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Lady Gaga “The Edge of Glory” MP3

“The Edge of Glory,” the new single from Lady Gaga’s forthcoming Born This Way, follows a similar pattern that developed between the album’s title track and “Judas,” but it offers a unique twist which could represent a deeper focus on release. From the moment “Born This Way” dropped in February it became clear that Lady Gaga was establishing a sound for the new album that not only glanced back to ’80s pop, but dove headfirst into its retro club beats and bold dance anthems. But the single didn’t really go anywhere and “Judas,” while clearly speaking to Gaga’s voice, also failed to live up to what the singer is capable of. One recent “Judas” commenter went as far as suggesting that, “Her respect and credibility will continue to be jeopardized until she can release something new and original.” This isn’t to say that “The Edge of Glory” offers such redemption, but the gut reaction to the song says that it comes pretty damn close. An appealing hook and pulsating beat combined with a ridiculous era-defining saxophone solo from E Street Band member Clarence Clemons certainly goes a long way in separating “The Edge of Glory” from its predecessors. Especially following a pair of music videos which combined plenty of spectacle with little to no substance, it’s a pleasure to hear a track which suggests that Born This Way might actually live up to its wild expectation after all.

MP3 Lady Gaga “The Edge of Glory”


    I agree that the song is arguably the best one to come from this new album so far. But to say that the “Born This Way” video lacked substance is ridiculous. It was full of ideas, references, and multilayered themes.

  • The Judas video was awful too. She could have done a much better job with the whole jesus vs. judas concept.

  • Not getting me at all excited. This is what happens when an artist spends more time wearing meat than working on her music. The way she’s going she’ll be a has-been by 30.

  • uhh the Born This Way video was incredible…gaga barefoot doing true contemporary dancing… what the hell are you talking about ‘no substance’

  • @Anna : when he says there is no substance, he meant the song, not the video

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