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Portlandia Season 2 Preview

Portland: The city where young people go to retire. Portland: The city where the dream of the ’90s is alive. Portlandia: One of the most unique, nuanced, non-linear comedies on television. Back for their second season, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein will be revisiting their wide-reaching palette of characters when the show makes its return to television this Friday on IFC. Following season one cameos ranging from Steve Buscemi to Heather Graham to Kyle MacLachlan, season two is set to include guest appearances from the likes of Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder along with SNL’s Kristen Wiig and Andy Samberg. If you’d like to revisit the first three episodes from season one, or to check out the entire episode of “One Moore Episode” from the upcoming season (preview of that episode expires in three days), head over to Hulu. And don’t forget to hit IFC on Friday when the new season debuts at 10pm EST/9pm Central.


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    • Man I love this show, wish it played overseas more

    Eddie Vedder is god. Well…more like Jesus but damn close enough!

    - Face The King

  • I’ve only just discovered this show, but man is it good…a gentle yet at the same time cutting satire about life in a backwater…which could apply to just about anywhere for that matter!

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