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Slash “Slash” Review

There is little left to be said about Slash’s past work that hasn’t already been dissected a million times over: The guitarist is widely considered to be one of the greatest soloists of all time—if not one of the greatest guitarists of all time—and the songs created during his years playing with Guns N’ Roses will forever be remembered as some of the best in the history of rock music. Furthermore, Slash’s ability to reestablish himself in a new era with Velvet Revolver only goes to further cement his status a vital member of the modern rock community; not to mention his million-plus selling Slash’s Snakepit project and his countless guest contributions over the past 20 years. To say that Slash is a departure from the guitarist’s past work is a bit of a stretch, but in describing the new album—his first “solo” record—it would be achingly difficult not to suggest that it further reinforces the idea that Slash as one of the best in the world, regardless of time and supporting cast.

That’s not to say that the lineup performing with Slash on the album isn’t remarkable though, as the distinguished rhythm section alone, featuring bassist Chris Chaney (Jane’s Addiction, Alanis Morissette) and drummer Josh Freese (Nine Inch Nails, A Perfect Circle, the Vandals), offers up a wealth of talented support. But when considering that Ian Astbury (the Cult), Ozzy Osbourne, Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl, Iggy Pop and Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead) are but a few of the guests who make contributions throughout the album it quickly becomes apparent that Slash has surrounded himself by some of the best in the world when taking on this new project. Even when you’re one of the best in the world it doesn’t hurt to surround yourself with legends.

Astbury is the first of the bunch to join in, lending his voice to “Ghost” which leads off the album. With the track Slash, accompanied by his long time Guns N’ Roses counterpart Izzy Stradlin, quickly identifies a trend which is followed closely throughout Slash: Rather than taking the spotlight he focuses on playing to the strengths of the vocalist. In this case “Ghost” sounds less like Astbury standing in on a Guns N’ Roses track and more like Slash joining the Cult for a rumbling journey into the band’s history. The same can be said for “Crucify The Dead” where Slash slows things down and takes the approach of an epic soloist lurking in the background while Ozzy Osbourne controls the song.

One of the first unexpected developments on the album is Slash’s collaboration with Black Eyed Peas vocalist Fergie on “Beautiful Dangerous.” Having previously performed with Slash at his 2008 birthday celebration, Fergie comfortably steps in as an unusually sharp rock soulstress in the track, with Slash creating a wave of sound which carries her voice far beyond initial expectations. This isn’t to say that Fergie isn’t a talented singer in her own right, but simply that her ability to carry the song’s chorus is completely unexpected—no matter how tacky her hurried verses might be.

Myles Kennedy, formerly of Alter Bridge, follows with the slow rolling “Back From Cali,” his first of two appearance on the record (his second comes with the bluesier “Starlight”). With the pair of tracks Kennedy and Slash reveal an unusually compatible chemistry which translates well with the recordings. Oddly enough, at times Kennedy ends up sounding more like Chris Cornell than Cornell himself, who follows with the jagged “Promise.”

After Wolfmother’s Andrew Stockdale steps in with the record’s second single, “By The Sword,” the album’s second unusual pairing pits one of Slash’s slow-moving riffs against the smooth vocals of Maroon 5′s Adam Levine. And while the slowed down pace of the song might be the most uncharacteristic on Slash, “Sword” does find the guitarist once again placing himself humbly in a position where he’s supporting the vocalist to allow for their talents to shine.

The album continues as Lemmy Kilmister lends his legendary growl on the raucous “Doctor Alibi,” Dave Grohl and former G’n'R Duff McKagan accompany Slash on the album’s only instrumental “Watch This,” and Kid Rock lends his voice to “I Hold On.” But it’s the third, and possibly the most striking, surprise which again reinvigorates the record. In “Nothing To Say” Slash joins Avenged Sevenfold’s M. Shadows with an edgy riff that wouldn’t be entirely out of place within the group’s driving mainstream metal. While “Nothing To Say” is neither the best song on the album nor the best depiction of Slash’s talents it does showcase another uncharacteristic sound on the record, something which gives Slash a fresh feeling all the way through. Following Kennedy’s second appearance and the acoustic “Saint is a Sinner Too,” Slash is joined by Iggy Pop on “We’re All Gonna Die.” Pop’s vocals on the song sound about as flat as his 2007 Stooges reunion album The Weirdness however, leaving the record fading away on an unfortunately sour note.

It’s hard to fault anything Slash does musically as the man is steady in his craft and has delivered time and time again for well over two decades. But when adding the element of outside influence, as with the laundry-list of contributors who were invited to join him with Slash, the risk of becoming a parody of oneself becomes a real one: In each of the album’s tracks Slash could very well sit back and be the top hat wearing, chain-smoking icon we know him as, steadily jamming out while each vocalist sits in and tries to fall into line with the guitarist’s sound and mystique. But instead each track comes across as not only an honest collaboration of ideas, but an oddly out-of-body experience for the guitarist. With each track Slash steps out of the sound which we’ve come to expect from him and showcases an unexpected side to his talents. In terms of an individual musician this might not seem like that big of a deal. But when considering history’s greatest guitarists and their tendency toward insisting on being the unwavering focal point of their songs, Slash translates as something far more incredible.


    just want to correct this. Myles Kennedy is not formerly of Alter Bridge. Alter Bridge is still alive and well and with Myles Kennedy. they just finished recording their 3rd album and come October, will be touring to support it starting in Europe.

  • Great review, but you say “Myles Kennedy, formerly of Alter Bridge…” Kennedy is still in the band and they are currently working on their third album and will be touring at the end of this year.

  • And I just realized that this has been pointed out to you. Haha never mind. :)

  • Alter Bridge? Might’ve spoken out of turn there, but all the same: they’re dead to me… :-)

  • The album is not bad but it sounds like a compilation of artists instead of a Slash album.

    All the songs sound like Slash was a guest guitarist in the artists bands instead of the other way around. Not to mention that all songs are predictable, formulaic and boring. This is another proof that Slash wasn’t the brain behind Guns n’ Roses, Slash could never have written songs like November Rain or Estranged, sure he wrote amazing solos and very cool riffs, but that’s not song writing.

    The guitar solos on this album are ok and is where Slash sounds Slash. If I had to compare them with the solos from Chinese Democracy, well, let’s just say that the first time I heard “This I Love” solo I cried and “Shackler’s revenge” made me go “WOW, how cool and amazing is this solo? On this album, I just felt “Yeah, they’re good, pretty standard stuff.”

    I’m a huge Slash fan and I was expecting something a bit better to be honest. Good effort.

    I’ll give it 6/10 because some songs are good but stuff like Iggy Pop, Lemmy and Avenged Sevenfold guy actually made me laugh.

  • Are you really suggesting that Chinese Democracy was a better album than Slash’s? I think this is a roaring success… it’s completely, and rightly, devoid of subtlety and lacks the preening, irritating complications that come with any Axl-helmed record. It straddles an entire epoch of hard rock, with its balls out… Slash doesn’t get stuck up his own ass, plays great solos that suit the songs rather than dominating them. I personally like the “compilation” feeling – many a time I’ve sat around wondering how awesome it would be if slash played with so-and-so, or such-and-such, and now he has – all in one neat package. Nice work Slash. I’m really trying not to bash Chinese Democracy… but… dude… didn’t it just suck? Then again I never did like November Rain much… so I guess each to his own…

  • hey alex this album makes chinese democracy look stupid and it didnt even take 17 years to make i live in australia and i listen to the radio every day and ive never heard the new gnr songs on there this slash cd only just come out and it being flogged on the radio and i am a big axl fan hes my favort singer by far but the guitar in Chinese Democracy isnt catchie SLASH IS THE MAN ever one who plays a guitar wants so sound like slash

  • Just listened to Slash’s new album. A handful of boring tracks. Nothing really interesting or worth-hearing. Slash proved by this album that he is boring as hell for the past 20 years. Nothing interesting from him since he left Guns. Maybe only a couple of things from his first snakepit album.

  • Agreed with the user Alex. It is obvious that Slash can’t create anything interesting and unforgettable without Axl. It was Axl who insisted on working on November Rain, so that song turned to be so wonderful and memorable. According Rose’ words Duff and Slash did not want to work much on “Rain” and “Estranged”. He had to persuade them to work on those songs. Time has passed and Slash left Guns, and I ask, what really interesting could he create without Axl? Any cool, interesting songs and tunes? I have heard a lot of his stuff did with other artists, and all of that is not interesting. It is not Slash I loved while he was in Guns. Could he create any other interesting and worth-hearing tune like “Godfather” theme? No, he couldnt. He continues exploiting this tune for the past 20 years. yes, Godfather tune sounds cool. And Slash is memorable playing it. But, it was cool 20 years ago. I think he could create and play something else. some interesting tune. And where is that tune? All we can see is him playing godfather everywhere, on any occasion. Boring!
    Slash is a boring guitar player. There are a lot of interesting guys who play really interesting. But they may be not so famous. David Martone is one of them, for example. To believe my words, go find his “When the aliens come” album. listen to it and then you will understand why I say that Slash is boring as hell nowadays.

    I need to admit that some vocals are pretty good on the album, like Fergie, for example. But again, she sang cool, yes, but Slash’s guitar work is poor and uninteresting. Damn, he could learn some more musical stuff or even take a few lessons from guys like Joe Satriani. Maybe then he will sound more interesting. Who knows.

  • I’d just like to add that it’s hard for me to find this album interesting because I moved on from the 90′s.

    I can understand that some people will love this album if they’re still in love with 90′s stuff, but for me, I can’t swallow another 90′s typical guitar riff anymore.

    I started listening to things like Muse, The Mars Volta, System of a Down, Gogol Bordello, Fado (Traditional Portuguese Music) and a lot of other weird stuff, so this genre to me, with its tired formulas and boring catchy choruses don’t do anything for me anymore. Sure it’s a good album like I said before, but it all depends on your age and musical background.

    So if you’re stuck in the 90′s or you are a teenager that missed out on Stone Temple Pilots, GNR, Nirvana and some post-grunge bands, this is definitely an amazing album.

  • …and, lol. I think sometimes people read things diagonally or something.

    I didn’t compare Slash to Chinese Democracy, I compared guitarists solos. I did this because everybody keeps saying that GNR without Slash is not GNR or is crap. I believe that GNR with Slash would stagnate and still be stuck in the Blues Rock Grunge genre and Axl became more of a Epic songs kind of singer/songwriter, one could say he evolved from early GNR.

    I wouldn’t know how to compare the albums if I was asked to. I would prefer to listen to C.D. only because it has more emotion in it to me and Axl is a awesome singer, probably better than all of these stars combined, as he’s able to get into different vocal personas. Now if the album is better, I don’t know, but the solos, I can say as a guitarist, are much more interesting to listen to, play them and learn new techniques from them.

  • alex and roman need to crawl out of their own backsides! Slash is boring????? gimme a break! Before you start trash talkin about one of the best guitarist of all time (FACT) you should back your verbal diahorrea up with an album of your own and earn the right to slag him off. Slash is Slash and he’s one of the best because he does what he’s best at! He doesnt need to ‘evolve’ he’d lose 90% of his fans if he did. Who are you to imply that blues rock is somehow a less valid genre because your now listening to muse and mars volta?? well fuckin all hail you! just cos you play a bit o guitar doesnt make you an expert on the subject and everyone should bow down to your superiority, I’m a guitarist myself i play and enjoy anythin from simple 3 chord punk to ridiculously over the top steve vai and pretty much anythin inbetween, and although blues rock is the kinda stuff i like to listen to most i dont go around trashing other genres and artists if i’m not that keen on them. If you dont like summat then fine its your opinion, but keep it to yourself. guitarists with god complex’s really piss me off sometimes! Slash plays for the song! The solo on ‘watch this’ was 1 take! come back and comment when you are yourself one of the most respected musicians in the world! It actually turned out to be a little bit of a rant at alex ( soz dude but you pissed me off ) rather than roman too cos roman sounded a little bit like a school boy with no other opinion other than that slash should stop playin godfather theme ( why??? its bloody awesome would satch’s fans be happy if he stopped playin surfin wi the alien????)

  • yep i totally agree dave slash is the man i play guitar and id rather listen to the guitar on slash cd then then new gnr i love axl but i know why i loved the old gnr so much coz of slash new gnr has a couple of guitar players and slash still kicks thier arse its his riffs that makes it so good if he was still gnr chinse demorcracy would iv been as big as the illusion albums look on you tube you dont see no were near as many peolpe covering chinese demoracy as slash stuff coz hes the best he mite not be the quickest but he got the best style by far and hes a lot more liked then axl will ever be just look at robin finck he was shit 17 years to make a cd thats just a joke and they didnt even bring out a video clips that how dumb axl is and they wonder why know one even know the cds even out

  • I think both CD and Slash are terrific albums. Honestly, I think they are better apart than together!

  • Axl would give his left knacker to have slash back in gnr but why would slash ever want the ballache of workin wi a fuckin moron like axl again. the guys got a great voice but his ego is just too much! personally i think myles kennedy is the best singer out there at the minute, starlight and back from cali are quality songs! If he joined velvet revolver i think theyd be awesome!

  • Hmmm… “Take some lessons from Satriani”? “Move on from the 90s”? – most Slash fans would argue that it’s precisely the fact he’s NOT like Satch and all those other shredders that’s the reason we like him. It’s his retro, classic (90s? I think it’s more 80s to be honest) riffs and his blues rock tonality. His phrasing is second to none – this is a term that applies to music as well as speech, widdling out a load of notes is the same as pumping out every long, complicated word you know… it often ends up with a boring, egotistical load of crap, rather than a piece of art. Just as poets shouldn’t sit around with a thesaurus squeezing extra syllables into a piece, neither should a musician feel the need to spunk up endless atonal/chromatic solos just because they can… or to sonically challenge the listener by getting some weird goat boy to make choking noises down a microphone while they jump up and down on their guitar shouting about a foetus… Ok… I digress, I’m vaguely playing devils advocate… I’ve got to admit, as a long-term musician I’ve got some real enjoyment out of crazy shred guitar, but playing a metric buttload of notes per-second DOES NOT constitute a good song… I’m rambling, but basically it’s the tone, retro attitude and signature style that makes Slash such a great guitarist. He will be remembered way after.. um.. who’s that guy? Yngvie Van Satchvaistein… I mean… seriously… I know they have “chops” but eventually people grow up a bit and realise some of the world’s most beautiful or moving music can be made with only 3 notes. I don’t think he should start sonically experimenting. He’s a classic rocker, from a classic rock band… that’s what he does… I mean, do you think Sonny Rollins should put down his saxophone and start dicking around with a laptop? No! Axl Rose’s problem is he’s trying to be a revolutionary, some kind of rock messiah, rather than concentrating on what he’s good at… singing rock and roll. Slash is good at playing classic rock. He released an album that’s (underneath all the hype) a classic rock album… If you don’t like it… then you probably just bought it for the wrong reasons – if you like good fast guitar go listen to some Rodrigo y Gabriela… that’s complicated AND beautiful. Oh, and Hendrix will always be the greatest guitarist ever, could he shred? Not really. Did he have a pedal-board the size of Jupiter? No, he was too busy travelling there. Will any Satch-Vai-ian shreddites ever move from under his shadow? Not until they stop wanking and write a tune…
    Hmm… what else can I write about, do you think anyone will be bothered to read this? Finally, I entirely respect you other guy’s opinions.. I hate hostile thread environments, so remember, I can see your point of view and that’s fair enough.

  • Well, I agree with the above rant, Slash kicks all the shredders asses no problem, his got more feeling in his pinky than all of the shredders combined. Slash is technically limited though, I feel there’s nothing more to learn from him personally, that’s all. But he’s still my top 10 guitar player. Kirk Hammett is the first guitarist who’s solos I’ve learnt but for the last 20 years he’s pretty much stagnated technically too, but I respect him a lot like I respect Slash too.

    You don’t learn feeling, you learn techniques and how to use effects then apply your own feeling. I’m sure we’re probably all guitarists here so don’t lie and please tell me that you don’t get excited when you have no idea how a guitarist is doing something or has a certain sound. That’s what I’m not getting from Slash anymore, that feeling of, “How on earth is he doing that?” He certainly wows me with the way he expresses himself on the guitar, does it better than anybody else out there, but the songwriting has stagnated a bit.

    You have to agree that Slash failed to deliver a real classic since he quit GNR. I never said that this album is not good, but it’s not amazing either in my opinion of course.

    Again, I’m not bashing Slash or anyone, so why all the defensiveness (is this a word? Haha). I’m just chatting with fellow fans like I do with my mates, no need for getting personal.

  • The real highlight moments on any Slash record come when the solo comes close to, or has elements of, something he did way back in the day, so it’s hard to label anything new he produces as a classic when all we really want is an echo of a song he’s done before… Velvet Revolver (for me) somehow failed to replicate his classic sound, so I suppose I got quite excited hearing it back on this record. As for the stagnated song-writing, I agree with you in part… I believe the strength of the songs on the new album reflects the input/influence of the singer, which is a key issue – if we’re all honest I don’t think Slash IS a very good songwriter, what he does best is lay down a riff and allows someone with more ego to construct a song around it… like with Kravitz on Always on the Run… Perhaps the mish-mash, glued-together feeling of the album is hiding the real potential – if he was to release a whole album, or work long-term with a single singer from this line-up I think a ‘real classic’ could be in the works… I’d go for Andrew Stockdale I think, despite being slightly sceptical at first I really like the Led Zep feel they get going on… I was excited about Chris Cornell’s input as I’m a massive Soundgarden fan, but he’s gone a little off the map these days, poor chrissy, so lost… but anyway… basically, I think if some of these songs/ideas/partnerships were sculpted into full LPs it’d be easier to judge Slash’s development or contemporary value as a guitarist. I think this album’s proved he can still produce the feeling and tone we all love him for, so he should put it to good use and knuckle down to some ‘proper’ records. What do you reckon? Who’s your singer of choice?

  • I would go for Andrew Stockdale probably, I think it’s the most natural sounding track on the album, it really sounds like Slash wasn’t trying to be something else to please the artist.

    Maybe he should stick with Andrew for his next solo album, Wolfmother is OK but it’s not powerfull enough to become the next Led zeppelin, but if he joins forces with Slash he might produce a real classic album.

  • how can you guys call yourselves fans of either gnr or slash? and furthermore music itself? its not there to be compared, if axl and slash ARE in it for that, its awfully immature of both of these GROWN MEN, to be using all this great music in some stupid personal war. sure its great that they are challenging themselves in a competitive way, but come on, its been 20 years guys! get over it! on that note, you guys shouldnt be bashing either band, or comparing them for that matter. theyre both HIGHLY SKILLED at what they do, and thats make the music that goes on in their heads, just like everyone else out there! they know how to make good music, as showcased in the past, and they continue to do it. and secondly, they both moved on to seperate styles, each taken from its original “raise hell” characteristics in gnr. guns is now a more prog-alt-rock product, showcasing a variety of genres in one neat package, but headed by axl and his no holds barred attitude, which some would say is almost too particular. and then so is slashs side of things, but a more toned down, but still in your face rock and roll style, more than axls epic-prog stuff. but style showcasing a variety of genres. but… if i gotta vote like you guys, slash got this one. as someone else already said, slash didnt take almost 20 years to put out his album. so hats off to slash, no pun intended.

  • music is here to be enjoyed, its about the only GOOD thing left in this mediocre world. everyone just gotta chill and relax and be positive for about TEN SECONDS in their lives, and not have to hate and nit-pick at every little thing on the planet. get a grip. youve wasted an awful lot of time hatin, and youre gunna waste an awful lot more. sure i understand positive criticism as well as the next guy, but hell, sometimes it transcends the boundary between that, and pure and utterly “shit-on”. beware what you say and how you say it.

  • on a side note, and this is my last comment, haha, i think that slash and axl should assemble a permanent fixture of musicians, both groups unrelated to GnR except for the axl and slash links. no name use by either party of GnR (talkin to you axl) and no former members (duff, matt, izzy, etc. gotta go saul). but both to continue to make the music theyre good at making, in their own little worlds. im sure that both would be just as successful. hell the guns and roses we know today has no connection to the guns of the past, and people still flock to see them, most not knowing of the slight style change.. but if they changed the name the music would stil be the music. whats in a name? and no matter who slash surrounds him with, hes still slash, and its the same music. besides some of the most successful bands out there had a permanent lineup(give or take a member or two, but hell thats natural) during the span of their career peak. i wont name names, you guys can think for yourselves on that one. i know artists collaborate, but in that sense, it should be IDENTIFIED as that.. a collaboration. in my opinion, both of these projects are that, in the terms that each product features a vast array of musicians. but a permanent touring lineup. thats neither a “band” or a “solo record”. thats a bunch of different guys, on different tracks, creating tunes. a giant mixtape almost. hence, collaboration. cheers

  • Slash did a really good job on his new cd. The song “By The Sword”,”Starlight” Are great songs.

  • Hey, Byrde… I’m not sure I entirely get where you’re going with this… sure 20 years has gone past, but the two keystone members of the original Guns N’ Roses have both released new records in the space of a year, so I think comparisons between the two are only to be expected – I agree that it’s not a “one-or-the-other” situation, and that ultimately all music should be judged objectively – but to abolish comparison/speculation on the subject is just not living in the real world – whether it bugs you or not you have to see that it is only natural to discuss them in unison.
    I’m sorry but… “how can you guys call yourselves fans of either gnr or slash? and furthermore music itself? its not there to be compared ” is just one of the most ridiculous statements I’ve stumbled across in a long time – does “fandom” render all attempts at criticism illegal? You may think it’s being negative, but if we all float through life passing no judgement on any of the music we hear how do we separate the good from the bad, or form personal taste in the first place? I mean… really… can you clarify this statement? Because I suspect you didn’t really think it through… Should a restaurant goer just chomp down on any grizzly burger that comes his way or do you a) judge its taste objectively b) judge it in comparison to other burgers you’ve had previously? That’s a rhetorical question, by the by.
    Also, surely that “collaboration” bit is fairly clear to everyone already? Referring only to the album’s key musician/catalyst is not a dismissal of the other musicians, that’s just the practical way to talk about things… I mean, technically we’re all part of the same carbon soup, so… I mean… what are you saying? I’m not sure what you’re saying… What are you saying?
    “Music is about the only GOOD thing left in this mediocre world”? What? Even if that’s true of music… which it isn’t… the ebb and flow, peak and pit of elation and despair makes for a world which is anything but mediocre… and coming from a guy who’s just told us all to stop being so mean and chill out, that’s an awfully negative thing to say… public space flight should be getting off the proverbial ground fairly soon so maybe you want to collect together a bunch of like-minded individuals and go be happy and positive about every major label release on a less dull planet, like say Jupiter, which is largely made up of gas anyway.
    What are you saying again? Did you like the record or not? Who was your favourite singer? (or are we not allowed to compare them either? :S I don’t mean any real offence, dude, but don’t try to tell other people that they’re “not fans of music”.. or if you MUST, at least have a sustainable argument to back it up)

    Finally, Ray Tiberia, I concur… true, concise and to the point. I respect and envy that in a post…

  • Exactly!

    The day I just accept everything without thinking about it, compare it, rate it, judge it, analyse it, etc, I’ll stop being a human being. I’m sorry I don’t just say “This is the best album I have ever listened to” like I have the shortest term memory in the world.

    Being an human being is wanting more, wanting to evolve, and this applies to music to. We would still be living in caves if it wasn’t for this attitude.

    Even though I don’t usually use comparison arguements much, in my unconscious mind and probably in most people’s too, the album I’m listening to is being compared to the library of music that has been “uploaded” into my brain during my years and years of music listening.

    It’s impossible to have a clean musical slate when listening to a new album, it just is.

    In conclusion, I love music. Sometimes I just listen to it without thinking about it or analyse other times I like to break it down and study it. I can get into both states of mind. What we do here on a message board is analysis, what would be the point of leaving a message here just saying “I lying on my sofa listening to the album, makes me feel good and I’m going to take my shoes off and smell my socks”. LOL!

    The relaxed music listening it’s a personal thing that we keep to ourselves the analysis and opinions are meant to be shared and discussed.

  • I’d sum it up like this: Axl was clearly the brains behind the glory days of Guns. Slash was clearly the heart. With those two things together, they produced something that is legendary, without equal.

    When they went their separate ways, Axl continued to be “all brain” and Slash continued to be “all heart.” Axl’s recent projects are ridiculously drawn out, overproduced, and simply lacking a soul. Slash’s projects continued to be full of heart and emotion, but without clear direction and coordination.

    Comparing the two, a majority of fans apparently prefer the heart of Slash to the brain of Axl, if album sales are a meaningful measure. That’s certainly the case with me, because I ALWAYS hear in Slash’s playing that little something that reminds me of the early days. That emotion is the timeless part. But it also always feels like there’s a giant hole in the middle, and that’s the genius that Axl brought to the equation. But if I have to choose sides, I agree with the majority that prefers the raw, unpolished emotion.

  • I’d sum it up like this:

    Axl is psychologically unstable, an escapee from a mental institution and Slash has got his brain cells all dead from years and years of drugs and alcohol abuse, LOL.

    I’m joking, I agree with it, a bit too black and white with no grey in sight but pretty much you said it all.

  • Well this album doesn’t touch the awesomeness of appetite…
    But still, it’s a very cool CD with a lot of good tracks. Soo far i prefer Slash’s new album over Chinese Democracy (even though that’s also kick ass). Sure, Slash has given each artist a lot of infliction on each track, but if he was totally dominating the songs with his guitar he’d might end up ruining the album. Think he has created a great balance between his guitar and the work of the different vocalists.

  • I was the biggest GNR fan ever:) They’ve changed my life. Slash has changed my life – i started to learn to play guitar as soon as i heard Welcome to the Jungle. Their music was, is and will be immortal to me. Hm, Slash’s solo albums…i don’t know. There is no click, no spark between me and his solo music. I love the way he plays, love his technique. I don’t wanna say this but…without the rest of GNR i don’t buy it. Anyway, Slash, i wish you all the best.

  • Did you guys ever consider that this music is purposely not too edgy because Slash needs a vehicle to establish himself back in the frontal consciousness of the general public? I think he will do well off this album, but seriously, who is he going to tour with if he wants to play any of this stuff?
    If you read his book, he talks about how much he loves playing live. It MAY just be a matter of time before a band emerges (or Slash retires again with his royalties). If anything, playing with all these different artists will be a good experience to draw upon for any future songwriting he may do.

  • It took me a couple of run throughs. Now I am hooked. Myles Kennedy, Fergie and Kid Rock are awesome. Guitar work is incredible. This is a solid album. SOLID!!!

  • this is a shit album though

  • shitty I meant

  • Where’s izzy in the GN’R story ?!! he’s also one of the key songwriters of GN’R !!
    it takes a vibe between the members of a band to make a album such as appetite. if somebody leaves ?!! we al now what happens then. still i think slash has made a great album and is a great gitarplayer !! he knocks al of the guitarplayers of the stage, witch axl has gatherd around him !!

    • I agree completely withthis statement. Guns never again had that California rock soul once Izzy left. When u listen to izzy solo stuff you realise where guns got that groove, soul!!!

      Regarding Slash’s solo album, I believe it is an amazing attempt taking into consideration what is around, the last Ac/dc, Metallica or iron Maiden. I like and enjoy this album, however, I must say that normally I get mostly driven by the melodies than Slash’s own work ie solos or riffs.


    Great album. Chinese Democracy sucks ass. This is the shit!

  • All I can say is,,, SLASH is the man!!! Now, I am a huge G, n ,R fan and Slashes solo on “Sweet child of mine” is awesome! I love His Solo in “Slither” with Velvet Revolver, but, he has delivered an amazing work of art with this album because it shows his outstanding talent in writing, performing and colaberating with other great performers to bring us, his “LOYAL” fans an “EPIC” album!
    Thanks Slash, I love you!!!
    P. S, Can’t wait to see you at “Download”! XXX

  • Withought wanting to bash Axl too much,cos he “was” great, could he really produce an album of this calibre, and with the support of other great artists??
    I think not! Lets be fair,if he is such a great singer,who wants to set the world on fire again, why on earth does he leave gigs unfinished, or let other artists finish his sets for him??? Mmmmmmm!!!
    Nuff said!!!

  • I insist that Slash solo album is bad and uninteresting. You, so-called “loyal” Slash’ fans are ready to kiss his ass only because he is SLASH. It is no wonder to me that you will always like and buy anything from him, only because he is SLASH! If he is so talented and an interesting guitar player, where are his unforgettable and beautiful solos like in “November Rain” or in “You could be mine”? I ask you, supporters of Slash. What could he create really interesting and memorable since he left Guns? Tell me. Velevet Revolver albums? Are there any beautiful and loved songs like “Rain” or “Dont cry” on those albums? Are there any kick-ass songs like “Right next door to hell” or “Double talking Jive” on those albums? huh?Could Slash improve his guitar playing for the past 20 years? Some of you say that “Watch this” is a cool instrumental track. I suppose that many of you are simply idiots that have never heard really interesting and worth hearing guitar instrumental works.
    What track from his new album contains his interesting guitar work? name it. His solos are poor on the album. Really low-quality and totally uninteresting.
    I dont hate Slash. I dont, really. But to me it is obvious that he lost his ability to create unforgettable guitar works like he did while in Guns. And I guess you will agree with me, that we all love Guns songs and his playing in that band. He as cool and interesting 20 years ago. Nowadays he is not.
    I respect him for the only one thing- his dressing style- I still like the way he looks like- curly long hair- dangling cigarette, top-hat, slim jeans and sneakers- he is a rock musician by his dressing style. And that is cool.
    As a musician and guitarist, he is a disappointment nowadays.

  • Roman.
    Ok.You call us “loyal” Slash fans because we kiss his ass for being Slash.Hmmm.Ok I kiss his ass for being The Only Slash In The World.It’s always better than respecting someone for his sneakers or jeans,man. Slash quit smokin. So you’re one reason short now. I understand what you were trying to say but sometimes you just respect someone for being someone, not for clothes wears.Don’t feel offended.You dig what i’m sayin….man?

  • I love the album. On third and forth listening I love almost every song in it and I find Slash’s virtuoso guitar as hearty and haadbanging as ever. It is true that the album lacks direction and purpose and I’m sorry to say that Slash still hasn’t found his way home – maybe when at fifty he will find it. So perhaps the way to regard it is as a belated ‘best of’ or a compilation album, and perhaps that is exactly how it came to be, but nevertheless, as an avid blues and rock fan and a musician myself it is now quite rare that I listen to a new album that I want to listen to from the top as soon as it ends. This happened to me with this album and I’m deeply thankful for that.
    As to the Axl vs. Slash controversy, after reading Slash’s autobiography, I think that while for Axl G&R was his only opportunity to shine, despite all his “brains”, talent and charisma, Slash has the heart, soul and ability to cooperate with others that will ensure a long and lucrative career. His flair for PR only reaffirms that and enables him to stay in the limelight as long as he has it in his (failing) heart. Keep on rocking.

  • well I should say that GNR best band ever, for me the new GNR offers a new concept personally I love it, the sound the concept and AXL singing great, I saw then live and just amazing, Slash is a great guitar player my first guitar Hero.. but as time passed by I learned more and more MUSIC without loosing my rock soul.. the point is that Slash is good he isnt great but He needs the hand of Axl to get an amazing song , and probably New GNR would need a Slash’solo to get everybody’s attention but saying that I think Axl and New GNR are lot better than Slash new friends trying to make it …

    Keep on rocking Guys

    evolution keeping what make it special is the key…

    you know where the F!@#$ u are…

  • Everyone says Axl was the brains of Guns N’ Roses, and he was a fantastic songwriter. He’s very smart and writes excellent lyrics, but he’s such a selfish egomaniac, it’s hard to respect him; especially when he’s so quick to put himself before his fanbase that put him where he is today, or at least was before he f*cked the duck. Slash, on the other hand, writes some of the most incredible, memorable riffs anyone is currently aware of. He also respects the necessity of keeping the fans content. Slash’s riffs will outlast Axl’s lyrics, you can bet money on that.

  • slash is actually a musician unlike Axl who jumps around on stage cant sing cant dress. it dont matter who slash plays with its always good thats why every person on here listens to him. slash lives dies and bleeds his music that why hes so awsome, you dont find this now days often

  • nice post, but this is not what i am looking for,… keep posting

  • I just wanted to LMAO at alex – dude you are a spaz – moved on from the nineties…slash should learn from satch… you are clearly a deaf 14 year old. The best thing satch did was teach lar lalonde to play some git, the second thing was shave his head. November Rain and the the whole extravagant overwrought nonsense of Use Your Illusions was a sign of things to come…Chinese Democracy…..you are joking no?? Slash swings a mean pentatonic – it about phrasing not about speed or melodic complexity..and I know which is harder to do cause I play SWTA from back to front…but I’ll never sound like slash..

    u funny little dude…

  • Slash and Friends is awe(some), but Slash and Enemies (including Axl) will be f’n awe (a lot more)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pointless

  • Sorry, I meant less point. Silly mistake.

  • There are some Axl sized ego’s around here. Chinese Democracy is a brilliant album, Slash is a brilliant album, period!

    Chinese Democracy has some excellent, technical, tracks with good hooks that after a few plays just rattle around in your head all day and lyrics that you can dissect and believe they have meaning. But the bottom line is that it is exactly the sum of it’s parts, no more. While you can listen to it and really enjoy it you never really get the feeling that the people that created it have poured their soul into it. Still a belting album but not one that has as much human feeling as it would have if it was collaborative.

    The tracks on Slash while excellent seem far less contrived yet still manage to work their way into your head but for totally different reasons. When you listen you can easily believe that everyone is doing it because it feels good end they are enjoying it and that really stands out for me. I’m guessing this is because they all had input into what they are doing, whereas in CD the artistic input came from one man and his mixer (sorry Axl, my opinion). Ozzy’s letter from Slash to Axl in Crucify the Dead is brilliant on so many levels.

    As for the whole 80′s, 90′s post grunge, blah, blah. Get over yourselves, this type of sound is pretty well timeless. My guitar playing 15 year old daughter loves this stuff for what it is and prefers the Slash sound to CD but loves them both.

  • The album rules… Alex, Bill and Roman. Fuck You and your holier than thou self-righteous bullshit(just wanted to say that). Didnt waste all this time reading for nothing. Peace…

  • I have to agree with alot of opinions that Slash’s solo work is more of the same ‘ol.

    Yes, Chineese was alot better than Slash’s solo album, better then Snakepit and better than Revolver, which all sound like they have been thrown out there without any quality. While Axls work with the new GnR sounds fresh and some time put into them (7 yrs worth, lol) Axl was the driving force for the GnR, countless interviews and documentaries have shown the rest of the guys just wanted to party and jam. Well, it takes more than that. Time has shown that individualy, they all dont do so well with Axl coming out on top with the best album of the former band.

    Best thing for all of these guys would be to get back together, free from and forgotten are the two straight years they toured and the clash of ego’s. Its also been shown that when any two or three of them get together, there are still traces of the magic.

    Im still a huge Slash fan, but he only hold about 6 spots on my ipod away from Guns in everything hes done since. Im going to see him live on Oct 2nd in Seattle. Im sure it’ll be a great show. However, mostly because he’ll play some GnR tunes.

  • I just want to add that Slash never finished high school or studied guitar formally, and he is an awesome guitarist. Other guitarists, pick a genre, have studied their asses off formally, whether in high school or some music academy. Slash started playing on a on-string guitar as a kid, and dropped out of eleventh grade to go onto become one of the guitar legends. He also studied his ass off, 12 hours a day, practicing his art, guitar, after leaving high school. I tip my hat off to anyone who can do what Slash did. I saw him play 3 nights ago in Mount Pleasant, Michigan, at an indoor concert seating three thousand fans. He opened for Billy Idol, who also has a talented guitarist, Steve Stevens, who studied guitar formally. I love both of these guitarists’ work. I love straight rock and roll, blues rock, etc. played by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, Brian May, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and other guitarists in other genres, like George Benson and Paco de Lucia. One interesting thing about the new GnR–look at youtube–Gnr today uses 2 guitarists to do Slash’s riff and solo on Sweet Child of Mine!

  • sorry…Slash started playing “on a one-string guitar”… :-)

  • Another poster mentioned that Slash quit smoking. I believe that’s right–at the concert I attended 3 nights ago, he didn’t have a single cigarette throughout his entire awesome set! In comparison, Steve Stevens, the lead guitarist for Billy Idol, did smoke a cigarette, twice, while performing on stage. Slash performed old and new stuff, with Myles Kennedy as his lead singer. To me the best performances by Slash and Myles were the 2 old classics, “Sweet Child of Mine” and “Paradise City,” with the latter being their final song of the night, a natural crowd pleaser–I feel lucky to have seen and heard Slash that night. Myles did these songs justice, in my humble opinion. He has an incredible voice, and complements Slash’s guitar playing, and vice versa.

  • I didn’t ever expect to see the songwriting, playing and singing trump g and r material, but one of their songs was so rock and blues in a new clarity, that the joy was overwhelming. Glad to see they keep their musicianship so fresh. HOT SHOW in NYC!!XXOO Great to hear All their material and what a pick of good hearted talent.

  • go slash, he doesnt have the sound he used to but you can tell its still slash

  • It is the same old ‘everybody is copying from everyone’ all over again.
    First of all, to claim that Slash is among the ‘greatest’ guitarists of all
    times has either never listened to him playing or is really limited in musical awareness. How many cliches and scales can one play in one’s solos? It is not
    new, it is not refreshing. Just listen to BB King, Eric Clapton, Hendrix, Cale,
    Green, Martino, Benson, Knopfler, Winwood and you will hear what a great guitarist sounds like. Unlike Slash, none of the above needs distortion to cover up the numerous mistakes Slash makes. Unlike Slash, they have the ability to play simple lines and to make their tone sound very prettily (especially Green and Cale have the ability to play really pretty minimalistic music). It is not just a matter of taste. In my opinion Slash is a nice, but overrated guitar player of a coverband from the past.’

  • Hi everyone,

    I’m not writing this to upset anyone but only to express my opinion.
    Firstly, it is obvious that everyone will automatically compare ‘Slash’ with ‘Chinese Democracy,’ but I believe that the two albums are far too different to even try to compare.

    Axl tried adding a different sound to his album and although it worked with some songs such as ‘Better,’ on other songs I don’t think what he was trying to achieve really came through. This may be due to overworking the album and overthinking the production of the songs…?

    Slash also tried stepping out of his comfort zone for his new album. And like on ‘Chinese Democracy,’ some songs such as ‘Starlight’ work but others don’t.

    Although I enjoyed ‘Slash’ much more than ‘Chinese Democracy’ it’s a credit to both artists that they can still make great music after all these years. But unfortunately, no matter how much either try to change their sound, loyal Guns n Roses fans will always just hear Axl’s distinct whine and Slash’s trademark solos over all the new stuff. And no matter how different, their new projects will always get compared to old school Gunners.

  • This is a phenomenal Album. But the best thing about it is that it reminds me of a release from the mid 90′s in terms of sound quality. It hasn’t been effected by that awful ‘clipping’ the majority of other rock albums are now afflicted with. This actually sounds like a real album for a change..

  • the legend never dies :D

  • Axl wasn’t brain behind gn’r but izzy was!!!

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