N-n-n-nobody’s perfect/B-but baby I come awful close”

    Enough said.

  • Been a Kiss fan for 34 years and will always be a kiss fan. I was really looking forward to this album, particularly since it was meant to be done in the style of vintage Kiss.

    What a disapointment.

    It’s absolutely awful.

    Sometimes a great album needs time to grow on you, so I gave this one every chance, but every time I hear it I cringe.

    For me, Sonic Boom is the final nail in the coffin. Kiss have been the most successful tribute band in the world for quite a few years now, and it looks like that’s how they’ll stay.

  • finally heard the new cd. after listening, I figured the old guard would love this one. not the way they love the classic 1974-1978 era, but more than anything since. judging by the reviews on this site, I’m surprised at just how wrong I was.

    I think this cd is as close to the classic KISS formula that we’re likely to see. my hands down favorite KISS album was “Rock And Roll Over”, and while this isn’t as good, I wasn’t expecting it to be. I mostly ignored the band in the 80s and 90s and only own the KISS box set to represent those years. from what I’ve heard on the box however, this cd blows most of that material away. I was very impressed and very surprised to find little to no filler on the disc. never was that huge a KISS fan though, so maybe I don’t have the right perspective.

    the best cd by a 70s band this year is “The Latest” from Cheap Trick which really does harken back to their glory days. The best cd of 2009 is the new one by The Wildhearts titled “Chutzpah!” Look for it on-line… you won’t be disappointed. Haven’t heard Ace’s new cd yet, but did hear him interviewed by Wildhearts leader Ginger.

    if you’re looking for a solid KISS album full of catchy material that is very reminiscent of the band you used to know… then check this one out. not nearly as bad as many of these reviews would lead you to believe.

    good job guys!

  • Why does everyone want a 70′s album?
    This is 2009 people!!!!! If you want 70′s Kiss, go listen to Destroyer.
    I think Sonic Boom is better than the 70′s albums because every song is great, and Gene’s songs have the same 70′s feel to them. The most important thing is that we have 11 new Kiss songs to listen to without hitting the “next” button one time.
    I would much rather see Gene live at the top of the lighting trusses singing “I’m an Animal” than “I love it loud” The 70′s stuff is getting a little too old now. My only dissapointment with the live show was only 1 song from Sonic Boom. I hope that Paul & Gene see the light and start to do some new stuff live. We’ve all heard the same 70′s stuff for 35 years now.
    The people here complaining about this album are just bitter about something (and we all know what that is), or they don’t have an ear for music.
    BTW Tommy and Eric are better musicians then Ace and Peter.

  • It is TRUE that this is the best kiss album in 30 years. You can appreciatte in it the Rock and roll over’s sound. The guitar has the Ace Frehley’s best sound (Tommy did it great) and songs are like the 70′s.

    If you aren’t a kiss army member and you only listened rock and roll all nite, don’t comment, just shut up!

    THIS ALBUM ROCKS!!!!!!!!

  • If you really want to listen to an awesome album, go and pick up Ace Frehley’s Anomaly!

  • I also think this album has nothing on Revenge. I think the good musical side of the band ended at Revenge – and possibly Carnival of Souls. Gene’s songs are great and so is Eric’s. Paul’s sound like they are B sides to his solo album. If the whole album sounded like Gene’s songs, it would have been a great album. Paul’s songs fall short.

  • Given the promises this would take us back to the basics, the CD was disappointing. As Mr Speed said, it was not Revenge.

    It didn’t take us back to the 1970′s as I thought it was supposed to – it took us back to the 1980′s when they experimented with the softer and strummed ballads on The Elder. Thankfully this is not Elder 2.0 – but it is more like that era.

    In my opinion, they need to go back and start over again. They need hunger – and they have the time to do this.

    They need raw ball breaking riffs such as Strutter, Black Diamond etc. They need to drop Paul’s ballad type lines and have a clearer, heavier sound than was evident on Sonic Boom.

    I know they can do it, but just aren’t hungry for it. Not yet, anyway.

    Sorry, but this CD has been overrated by a number of people.

  • I just realized – and this has been eating at me for a while until I finally placed it – that When Lightning Strikes is a rip off of Shake Me by Cinderella!!!

    It’s damn near note-for-note, from the cowbell to the guitar riffs, etc.

    You don’t believe me, go listen for yourself.

  • I must say KISS Kontinues to “sell out”!! Bottom line, I am HUGE KISS fan for over 30 yrs, but this is nothing more than attempt to pump up egos and bank accounts!! I have Ace’s CD as well(btw-anyone that likes Ace knows he isnt known for his vocals)but his CD kicks Sonic Boom ass!!

    Kiss Klassics-what a joke!! I was expecting a bit more from this whole KISSEXPERIENCE, but this is what u get for twelve bucks!!

    I think that KISS will continue to “sell out” as they continue to on their website for the meet & greet and other things that are overpriced!!

    Met Eric Singer-CLASS ACT!!!(and it wasn’t “overpriced” to meet/greet/autograph session)

  • Best songs on Anomaly are, Outerspace, Sister, and the cover of Fox On the Run. The rest of the album just doesn’t grab me. Sonic boom is great all the way through.

  • Oh Yeah…About Ace’s singing, I think it’s great. I always liked his voice. It’s unique and different, and I thought it was actually one of the high points of his new album. The lyrics on the other hand…






  • Sonic Boom … I can’t stop playing it! It’s awesome. Been listening to Kiss since ‘I Was Made For Loving You’ came out … which is forever I suppose … always found Kiss albums to have one or two good songs and the rest mere fillers. Eldest son is avid Kiss fan … I WAS a part time fan. But … enter Sonic Boom into the fray … WOW!!!!!!

    Modern Day Delilah …. 10/10 classic KISS. Love it!
    Russian Roulette … not the best but still better than most of the junk playing the airways these day.
    Say Yeah … wow. 10/10. Love it. One of the best on the album. Classic 70′s style. Awesome.
    When Lightning Strikes … not the best on the album. Took a few plays to like it (bought album two days ago … play count on Ipod is registering 10,12,13 plays for the album already … not like me at all!!)
    I’m An Animal …. Gene Simmons ROCKS!!! He still has the power of the god of thunder!!!
    Danger Us … 8/10 … OK, but not the best on the album. Still worth playing again and again though.
    All For The Glory .. love it. Hypnotic rock music. Good olde memories of the 70/80′s … power, youth, musicians enjoying themselves (I’m 44 now and its a long time since I came across musicians making a record so professionally).. 10/10 and perhaps my favourite song on the album
    Hot & Cold … Stand … fillers. The Kiss style I didn’t ever get into. But then, the album was described as a record of all the Kiss styles to date. Which it is.
    Yes I Know … clever Gene Simmons. This is a catchy song which seems naff at first but creeps up on you. 8/10
    NEVER ENOUGH … brilliant Kiss production … wow!!!! 1/10 .. ooops 10/10!!!

    BRILLIANT ALBUM … and this is coming from someone who was never a true Kiss fan. Watching Gene Simmons’s Family Jewels actually helped me to ‘understand’ Kiss a little bit more … which made me anticipate this album a bit more. Already I rate it in my top 15 albums of all time … alongside Ready An’ Willing, Led Zep IV, 2112, Machine Head, Made IN Japan, Stormbringer, Burn etc etc ….

  • This album was rushed. The lyrics are substandard and Tommy Thayer shows no personal style, he just adapted under Gene’s rule to pull out some regurgitated Ace sounds. Ace Frehley’s guitar sound was KISS and do ever forget it, anyone who says Tommy is superior probably doesn’t go back any farther than Physco Circus. At least when Vinnie & Bruce played lead they offer their own elements to the band. I’am happy for all those people who like the new lineup and album, but I also feel sorry that you’ll never experience the chemistry and excitement that made KISS the super rock group of the 70′s.

  • Boom rocks….but only after 5 listens. At first this is an average album. Nothing ‘grabs’. I want you, Take me, Makin Love, Detroit R C, Exciter, all GRABBED upon opening strains. Nothing on Boom does that. However, after my 15th listen I am truly hooked. Once I let go of my hope and expectation for ‘I stole your love 2′ and let myself just hear what Paul & the boys did I began to really appreciate Boom. There are a couple clunkers, i.e. Stand, Never enough & Say Yeah all pretty much serve as space filler. However, Delilah, Danger us and the BEST SONG on the album, Animal are true ass kickin classics!!!

  • I don’t get it, paul opens with a great song, rocking, and very “I want you”-esc. It has a dark edge to it. Then he goes into “never enough”?? His songs sound like songs off of crazy nights. Where is the “Classic Album” he promised. Gene’s songs are written and sound like the classic band. His songs – in my opinion – hold up the album. Paul thinks to much about the majority, rather than trying to take KISS to the next musical level. Revenge proved how good they can be musically. That in my mind was the best era ever. It was a new band with a great history. Opening up with creatures and ending with star spangled banner, was great.


  • sonic boom is indeed a fine album by anyones standards,as a lifelong kiss fan it never ceases to amaze me how they always manage to come back with a bang! (or boom in this case). all i can say is, cant wait to see them live on stage in glasgow in may. and i am saddened to think that indeed this could quite possibly be the last time we see them in scotland.


  • Been a fan since Alive! came out and had every album thru Animalize. I’ve been hearing so much about how this album is a “return to the ‘old’ KISS” in sound. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard more than one nod to the “old days”. The opening riff of “Danger Us” sounds very similar to “God Of Thunder” (the Paul Stanley Demo version of GoT even more so) and the opening lead from Tommy Thayer contains a lick that sounds remarkably like Ace’s lead riff in “She”.
    One could argue that Tommy is so attuned to doing an Ace impersonation that his “original” riffs are starting to sound like Ace’s.
    I even mixed the entire album with all of my other KISS songs (on my iPod) and shuffle played them. I heard (without taking notes) a lot of riffs lifted from older songs. If that’s taking your sound back 30 years, stay out of the studio.
    Truth be told, Ace’s new album is a lot stronger.
    I hate to be saying this because, like I said, I’ve been a fan since ’75. Oh well, there’s always “Hotter Than Hell, Dressed To Kill” and the like to listen to.

  • Got it from a friend as a gift. He is lucky I still consider him a friend. ;)

    I have been a Kiss fan since I first heard the original self titled “Kiss” back in 1974. I have a few albums over the years I really did not care for too much. Unmasked, Crazy nights, Hot in the Shade were awful albums With albums like Dynasty, The Elder and The solo releases having some bad stuff, but some redeemable music. Te rest of course offered a LOT of great Music. IMO (And remember folks it is just that) Revenge was the rebirth of Kiss and probably the last really great album they made. Psycho Circus had a few moments, but wasn’t great. It was OK and that was that.

    As a fan, the album is a disappointment. So help me I can sing the words to Poison’s “Talk dirty to me” through parts of Never enough and lyrics like “Danger you, danger me, danger us.” I would probably think cool if it was 1983 and I was 13 years old again. but now it is just stale and boring. I actually hear lyrics being brought in from old material to fill in the blanks.

    As a guitarist of over 30 years myself, I know how difficult it is to write new material after so long So i can actually respect they came up with enough material for an entire album but most of what I hear is from the brain. It is crafted out of “What do we think will sell the most?” rather than what was in the heart. That is why most bands fizzle out and fail later in their careers. The heart just isn’t into it like it was in the beginning. Thel don’t have the hunger like they did early on.

    Metal/hard rock is currently a dying breed. You dont really see a lot of new rock acts filling the arenas much these days unless it is an older act. Remember the 70′s and 80′s where anyone worth seeing you went to a 10,000 seat arena to see them.

    If nothing else I appreciate Kiss for still putting on one of the greatest rock shows in history.

  • The ship has sunk!

    Well, that’s the last nail in the Kiss coffin. To be honest, I haven’t bought a Kiss album since Lick It Up. Paul said Sonic Boom is a blast from the past with hard hitting old school Kiss! So, I figured I give it a shot and to my suprise I should be shot. This album blows hard. Nothing on here is good. Some songs sound like rip offs from other bands and the lyics are pathetic. We’ve all been suckered by the big Kiss money making machine. This must have been a joke, a joke on all of us, Kiss get’s the last laugh and the last dollar ever from me. Bo hiss you suck Kiss! Please retire before you completely destroy the entire enjoyment of Kiss of old. I’m gonna put on Rock and Roll over to clense my ears. Goodbye.

  • Somewhat off the review of “boom” but I have to chime in on this. We (wife and I) took our 12 yr old son to Pittsburgh to see these guys December 13th, 2009, in what was their last American concert from the 35 tour. All I can say is it was absolutely surreal. When these guys bounced out on stage and kicked it off with “Deuce” I was floored and awestruck. They brought it the whole night all the way through the 4 song encore. The fact that they hold such a place in history is irrelevant. They jammed and killed it the entire concert. Listening to all thier music for 35+ years and then finally seeing them rock it live was unreal. Hopefully most fans got a chance to see them at some point in their lives. What a show!!!

  • The one question I have about this album is:

    Why didn’t Eric Singer’s picture/artwork make it to the inside of the CD package? Gene, Paul and Tommy were on the inside on the package…did Eric upset them somehow?

  • whoops…. I’m just an idiot. Eric’s picture was under the CD.

    Liked the CD quite a bit. It was sort of flashback to the good ole’ days. Loved KISS growing up as a kid and this album brought back quite a few good old memories.

  • Hey thanks Paul and Gene for being there all these years, I love the magic of KISS, and always will. Tommy you have done your guitar homework, I am a true believer. And how does a drummer move that fast and keep such good time? thanks Eric, also loved what you did with Badlands. Sounds GREAT in my truck.

  • I’ve been a KISS fan for I dont know how long, and their new stuff is somewhat better than carnival of souls. but all the albums they released in the past were great! I would give this cd five stars.

  • Russian Roulette is the best song I’ve heard from anyone in ages. I hate how the lyrics on Lightning Strikes speak cliche metaphor without actually saying anything. Sonic Boom is my favourite Gene album overall since Revenge. Unfortunately I think Paul’s voice has had its day.

  • sonic boom is good but trying to compare it to ace frehleys album anomoly is ridiculous…ace’s music is new and fresh and tommy thayer will always be nothing more than a replacement………if tommy was that good he wouldnt have to wear ace’s makeup….end of story

  • Too many “oh yeah’s” in between the verses. Irritating.
    Paul is predictable and he still gets under my skin. Gene is god and always will be.

  • I’ve disliked KISS pretty much my whole life, with the exception of I love it loud, Lick it up, Heavens on fire….when I was about 10 yrs old. The sexism and moneygrubbing made me stay away. But wait now, this album is fucking great. It made me take a look what they did back in the 70′s. Now I’ve found about 35-40 songs I like a lot. Thanks to the new cd.

    But listening to Gene in interviews still makes me cringe.

  • never new they had a new albam till today, always loved kiss. just searching the web and found there new song on jimmy kimmel live wow. must of kept it a seceret. 97.9 didnt even play it like it thou

  • I been a Kiss fan for over 15 years and i reckon this album sucks…. one of the worst

  • Broke down and bought this last week and for those saying it’s great or anywhere close to Revenge are simply outside your minds. There’s finally a KISS CD that I will not listen to more than once. The Elder is no longer the worst KISS album, it’s Sonic Bust. There’s no balls in it, it’s all happy happy cliches. With every song I kept waiting for something and it just wasn’t there. What made KISS great was the edgeyness and this just lacks. Psycho Circus was a much better effort than this. As for the re-recorded Klassics–wow, not very good either. I’m a life long KISS fan but haven’t seen them live since 1996 because that was the FAREWELL tour and IMO, should have been the end.

    Why do I want to see them go? Go ask Muhammad Ali fans that question and you’ll find out. It’s no fun watching your favorite boxer, player, band stay in the game too long and get pummeled or embarrassed and this CD is an embarassment.

  • sonic boom is a bad album if you are looking for what gene and paul says it is.
    Its is a jonas brothers album.(not hotter than hell or alive1).
    get real and listen. I wish it was good because I am getting tired of hearing detroit rock city or love gun etc.( i love those songs really)but kinda overplayed now.
    Anomally is a great album from ace. I know he is a drug addict.But he can really make a great rocking guitar album. It must piss gene and paul off we they try so hard and over think stuff and only come up with sonic boom. ( Ace gets wrecked and pukes and comes up with annomally). oh well life is not perfect too bad u guys could not stay together but thats life. I understand it. Hey if it wasnt for ledd zepplin none of u would be here. lol
    You are trying to sell the past but it is something you can not create without ace and peter. Maybe not even then.
    please stopp making music.

  • Sonic Boom is a terrible album. Track 1 Modern Day Delilah is th eonly good song. Genes writing is the worst. His lyrics have zero to them.

    All I think when listening to this is how the hell did this band pull off the 70′s? Must have been Ace and Peter because these two havent had a good record since.

    Anyone who think Sonic Boom sounds like old Kiss needs to lay off the Booze and Crack awhile.

    Paul and Gene are selling nostalgia to fat old guys who take their 10 year olds to the shows. There is nothing rock and roll about a KIss show. I hear the next one is sponsered by power scooters and diabetes meds.

    Ace Frehley still puts out good records though. And its really Ace Frehley not some clown who never made it in the 80′s pretending to be Ace.

  • Sonic Boom is a good record, it sounds closer to the 70′s sound then the 80′s/early 90′s stuff but stands on it’s own in 2009 as a good hard rock album.
    Modern Day Delilah is a good opener. I enjoyed Never Enough, I’m An Animal (best Gene since Revenge) & Say Yeah; wish they played that one in October ’09 at the New York City gig! Good release with some filler (most every KISS albums has a few clunkers). This years follow up from KISS should be even better, at least they sound like a real band this time around, unlike Psycho Circus with Ace & Peter.

    • Are u high? Psycho Circus is second only to Destroyer. Who gives two fucks if Ace/Peter weren’t really playing on it? Paul writes all the good songs, anyway. personally, I wouldn’t care if my grandma played rums for them…it’s the songwriting that counts at the end of the day

    Immediately liked songs 2,3,4, and 10. After hearing whole album a few times, I found myself making comparisons to Destroyer, which, when it first came out, I didn’t care for until I had heard it a few times. This album has me cranking it up, which I have not done with a Kiss album since Love Gun. Thanks Kiss for bringing back the rockin’ sounds of the 70′s!

  • Sonic Boom blows. So does the bonus disc of “Klassics”. What a lame idea. Kiss is trying to rewrite history and the result is bland crap.

  • there are hundreds of deaf people that commented here. It’s the worst KISS album ever. At least the Elder had the best 80ies KISS song on it: The Oath. The songs start off well…and then those sickeningly soft choruses turn up & make u fall asleep. I don’t get it? how is this a good KISS album? Where are the Detroit Rock City & Shout it Out Loud type of choruses? Michael Jackson’s beat It 7 gaga’s the Edge of Glory are more rock/metal than this shit. hell, even madonna is heavier at times…ha-ha-ha. Epic Fail Gene & Paul…epic fail.

  • A carnival act of State Fair proportions- love it! Saw them with the MSO in Melbourne on the basis that it was their last show, which was the promise of the previous show to that (in Sydney with Eric Singer and Ace). At least I’ve seen the original line-up (in two sessions).

    But I was knocked out by the a) existence of this record and b) its quality! Was certainly something to look forward to when the mp3-player came around to getting it into my cans.

    A great review. A good record. PS- only *two* of them are ageing- Thayer and Singer are the same age as Simmons’ kids (or at least, his wife)


  • PS – this is my music-reviews site from back aways. The blogspot one doesn’t really qualify me to write my opinion on this page.

    Thanks for the review Culturebully, and for my iTunes album art for Sonic Boom


  • This album would have been better with some ruder guitar tones. The riffs are solid even if a little bland. The album just has a very generic feel. Like if a computer were programmed to write a KISS album this is what you would get. I think the guys need to go to a mountain cabin, get weirder and write new songs from the heart

    • i don’t think I would listen to this over almost any other KISS album except maybe animalize, crazy nights or Psy cir.

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