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Roadside Graves “My Father Sat Me Down”


Next Tuesday, June 9th, the Roadside Graves will be releasing their great new album, My Son’s Home. The 18 song collection is a dark and haunting take on rustic folk music and is a consistently strong album from start to finish. One of the best of the batch is the burnt out shuffle of “My Father Sat Me Down.” The song is a multi-part opus that fuses lead singer John Gleason’s woozy scorched earth vocals with the whimsical alt country that the band has been refining to an art form over the last few years. The music takes left turns that many alt country bands would dutifully avoid, but still retains that dark, dusty dirt road feel that makes it seem so haunted and engaging. When Gleason reaches the coda of the song, he abnegates hope as he wheezes out the lyrics “I don’t care who slept with who.” The song, like the entire album, is a mesmerizing journey that finds a top notch band hitting their stride behind a captivating singer/songwriter and is one of the best albums in its genre of the year.

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    great band/album

    if you’ve not heard their debut EP ‘What Happened to Him Could Happen to Anyone’ from 2007, definitely check it out, it’s even better than this full length.

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