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Yada Yada Yada, Something About Sonic Youth

“I guess it’s true it’s never too late/Still I don’t know what to do today/Oh why can’t I set you free/Will you do the same for me?”

No one ever gets divorced because they’re happy; just ask Big Mac. Their connection helped bring happiness to my life countless times and I hope that whatever comes next for them, Mr. Moore & Ms. Gordon do it with happiness in their hearts.


    Sonic Youth should get more attention !

  • Is it just me, or does this video remind anyone of the movie “kids”? lol Its eerie, but I like it.

    • I feel you – would have been far more creepy with Leo Fitzpatrick in the music video

    after seeing this video i think Sonic Youth should get appreciation on international level because they are very talented

  • Yeah it’s like they’ve been killing it for ages but still don’t have the recognition they deserve

  • Never got too much into Sonic Youth but after hearing this track I’m surprised this band doesn’t get more recognition. Is that McCauly Calkin? (Sp?) Can’t tell if this footage of him is recent or from years ago. Either way it’s a surprise to see him anywhere at all these days…super random!

  • What a great combo…McCauley Culkin and Sonic Youth…KA BOOM!!! Strange vid, but cool music and visuals. Its the kind of video that makes you a little uncomfortable when you watch it …but you still cant turn away!!! Interesting to get a glimpse of McCauley before he fell into the show biz abyss. Love this video… great music is eternal!!!

  • Some what disturbing, but very talented and powerful.

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