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The Fresh & Onlys “Disoriented Youth”


I am not sure if Garage Rock has ever really had its moment in the sun. Even in its mid-1960s heyday it never achieved the kind of commercial peak typical of many other musical genres, so at heart (and in ethos) it is essentially a fringe music style. That’s partially why it’s so exciting to see many new garage groups currently putting the genre back on the map, from the Vivian Girls to Minneapolis’ own Vampire Hands. One such group is San Francisco’s Fresh and Onlys, who tend to hang out around the Psychedelic end of the Garage pool. There isn’t anything overly complex about their chord progressions or time signatures but eerie keyboards, trippy background female vocals, and a flatly disillusioned (almost shoegaze-sounding) lead singer all add up to a pretty unique sound. “Disoriented Youth (4 Trk Version)” may not be their first lead single but it is a great track. Like the title implies, it’s about being disoriented, and if it is anything like the ’60′s Psychedelia influences it is steeped in, drugs may be involved. The Fresh an Onlys are currently on tour with Thee Oh Sees and you can also catch them at SXSW.

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