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UNKLE feat. Liela Moss “The Dog is Black” MP3

Following the release of last year’s Where Did the Night Fall (which was supported by some truly stunning music videos for “The Answer,” “Follow Me Down” and “The Runaway“), UNKLE have already come and gone from the studio once again, this time recording and producing a new five track EP titled Only the Lonely. Also set to feature the likes of Nick Cave, Gavin Clark and Rachel Fannan (formerly of Sleepy Sun), the first sounds from the release arrive in the form of this wickedly smokey collaboration with the Duke Spirit vocalist Liela Moss. Only the Lonely will be released April 5 via Surrender All Records. (Dap to Spinner for the tip.)

MP3 UNKLE feat. Liela Moss “The Dog is Black” [Download Mirror]


    War Stories was awesome, but since then, UNKLE has gone pretty downhill. However, Nick Cave and Leila Moss make me think that the new stuff has some potential. Last chance though. I’m not sitting through another “End Stories” or “Where Did the Night Fall”.

    • I don’t know man – I enjoyed a lot of what came out on the last album. It’s not fire by any means, but I wouldn’t call it a downward spiral or anything. Then again, I’m always turned on by solid visuals in music videos, so that likely has a place in defining my opinion of some of the tracks.

      • Their visuals are usually solid, whether or not the music’s lacking in my opinion. I did dig the last track on “Where Did the Night Fall”, mostly because I dig Lanegan’s material and a couple songs here and there though. I don’t know, maybe I was just too blown away by War Stories and kept expecting something up to par. If they keep spitting out new material with Nick Cave and if Homme returns, I’ll definitely give it a listen.

        • Always hard to meet expectations when they’re high–right with you though, curious to see what this Nick Cave song sounds like.

          • I can dig it. I’m always a fan of Cave’s imagery, so if they do a video for the song, that’ll be awesome. Check it out on UNKLE’s soundcloud:

            • Fuck – that is very cool, thanks for pointing it out.

              I feel that as Cave continues to age he’s allowing himself the luxury of playing around with unusual branches of music which he might not have tinkered with, say, 20 years ago. Which is really odd because you have a band like the Birthday Party who were doing something different, but after a while “different” transitioned into “a thing.” Once you get locked into that groove and it gains momentum (largely because you’re really fucking good at what you’re doing), even if you consider yourself a fringe musician because what you did was once considered an alternative to what came before it, I can see how it’d be difficult to let go of and try something new. Now we’re seeing more of this with the soundtrack work he’s done and, of course, Grinderman. What I would love to hear though, maybe even simply for its freak show factor, would be something like an electronic Nick Cave album. The possibilities are endless with that guy.

              • Haha, not sure about an electronic album, but like you said, Cave’s never been one to play it safe. That’s what else is admirable about his talents, he blends a lot of differnt types of styles together, but he still manages to make the project sound good and not weird or pretentious. It’ll be interesting to see what the new Bad Seeds album will sound like, especially after the last one had hints of Grinderman all over the place. I wonder if he’ll include elements of songs like “Worm Tamer” on the next one. Or even what Grinderman 3 will sound like. He’s known to change expectations, but hardly ever disappoint so it’ll be cool to see what’s next.

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