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The Top 5 Music Videos Featuring Puppets


Penetrating all aspects of our lives, it seems that you can’t go a day without being bombarded by puppet propaganda. That being said their influence in music videos has been relatively scarce, with few videos being made which include puppets and fewer being remembered. Flosstradamus’ recent remix of Matt and Kim’s “Yeah Yea” introduced a fantastic puppet, full of excitement and energy, bringing back memories of great videos from the past. After hours and hours of research and intense rumination an all-encompassing list was compiled of the top five music videos featuring puppets.

5.) Supergrass “Pumping On Your Stereo”

Utilizing Jim Henson’s Creature ShopSupergrass turned their ridiculously overplayed single into a a ridiculously overplayed music video. One might think 15 foot puppets to be bizarre, but those who do have most likely never seen director Hammer and Tongs’ previous music video offering: “The Thong Song.”

4.) Lily Allen “Alfie”

A masturbating puppet which is high on drugs and eventually breaks down into a pop-locking freestyle: brilliant.

3.) Genesis “Land of Confusion”

Not only were Spitting Image designers Peter Fluck and Roger Law commissioned with the burdening task of capturing Phil Collins hideously disfigured face but they had the unfortunate assignment of doing so in time with a gaudy Genesis song. It should be mentioned that they succeeded on all levels.

2.) Weezer “Keep Fishing’”

The Muppets have starred in 120 episodes of the legendary Muppet Show, four feature length movies, a spin-off cartoon and countless other high profiled television specials. But with 2002′s video for “Keep Fishin’,” Kermit, Ms. Piggy, Gonzo and the rest of the gang were given their hardest challenge to date: try and make Weezer relevant again.

1.) Mr. Oizo “Flat Beat”

From Wikipedia: “This music video features a puppet violently head banging to the song.” Sometimes it’s kind of fun to just watch a puppet smoke some sausage, blow dry its hair and lose its shit to late-’90s electronica.


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