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The Jesus Lizard @ Pitchfork Music Festival 2009

Jesus Lizard Pitchfork 2009 Jon Behm 02

Though it’s far too early to even begin to estimate which performance can be deemed the wildest of the 2009 Pitchfork Music Festival, David Yow of the Jesus Lizard immediately notified the crowd that his band would be in contention as it took the stage Friday night. Prior to sinking his feet into his first real lines of the set Yow hurled himself off the stage headfirst into the unexpected crowd. Returning (shirtless, upon occasion) to the crowd a half dozen more times throughout the set, Yow never once stopped accompanying his squealing vocals with an equally menacing stage presence.

Jesus Lizard Pitchfork 2009 Jon Behm 01

Jesus Lizard Pitchfork 2009 Jon Behm 03

Jesus Lizard Pitchfork 2009 Jon Behm 04

After a failed stab at Dr. Dre, Yow grinned and asked the crowd “Why was the dog licking his ass.” “Because he liked the taste of my sperm.” Though Yow’s antics overshadowed anything else on the stage, the evening’s performance was well grounded in the band’s powerful music. Later as the group played itself off the stage, each member staggering their exits, drummer Mac McNeilly signaled the last few heart-pounding beats of the set as he exited the stage last. And as fans began to furiously make haste to position themselves to better catch a glimpse of Built To Spill’s performance, the band returned to the stage (though Yow would again make his stage presence best felt from the crowd). Again, it’s too early to tell, but the bar has been set. Very, very high.

Jesus Lizard Pitchfork 2009 Jon Behm 05

Jesus Lizard Pitchfork 2009 Jon Behm 06

Jesus Lizard Pitchfork 2009 Jon Behm 08

Jesus Lizard Pitchfork 2009 Jon Behm 09

[Review by Chris DeLine, photos by Jon Behm.]

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    seen jesus lizard 4 times, all in the mid 90′s, and every time i walked away feeling like i just got my ass kicked. i would’ve loved to have seen this. damn…

  • Greg Kot from the Chicago Tribune has some solid commentary on the performance as well as a brief moment of footage of Yow diving into the crowd.

  • I wish I would have been at this, but I cannot wait to see them in New York in September.

  • I feel like an idiot, but I lost the piece of paper I wrote the setlist on when I was in the crowd; imagine that. I could use some help putting together the setlist from someone because for some odd reason everyone seems to have the setlist from the other bands of the “SETLIST” day, but not theirs?? What gives? Any help would be much appreciated.

    James Stence

  • Tiny Mix Tapes has a partial setlist, hope it helps:

    1. Puss
    2. Sea Sick
    3. Mouthbreather
    4. Destroy Before Reading
    5. Killer McHann
    6. Nub
    7. Glamorous
    8. Bloody Mary
    9. ??? [possibly Soft Damage]
    10. One Evening
    11. Then Comes Dudley
    12. Boilermaker
    13. Gladiator
    14. Monkey Trick
    15. Blockbuster
    16. 7 vs 8
    + 2 encores

  • That’s one awesome setlist.

  • It sure is. I don’t think anyone played a straight-up encore over the course of the entire weekend (even the headliners), but the Lizard’s first hometown show in over ten years certainly warrants that. What an explosive set.

  • I am strongly regretting not really finding anyone to drive to this with or thinking about getting tickets.

    Luckily I have plans to see them at least 3 times in the fall.

  • easily the best set at Pitchfork, no question.

    can’t wait for First Ave in November

  • First Ave in November??????? Do tell.

  • that’s the word on the streetz

  • Awesome, awesome video from a dude in the middle of everything.

    destroy before reading
    killer mchann
    bloody mary
    blue shot
    one evening
    then comes dudley
    monkey trick
    e: wheelchair epidemic
    fly on the wall

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