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Mashupdate: The Hood Internet, DJ Moule, Aggro1, DJ Riko, DJ Zebra, DJ Clive$ter, Fresh Fried Fries & DJ MDSB’s “FutureSnake/LoveSounds”


As always The Hood Internet has come through with some fantastic mashes since the last mashupdate. This time around ABX displays continued prowess with tracks utilizing M.I.A., New Order and even Britney Spears.

DJ Moule delivers a really unique track that tightly adheres Wax Taylor over Lou Reed’s “Walk on the Wild Side,” additionally the touch of Stones works really well.

Not too long ago Done Waiting introduced a DJ Riko track featuring vocals by Gerald A. that spliced LCD’s “Daft Punk is Playing at My House” with a bit of funk…P-Funk…and the results? Not too bad. (via Done Waiting)

A longtime favorite, Aggro1 just released a mash featuring the ever popular Christina Aguilera set to a ridiculous remix by The Beatsteaks. This is definitely worth checking out!

French bootlegger DJ Zebra has released a number of new mashups recently, head over to Mashuptown for more details. (via Mashuptown)

If mashing a relaxed track by the German electronic group Schiller and the horrible Linkin Park spin-off Fort Minor sounds like a bad idea to you, I suggest you reconsider as DJ Clive$ter has done a damn fine job of it. (via Mashup Industries)

During a short introduction to a couple mashups Dave Rawkblog posted a track by a relatively unknown MySpace bootlegger named Fresh Fried Fries. A while back a friend and I were discussing the fun one can have with “virtual crate digging,” and how you can come across an unknown DJ or bootlegger that really surprises; FFF is one such bootlegger. (via The Rawking Refuses to Stop)

Thanks to the internet I was able to scrounge up a bit of information on DJ Million Dollar Snake Babies, who recently released a fantastic mix called FutureSnake/LoveSounds. Via BBQChickenRobot, “DJ Million Dollar Snake Babies is a math major at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. He’s also the MD of Allegheny’s radio station, WARC, 90.3 FM. He’s been goofing around on computers with music for five years now, hopefully improving as he goes. Check out this track, It’s very dancey and worth the listen!”

And worth the listen it is! Much like The Hood Internet’s solid equation of modern hip hop and rap mashed with popular indie favorites FutureSnake develops as an entirely fresh production from the start to the end. The entire release is available via DJ MDSB’s blog, but to save some time and hassle a number of the great tracks are included below.

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