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R.E.M. & Thom Yorke “E-Bow the Letter” live video

I was never a huge R.E.M. guy — boy, did I enjoy the hits! — but the only albums that I really took time, hell years, to absorb were Monster & New Adventures in Hi-Fi. This song is from the latter, as performed by the band and Thom Yorke at the ’98 Tibetan Freedom Concert. It’s pretty cool to look back on, which, I guess, is all we can do now.

I must say though, R.E.M. did give me fodder for one of the few early posts on Culture Bully that my college roommates actually got a kick out of. Excuse the faint smell of homophobia…

July 3, 2005: “Live Aid? More Like Live Gayid

“Well, I didn’t watch it…any of it…but from what I hear…yeah, wicked gay. Linkin Park? Gay! Bjork? Gay! The Killers? Gay! Paul McCartney? Gay! Elton John? Surprisingly cool…”

Where’s the R.E.M. connection, you might be asking? A Michael Stipe screenshot accompanied the post. Memories…


    It’s cool to be reminded why we were all totally into these guys a decade ago, nice post

  • I have been a Radiohead fan only for about 6 years now. It’s crazy to see how far Thom has come. I can understand the homophobia though. lol

  • Love REM, brings me back to the 80′s, not to mention “Everybody Hurts” was my favorite break up song! You should check out Aroheses

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